This is Art Attack


This Is Art Attack! is an online portfolio of art related content, which I have or am currently in the process of creating. I enjoy producing all forms of art and design, thus this blog site will eventually incorporate a diverse range of work including: photography, crafts, yarnbombing, pastel and pencil drawings, watercolour paintings, spray can art, collages, decorative arts, film and sculpture.

Tawny Owl Pastel
by Raider over 2 years ago
Landscape Nail Art
by Raider over 2 years ago

Bright Wings of Summer


A place I share the creative life as I journey and explore being and artist.

Black Spider Studio


I find joy in putting color on paper. I love to make people happy with art. Can art relieve suffering? My greatest wish is to find a way to help others through art.

Red Parka


Red Parka is a blog illustration and creative living. I feature many artists and illustrators work in between chronicling my own life and journey as a drawing, writing, exploring, blogging, coffee-drinking creative entrepreneur.

New Blog Address - Same (But Better!) Blog! Come see the new Red Parka!
by Jennifer Skelly about 4 years ago
And so the adventure begins! PLUS - want to meet Red Parka?
by Jennifer Skelly over 4 years ago

Deborah's Art


Words, musings, poetry and art in the Surrealistic Style

livividli lifestyle blog


Laura Miller is an artist, nurse and blogger sharing her creative life.

Mary Walker Designs


Drawing Topics: Art Linkup, Artist Trading Cards, Animal Illustration, Every Day Objects Illustration, Draw Daily, Drawing Prompts, Fashion Sketchbook, Food Illustration, Art Journal Pages, Meditative Doodling, Mixed Media, Homeschooling, Technique, Travel Sketchbook, Whimsical Pet Portraits, Zentangles

Magdalena Ponsort


A humorous illlustrator's blog about life, love, relationships, friendships, family, life experiences and French and American culture.

Adrienne Rose Blog


A lifestyle blog featuring a Military Spouse -- Transitioning into an art/lifestyle blog. I frequently blog about art, army life, travel, and happiness!

Fashionlistically Speaking


Fashionlistically Speaking shres Crystal Caraway's fashion illustrations, trends, beauty and lifestyle ideas.

Hope Starbound


Follow the illustrated adventures of a handmade jewelry artist as she navigates the world of life, science, and business.

Fun and Nonsense


Fun and Nonsense is full of illustrations and silly stories about the characters that pop out of my sketchbook...

Dal Donuts and Doodles


I am an animator, an illustrator and a portrait artist by profession......a mother of two hyper active boys, aged five and ten....a wife of an Indian Army Officer who has never let me stay in one place for more than a year in a decade of married life... and to add some more fun and pizzaz and confusion (as if there wasnt enough already), I started a blog to chronicle my nomadic existance and the inspirations that hit me along the way! I dont yet know what category my blog defines...its personal, yet for everyone, its arty-gotta lotta doodles, and crafty-lots of DIY hoopla... and its got lotsa foodie adventures as well! so my blog doesnt really conform to set of people or group... hop on and you might find something that interests YOU.

Monday moment with my sketchbook!
by Maryam Hasanahmad over 2 years ago
Hello Weekend!
by Maryam Hasanahmad over 2 years ago

Eyes of Hermes


Eyes of Hermes is a travel blog where I share my travel diaries, tips, photography and illustration.