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All types of visual art, with an emphasis on illustration, provide for this site's fodder. The only criteria for what gets posted is the expert use of, well, lines and colors.

Ann Kraft Walker
by Charley Parker about 4 years ago
Eye Candy for Today: Bargue’s Bashi-Bazouk
by Charley Parker about 4 years ago



A gaggle of supremely talented Canadian artists flaunts their sumptuous work here. They even know how to make barcodes look sleek and sensual.



Amy lovingly informs readers here that, in Japanese, "pika" means "bright, shiny, happy." Essentially, these are the qualities of a superlative illustration career, and this blogger stocks her site full of examples of great artists achieving just that. As an illustrator from Malaysia, Amy empathizes with the joys and jostlings of the art life firsthand. Each post finds her compiling yet another set of artwork to inspire her next work, and hopefully some creations from readers.

Pikaland @ Bok Fair
by amy about 4 years ago
Simona Ciraolo
by amy about 4 years ago

100 Years of Illustration


Love reminiscing about the days of Polaroid? You'll want to spend some time here, then, on the site of one of the photo technology's most important helmsmen. Blogger Paul has won scores of medals for his work as an art director, and his blog functions as a happy marriage between progressive illustration page and amazing visual arts museum. He curates a surprising and punchy selection of the discipline's most important unsung heroes, championing their art for new generations.



Besides children's books or the latest cartoons, another field that flourished with the help of great illustration was science. Beautiful and detailed artwork helped capture the natural world way before photography came along. This blog uncovers some of the prettiest illustrations of flora and fauna. Its coverage doesn't end there; blogger Peacay also expresses an obsessive interest in the artwork of old-school bibliographies.

Baltic Heraldry
by peacay almost 4 years ago
Swiss Fruit
by peacay almost 4 years ago

Hire an Illustrator


Anyone who's even had the tiniest inkling about illustration as a potential career is required to visit this page at least once. This blog is filled to the brim with tales of some of the most successful contemporary illustrators, who happily lend their stories of how they made it to the top. It also spotlights and celebrates newcomers to the art discipline. What's more, potential illustrators can learn about the business sense, legal info, and education they need to make creating beautiful things their livelihood.

Welcome to the 21st century
by Darren Di Lieto over 2 years ago
Wishing everyone Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year!
by Jane Di Lieto-Danes over 2 years ago

Illustration Friday


Every friday, these crafty bloggers challenge illustrators all over to interpret a prompt in an artsy fashion. Students can learn how limiting demands can spawn awesomeness here.

How to cultivate good habits that will encourage creativity
by Amy Ng over 2 years ago
Pick of the Week for SHELTER and This Week’s Topic
by Thomas James over 2 years ago

Illustration Saves The Day


Illustration Division, a popular and powerful Gotham art company, shows off their latest stunning work here. The work here deserves to be published -- and often is.

The Pursuit of Style, CFDA Book by Bil Donovan
by admin over 4 years ago
New York Magazine by Alexandra Compain-Tissier
by admin over 4 years ago

Escape from Illustration Island


Illustrators looking to flee from the isolation that sometimes defines the profession find inspiration here. Podcasts and tutorials help to unify this site's illustrator community.



Nearly one hundred exceptional illustrators compete to be regarded as this site's most worthwhile. The uniform excellence of the work here makes picking #1 a tough gig.

Poker Faces - Mother Jones
by Dale Stephanos over 2 years ago
Untitled 2
by Dale Stephanos over 2 years ago

Illustration Mundo


This blog essentially works as a landscape carved out and beautified by self-selected illustrators. Interviews with the most salient of these contributors rounds out the coverage.

by n8w about 4 years ago
by n8w about 4 years ago

Tiny Showcase


Two gifted illustrators created this blog to provide a launching board for their most talented friends. They select one itty-bitty but pretty piece and sell it in limited-print fashion.

"Parade" by Jen Corace
almost 4 years ago
"Lemon Queen" and "Heralds of Spring" by Sabine Timm
almost 4 years ago

Pencil Test Depot


Animators and illustrators who obsesses over perfecting their work at the pencil-test stage flock to this site. Though unfinished, the work here shines with raw allure.

Brother Bear: Pencil Test GOLD!
by Jamaal Bradley over 4 years ago
Han Liane-Cho
by Jamaal Bradley almost 5 years ago



Budding illustrators are invited to come here often and improve their skill set with each post. Important and enlightening tutorials on the art form are provided for readers.



This blog brings a pulp-lit, Technicolor finish to the illustration and animation blog community. Super quirky comics endear readers here with their off-kilter feel.

Blobby Boys Cartoon
by Chris over 4 years ago
Kouhei Ashino Art
by Chris over 4 years ago

Sugar Frosted Goodness


Innumerable gifted illustrators regularly contribute to this prestigious page. Visit multiple times daily to attempt to digest the onslaught of great work here.

Happy New Year 2016
by Mike Cressy over 2 years ago
Sketches from my pink sketchbook
by Tomas Bjornsson over 2 years ago

The Daily Cartoonist


Professional cartoon people come here to find out the latest news in the industry. Its the perfect way for illustrators to supplement their funny pages with important headlines.

John Locher Award expanded to graphic journalists, web cartoonists
by Alan Gardner over 2 years ago
Matt Bors’ The Nib lands at First Look Media
by Alan Gardner over 2 years ago

Fuel Your Illustration


FYI, this blog is the one to beeline to when searching for illustration octane. Webcomic Wednesday and Five Flickr Friday make for weekly standout posts.

Thunder Chunky


Since 2003, this blog has entertained and educated its illustrator readership with timely articles and interviews. The writers, from Liverpool and Greece, bring an cultural flair to many posts.

Ms. Marte Sorta’s Amazing Inktober Drawings
by Ste over 2 years ago
Stylistically perfect by Ënnji
by Ste over 2 years ago

Illustration Underground


Two industry professionals engage in this weekly podcast to gab about what's hot in the worlds of comics and illustration. Listening often provides regular auditory inspiration for your work.

Chris Wahl Art


This gifted illustrator always injects a sense of the macabre, in small doses, into his otherwise lush images here. His recent portraits of Liz Taylor and Natalie "Black Swan" Portman are stunners.

Mixed Bag from 2015
by Chris Wahl over 2 years ago
Eric Nally from Foxy Shazam
by Chris Wahl almost 3 years ago

Editorial Anonymous


Illustrators looking to work in children's literature learn all they need to know from the horse's mouth here. The site provides illumination into the obscure process of publication.

zero 2 illo


Illustrators on the hunt for business success learn how to craft themselves into marketable resources here. There's also guidance on discovering your own unique art style.

A 101 Guide to Financial Management for Illustrators
by Lea over 4 years ago
A 101 Guide to Running A Lean & Agile Business
by Lea over 4 years ago