View from the Bleachers


A "personal search for signs of intelligent life in the universe," this blog seems to channel Lily Tomlin and other legendary funnies from time to time.

I Have Discovered the Fountain of Youth
by TEJ over 2 years ago
My Spirited Defense of Donald Trump
by TEJ over 2 years ago

Using Humor


It's one thing to enjoy humorous speech or writing -- it's another to know how to wield them. Make your funny bone into a weapon of mass delight here.

Blog de Humor


Latino laughter is hefty supply on this site, written in Spanish and catering to speakers of the language who desire big chuckles regularly.

El aparcamiento más justito de la historia
by David Martínez over 2 years ago
Pastel de la princesa Chewbacca
by David Martínez over 2 years ago

Food Network Humor


From Sandra Dee to Rachel Ray, all of your favorite televised cuisine experts are roasted and toasted here, to hilarious effect.

FNH Update – December 2013
by Jillian Madison over 4 years ago

Life Just Keeps Getting Weirder


The "award-winning writer and humorist" shows off her comedy chops, and blesses her masses of readers with her funny as she does so.

Mommy Wants Vodka


Blogger Becky's a breeze, except on one subject: 'I don't take myself very seriously, unless I'm discussing my hatred of mayo.'

What Was Decidedly NOT Brownie Batter
by Your Aunt Becky about 4 years ago
Twi Hard
by Your Aunt Becky over 4 years ago

Point Counter-Point Point Point


Point Counter-Point Point Point is a blog written by Christian and Pat (or Pat and Christian depending on which one of us you ask) where we discuss and debate a variety of everyday topics and issues. There is no limit or focus, both topically and mentally, as to what we will cover. We have forgotten or never learned more knowledge than you will ever not learn or care about combined. Plus the sum of our two strengths combined equals one relatively strong monkey. Just an FYI.

We're Not Dead
by wondertwinpowers almost 4 years ago
Daylight Savings Lame
by wondertwinpowers about 4 years ago

Life Augmented


If you can appreciate a recent divorcee who moved in with her ex-in-laws, unsuccessfully found a job as a foot fetish model, and forces herself to sit in a hot tub twice-a-day, then this blog might be the perfect unwind to your daily grind. Read more about Aubrey as she deems the "Breast" the new Universal unit of measure, attributes the decibel of Michael Jackson music to a person's generosity of spirit, and learns that it might not be the sexiest dating tactic to dress your 35-year-old (man) date like your six-year-old daughter.

by chriss mellow over 4 years ago

Confessions of a Snarky Southern Belle


The random thoughts and ramblings of a sleep deprived, attention deficient, cursing and extremely sarcastic Facebook addict... Where's my Blackberry? Oh did I mention I am a Southern Lady?

Stand Where I Stood: Sixteen
by Snarky Amanda over 3 years ago
Stand Where I Stood: Bittersweet
by Amanda Scoggin about 4 years ago

What I Desired To Say....


This blog started out being about the frustrations that we, as customer service agents and receptionists, or even just normal people, get to deal with on a daily basis. We try to deal with them in a pleasant and efficient manner; however some of them do get the best of us. The replies herein are what we desired to say but did not.

Brain Abornalities
by What I Desired To Say over 3 years ago
You-knee-verse-it-ee Graduate
by What I Desired To Say over 3 years ago

Something Authorly


A blog on a mission. A mission to topple Yoko Ono's Twitter dominance. Or make you laugh. Which you probably are because we said we're on a mission. And that sounds stupid.

When you’re on a Knife-Edge…
by authorly over 2 years ago
Fed up of Cooking – try a Deep Fryer and a Rice Cooker!
by authorly over 2 years ago

Caustic Thoughts


Random funny thoughts with a taste of Pinoy and a hint of acid from the mental contortions of an overworked mom approaching the age of no return.

Comelec Tales: The Return of the Dead Voter
by Pinoy Wit over 2 years ago
The Half of It
by Pinoy Wit almost 3 years ago

Grassy Knoll Institute


Home of the 99 cent conspiracy theory. We keep overhead and expenses low to provide more affordable and better tasting conspiracy theories for our readers. Hurry, supplies are limited at these prices. Use the category links on the left to guide you to the summit of our vast knowledge. And quit calling me Shirley.

The Complete JFK Conspiracy Archives
by LOTGK over 2 years ago
Hello, Hello, Hello,
by LOTGK over 2 years ago

It's Not On The Test


My humorous take on what's going on in pop culture.

The Travelin-gineer


Tales of an Ugly American Tourist, an illustrated, humor blog inspired by travel snafus