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All poets need a bit of humor in their lives every now and then. Add some spice to your life with this funny blog touting lots of Limericks and Haiku, or join in on one of the frequent Limerick contests.

Utopian Fragments


Guy is a poet with a snarky writing style and a unique look at his world. Those who are interested in the offbeat may want to take a look around here.

People Like Houses אנשים כמו בתים
by D! over 2 years ago
by D! over 2 years ago



"Grindbone is a collective of three writers - Brent Allard, Kaplowitz, and Mick Parsons. -- who believe that attention to the art and craft of writing is as important as the writing itself. Fiction and poetry, in order to be worth reading, should be honest -- which means that it's sometimes rude, sometimes crude, and occasionally dirty."

From Our Narrowcast Archives 14 2.0
by noreply@blogger.com (Noah S. Kaplowitz) over 4 years ago
Grindbone is E X P A N D I N G
by noreply@blogger.com (Noah S. Kaplowitz) over 4 years ago

Deep Spectrum


Kevin and Larry, the poets and owners of this blog, share their sometimes politically-toned poetry here. You can read some very thought provoking poems here. An example of one is ""please stop throwing rocks" by Kevin.

A Poem A Day


WITS (Writers in the Schools) publishes works from current students to celebrate them. This blog promotes educating and teaching school age children to learn and love creative writing. You will be amazed at what you will read here.

Monday Morning Courage
by WITS Editor over 4 years ago
Grab your pencil!
by astephens2013 over 4 years ago



This blog is about the magical that surrounds us every day. It's also about board game pieces, and trees and...flowing water and happenstance and ugly warts and fairy tale creatures. That doesn't begin to cover it; actually it does. But not enough. Like the feet are sticking out from under the sheets. And they're freezing.

Starlight living on borrowed time.
by Anansi the Poet over 4 years ago
Welcome to Physics
by Anansi the Poet almost 5 years ago

Press Enter To Search


A blog posting daily found-poetry from Google's search suggestions box.



The poems published each weekday on dailypoem.net deal with serious subjects, but usually in a light and humerous way.

The Thin End
by Peter Duff over 4 years ago
Market Savvy
by Peter Duff over 4 years ago

Jake Dog's Blog


We like the looks on children's faces when they read books about all types of places. A blog dedicated to fun and silly children's literature.

Moving Day!
by Jake Dog over 4 years ago
Christmas Tree, So Prick-a-ly - A Silly Poem
by Jake Dog over 4 years ago

Ode to Saggy Baggy Pants


If you hate the Saggy Baggy Pants phenomenum, this humorous post and poem is for you!

TAPP: Rhyme With Good Reason


Humorous musings on life interspersed with comic verse, images and videos.

Words and Words and Whatnot


Poetry I have written about life - often from a humorous perspective - illustrated with photographs I have taken, primarily of Vancouver and the beautiful Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada. A new post appears every day or two.