Splendid Marbles


This blog makes fun of the political, economic and cultural events of the day. They do this through funny cartoons, videos and a plethora of articles.

sitting opposite the most annoying man in the world


Tales of horror from an ad agency, featuring the heavy-drinking slob who sits across from me and somehow narrowly escapes dismissal on a regular basis. (Other topics are included).

It's...Madge's Adult Survival Guide


Been to hell and back, I'll tell you how I survived with humor. I'm loud, short, curvy, and have red hair. I'm a cross between Erma Bombeck and Kathy Griffin. I negotiate life's lessons... and pummel them.

Eat, Greg, Eat!


Greg White is a former sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps, now battling it out on the blogosphere. A proud sixth-generation Texan and polo-playing enthusiast, now living on both coasts, he finds life lessons and great wisdom in the food he eats. Greg loves to cook as much as he likes to eat out and judge. Greg, a recovering television writer who found that truth is funnier than fiction, is currently writing a book about his Marine Corps boot camp experience. He has yet to heal from the trauma of having to wear green on a daily basis.

Recipe Contest: Sloppy Jose!
by Greg White almost 4 years ago
Fifty Shades of Penises
by Greg White almost 4 years ago

The Thurber Brigade


This blog refers to a short story (https://webspace.utexas.edu/cojmw/thurber.html) written as an ode to James Thurber's "War between Men and Women." This blog will continue to write on this war (war correspondent?) and the relationships between the two combatants.

In(k) Excess
by Jay Williams over 2 years ago
The Smirk of Reality—A Thurber Brigade Sidestep
by Jay Williams over 2 years ago

Grumpy Dudes Blog


Two middle-aged grumpy dudes respond to the world around them by writing blogs with humor, pathos and the occasional curse word.



Here is a look into a horrible housewife's life that isn't sugar coated; if you want real then stick around and laugh a while. Housewives aren't perfect like the movies but they make it work for their families.

LEGO KidsFest
by Mallery about 4 years ago
Upcycled Cupcake Tower
by Mallery about 4 years ago



A blog about life filled with comedy despite ranting, raving and blathering from the author, Maura Stone. Unlike her comedy novels, KISS-keep it simple schmuck is her firsthand way to contend with life without ever leaving home.

The Best Show on Earth - the American Presidential Campaign 2016
by maura stone over 2 years ago
Dumb and Dumber
by maura stone over 2 years ago

Creative Liar


Creative Liar follows the life of CL who is living the dream and losing her mind one lie at a time.

The Cutprice Guignol


My exasperation at life in general and television in particular.

Life Cherries


Indulging in all my wildest fantasies after 25 years of marriage and rearing 4 amazing sons - Some call it a midlife crisis, I call it rediscovering myself

Born Free
by Lanthie Ransom about 4 years ago
Are you too smart to engage?
by Lanthie Ransom about 4 years ago

These Earthlings


An attempt to explain Earthlings, from an anthropological point, to the people back on my home planet.

The Regular Guy NYC


Welcome to “The Regular Guy NYC”. As a normal semi-level headed dude living and playing in New York City this is a pandora’s box of a website to talk about and explore opinions and views of life in the big city and beyond. Food, fun, booze, culture, sports, health, life, etc. It’s all open game here.

Musings on Motherhood and Mid-Life


I'm an award winning journalist and author who went from dating diva to married lady to older mom in the blink of an eye. This blog chronicles my often humorous, sometimes serious but always transformative journey through motherhood and marriage.

Giveaway for The Happy’s Pet: The Hot New Toy
by Estelle Sobel Erasmus about 4 years ago
Review of I Just Want to Be Alone
by Estelle Sobel Erasmus about 4 years ago

Pictures People Do Not Post on Facebook


I have noticed that people post tons of pictures on Facebook. These photos make everyone's life look more glamorous than our own. I decided to spend a few days taking pictures of myself doing every day things that most people do but never put on social media websites.

What would Nadia do?


An expat with a love for twerking, empty calories and Javier Bardem. Read her irreverent take on marriage, life and everything else.