Awful Library Books


This blog is bibliophile welcome! Now that that's out of the way, let's get on with what this is really about. This blog is great because its two writers are public librarians who spend their time finding fabulous outdated and oddball books and collector's items.

Coming Collapse of China
by Holly Hibner over 2 years ago
John Kerry? In 2016?
by Mary Kelly over 2 years ago

Annoyed Librarian


The Annoyed Librarian offers scathing musings on libraries and everything else in this hard-hitting blog spot. It's tagline is "Fighting Libraries in Oakland" but it offers much more in the way of content as well.

Approve a Real Librarian This Time
by Annoyed Librarian over 2 years ago
Knitting and Reading
by Annoyed Librarian over 2 years ago

The Lipstick Librarian


The Days and Nights of the Lipstick Librarian definitely has its own voice. There's some great information here on being a librarian, and many of the posts are funny and feel like they were truly written from the heart.

For Mature Librarians Only
by absherl over 4 years ago

The Shifted Librarian


Blogger Jenny writes about making libraries "more portable." She delves into information technology and the ways in which people can get books and such information more quickly and easily.

Librarian Avengers


Librarian Avengers comes from Erica, a librarian who holds a master's in information science. She offers articles on a variety of topics on librarianship and beyond.

Librarian Avengers on Pinterest
by Erica Firment over 4 years ago

A Librarian's Guide to Etiquette


A Librarian's Guide to Etiquette has a tagline that states that a polite librarian is a good librarian. It offers funny advice for overstressed librarians to get a good laugh out of.

Librarian, You're a grand old
by J over 4 years ago
Harassment, Avoiding
by J almost 5 years ago

Love the Liberry


Blogger Amy offers some crazy, fun stories about being a librarian in this blog spot. This is a funny and witty spot for those looking to see what a day in the life actually feels like.

by Amy over 2 years ago
by Marian The over 2 years ago

The Travelin' Librarian


The Travelin' Librarian offers blog posts from a technology innovation librarian for the Nebraska Library Commission. For more than 15 years, he's trained librarians in technology, and this knowledge comes through in his blog spot.

by Michael Sauers over 2 years ago
Mashup Monday: Perfect Team – Lorde vs. P!nk
by Michael Sauers over 2 years ago

Librarians are Weird


"Librarians are weird, but in a good way" is the tagline for this blog spot. The main focal points of the site are usually video/film/television related, such as topics on reviews and media literacy.

Judge a Book by its Cover


Judge a Book by its Cover offers some hilarious articles and pictures that have to do with book covers. The blogger worked in library services for many years and used this knowledge to create a great website on truly bad book covers.

The Laughing Librarian


The Laughing Librarian offers tidbits and stories about librarians and the like with a humorous slant to them. It's a bold site that offers some great humor for its readers.