The Journal of Nursing Jocularity


This blog understands that nursing is too serious of a profession to take, well, too seriously. As nurses serve as the primary source of care for many a patient, and also help to maintain the calm of doctors and other staff members, the writers for Nursing Jocularity remind their readers of the importance and respected place of laughter in the profession. Nurses who might be a bit skeptical about the importance of the funnybone can take advantage of posts that address integrating humor.

Free 3 Month Subscription to Nurse FYI Magazine
by kbuxman about 4 years ago
Lead With Laughter: When Things Don’t Go Exactly As Planned
by kbuxman about 4 years ago

Nurse Mommy Laughs


Pediatric nurse and blogger Stacey has won acclaim and a sizable following for her crack-up site here. Citing her favorite loves in life as children, health care, and writing for comedy, her blog combines each of these three adored elements into a charming and chuckle-worthy whole. People who appreciate narrative humor, instead of a zesty one-liner that lacks a sufficiently satisfying follow-up joke, will truly find themselves in stitches lovingly provided by Nurse Mommy herself.

Google Fiber First Thing in the Morning
by Laughing With Kids over 2 years ago
Spelling Bee Memories Can Sting
by Laughing With Kids over 2 years ago

It Shouldn't Happen in Healthcare


Sometimes even those in the most serious of careers need to loosen up and laugh a bit. At least, that's what Max E Nurse believes. This blog's an open house of fun and good humor, featuring funny tales from the medical profession.

The Butterfly effect…
by Max E Nurse about 4 years ago
Spanish Inquistion….
by Max E Nurse over 4 years ago



Vividly rendered and hilariously specific comic offerings set this nursing humor blog apart. There's particular excellence in finding the funny in nursing school here.

Wade Grindle


Nurses, doctors, and even patients might all need surgery to recover from this page's generous helping of funny. It's the perfect place to crack up before your checkup.

Scrubs Turk’s Booty Breakdown
by Wade Grindle MD over 4 years ago
Scrubs J.D. Enters As A Surgeon
by Wade Grindle MD over 4 years ago



Relish the smart blend of medicinal news and mirthful comedy here. Colonoscopies and physical examinations are evergreen topics on the site, always good for a laugh.

Nursing Avenue


This blog helps nurses find jobs and ace their interviews, interlacing comically dependable posts all the while. Married nurses and newbies are lovingly targeted.

Nurse Jokes


This blog could successfully contend for status as the Web's highest quality nurse joke headquarters. Short nurse jokes provide particularly hearty enjoyment.

Nursing Fun


This blog champions unsung nurses while continuing to uplift them with witty, reliable humor. The Toon for Today feature can always be counted on to bring a smile.

My Med Jokes


Discover a trove of modern jokes, cartoons, and crack-up videos for nurses and doctors here. Even those who know nothing of anatomy can find their funnybone on this page.

What cigarette do you smoke Doctor?
by noreply@blogger.com (Mac Hiavelli) about 3 years ago
iPod Shuffle IUD
by noreply@blogger.com (Mac Hiavelli) about 3 years ago

Nurse Cartoons


Blogger Dan unleashes a comedic onslaught with his undeniably delectable page here. The nurse humor, to warn readers, can border on the blue throughout the site.

The Humor Vault


Dozens of posts on nurse and doctor comedy comprise this blog's pages. Emergency rooms come complete with laugh tracks here.

Funny Jokes: Nurses


Delve into a trove of hilarious nurse-directed jokes on this comprehensive page. There's a concentration here on long-form, narrative-style comedy.

What movies teach us
by Chetan Gera almost 4 years ago

Ouch My Toe


This blog fields an Indian's perspective on comedy, with an appreciated set of posts on nurses. Anyone who loves humor with heart will appreciate this page's focus.

Bed-wetting runs in our family
by Jammy almost 3 years ago
Ashley Madison is the bitch nobody ever had
by Jammy almost 3 years ago

Comedy Central: Nurses


Television's concentrated comedy channel has a blog that avidly capitalizes on the hilarity found in nursing. The Colbert Report, the Onion, and more spice it up here.

You Can't Fix Stupid


This nurse who joking claims to be old enough to know Florence Nightingale blogs warmly about medicine, age, and more. Anticipate desert-dry humor here.

Kathleen Heck


This comedic writers explores her medical chops with a barrage or nurse jokes here. Medical embarrassments tend to sustain her humor the most throughout the site.

Off the Mark


An outstanding cartoonist provides a daily supply of humor, frequently nurse-related, here. The best strips are sometimes available for purchase too.

Nursing and Medical Humor


A huge assemblage of the Web's best nurse humor can be discovered and enjoyed right here. Therapy and psychiatry are the most side-splitting areas.

Nursing Cartoons and Comics


Find simple yet consistently amazing nursing comics here all the time. The dialog bubbles contain some exceptionally rendered one-liners.

Medical Cartoons


A celebrated cartoonist displays his acclaimed comic work here. Nurse humor fans will find the jabs at doctors particularly apropos.

Drawing On Experience


This creative blog is written and illustrated by a guy who works the night shift as a Progressive Coronary Care Nurse at a major University Hospital caring for 6-7 patients a night. This blog is based on his daily life in a humorous way, starting from his early days in nursing school.

by William Hardy almost 4 years ago
by William Hardy almost 4 years ago

Johnny New Nurse


Stories of the trials and tribulations of the student nurse and new RN