Hyperbole and a Half


If you're in the mood for irreverent, devil-may-care style humor, look no further; this humor blog's from up on high.

by Allie over 4 years ago

JFZ Lives Here


Abandon all solemnity, ye who enter; this site's practically guaranteed to at least get your neurons tickled when you visit.

Say No to Crack


Karen Nickerson exhibits her own geeky sense of humor in her blog Say No to Crack. With edgy over tones and clever articles you can feel her spiciness as she slices away at those who scorn nerd-ness.

Tracey's Tavern


Tracey says whatever comes to mind. No filter. Her blog posts have been about what women think while watching porn, and what people will say about her at her 80th birthday party. She also gives advice that no sane person should follow...ever

The Party Pony


A subversive how-to manual for navigating the world's misbehavior, The Party Pony tackles such fearsome subjects as suburban sewage explosions, lecherous scarecrows that clutch their own privates, and strange cabbage-faced neighbors who smell suspiciously of sausage and broccoli. Its author does not shirk from the lewd, crude, and unremittingly honest--on everything from piddling one's pants on a trampoline to peddling dildos with the heads of the American Presidents.

Anonymous Letters and Anonymous Turds
by Jennifer Prescott over 2 years ago
The Manny Diaries, Chapter Fifteen: The Pushing of the Swing
by Jennifer Prescott almost 3 years ago

candy for breakfast


The blog is about a little bug named eke. Eke is a ridiculous cartoon bug with precious social skills and a sardonic sense of humour. Sometimes she is funny, sometimes is not. Most people describe Eke as promiscuous borderline alcoholic with rage issues, a tenuous grip on reality and very few morals. Nope. She is just a little wide eyed bug with big dreams and a weird bi-sexual vibe.

Scratchy Dog Productions


We are Scratchy Dog Productions a multimedia sketch comedy group based out of Astoria NY. Don't give up when you feel down just make your own music its all all in the making of art that gives its worth.

The Chronicles of Rico


Musings from a rural Iowan with an arsenal of true yet unbelievable stories which include warped yet subconsciously common thoughts and observations pertaining to the shitstorms I encounter frequently. Each entry has an appearance from a crude and absurd "blog mascot," Rick "The Mullet Man" Suave.

Fat Swafftard
by Rico over 4 years ago
Male Gynecologists Make Me Feel Awkward Part 3
by Rico over 4 years ago

Society for Dainty Damsels


Follow the exploits of two self proclaimed middle aged etiquette experts. Auntie Carol and Lady Lynda. Auntie Carol 's spouse is a hermaphrodite and Lady Lynda's husband is Seymour Toze. With sensual The Black Orchid and lusty, earthy Wanda Lust and others

Workin' on It


The absurdity of the unemployment crisis get put on center stage as one American laughs her way to the food pantry. Join Workin’ on It in Pittsburgh as the not so funny topic of unemployment gets humorously docu-blogged by one of Pittsburgh’s wittiest writers.

Kul World


Crass Social Commentary Fueled by Attention Deficit Disorder

Dumb Stuff Drawn


if you're in the mood for snarky humor and the occasional jab at corporate america, look no further. The accompanying illustrations are to die for.

Insights of an eBay Whisperer


Sharing humerous insights about life and the world we live in thanks to a rare ability to communicate supernaturally with those people and things that live in the eBay world.



Rather Insolent: From High Brow Cultural Satire to Toilet Humor, this blog considers obesity, shit, fatties, music, prostitution, farts, death, cartoons, hipsters, and more.

Muppets For Justice


A comedy Blog with no real agenda. Come and laugh along with the denizens of Muppets For Justice and we promise to not to put you through a humiliating initiation ceremony where we pour gravy down your pants and take photographs.

So's Your Butt


"So's your butt." Never has there been a a more effective come-back, a snappier put down, a more unassailable retort. Whatever deficiency you have just attributed to me is one shared by your own rear end. I'm dumb? So's your butt. I'm fat? So's your butt. I am an individual thoroughly unconcerned with the plight of those less fortunate? So's your butt. Why don't I shut up? So's your butt. That doesn't even make sense? So's your butt. You're leaving? So's your damn butt. Effective. Snappy. Unassailable. That is exactly what this blog aspires to be. In it's advice, it's criticism, it's poetry, it's art, and certainly in it's central concern (the human caboose), this blog aspires to be as effective, as snappy, as unassailable as that legendary rejoinder. What's that you say? This all sounds really stupid? Well, that may be so, my good sir. And so's your butt.

Bronan The Barbarian!


Bronan The Barbarian is the world's greatest humor blogger, as well as mankind's last hope for salvation. Bronan brings the best in funny fitness tips, crazy stories, heavy metal reviews and general humor.

Best Beat Making Software
by duke about 4 years ago
Making Hip Hop Jump Beats
by duke over 4 years ago

Adult Jokes Book


Laugh… Because smiling is the second best thing you can do with your mouth!