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I write. And draw. And paint. And hang tubas on my walls. And move around. A lot. Also, my esophagus hurts when I button my pants. So I don't. Ever. See for yourself.

I'd like cheese on my entire family!


I'd like cheese on my entire family! aka da Cheeseblarg is an illustrated humor blarg written and illustrated by JRose, who is a total nerd pants. There are narwhals, and llamas, and lots of interactive activities.

Dead, dead, deadski.
by Jodee Rose over 2 years ago
Dead, dead, deadski.
by Jodee Rose over 2 years ago

Musings Inspired by Losing


Daily comics about a female loser and her quest for world domination...wearing pyjamas...dancing with a rabbit.

Evil News Daily


EvilNewsDaily.com is run by The Selective Society Of Super Villains and is edited by the infamous Nefarious Mustache(!). Melting your brain with our evil blogticles is our main goal. If you are entertained while your brain is melting...fine.

HappySmart by Shawn Siegel


Funny illustrations, visual puns, and social satire by Shawn Siegel.

My Right to Bitch


My Right to Bitch is my own personal comedic syringe filled with wit and cynicism – mixed with a dash of charm – that I inject straight into the ass-cheek of the blogosphere every week. It’s a virtual vaccine for fighting diseases like complacency and ignorance. MRTB is a series of rants and gripes, packed full of fast-paced humor and hilarious one-liners. It’s me poking fun at anything from pop-culture to minor daily-happenings that have traveled under my skin. Think of it as a blend of constructive criticism and genuine concern for how I view trends, culture, and popular opinions. I welcome anyone and everyone to my following. After all, everyone has a bitch about something. I'll never put someone down based on their views. I welcome all opinions. So, with all that aside I invite you to step inside and troll around. Once you pass the gate, you're officially a Bitcher. Exercise your Right... –Happy Blogging MRTB

You Know Funny


Two brothers with big imaginations. We have a big comics section of original work and a section that has funny advice, some movie reviews, and humorous stories.

giosdesk, comics adventures and everyday life


Artist, Illustrator, Komik Artist and Father of two. giosdesk, blog about pop culture, motivations and comics etc. Featuring Lakan at Makisig Webcomics

I Should Probably Tell You...


Blog of a writer, crafter, TS+OCD, 20-something lady living with her parents while she navigates adulthood. Hilarity ensues.

Just Spilled It Out !!


Humor. Poetry. Musings. And a lot of random ramblings.

Great Lives!


Lives of great men [and women (duh!)] all remind us we can make our lives sublime!



Humor to make you think - Thoughts to humor you... Randomnessessities are about everything and nothing. The mind produces about 50.000 thoughts per day. This site brings you the thoughts of a beaver interested in humanity, the Roswell Alien sharing his disappointments in humanity and a random guy writing letters to fictional people as if they were part of humanity. It’s really quite sad when you think about it.

The Great Indian Curry .....


I am one of those annoying chaps, with strong repulsion towards social gatherings and hysteric aunties. My daily activities include frantic wake-ups, assertive and iterative nose-digging, long relaxing morning pee, dragging myself to office, writing some software codes, smoking my lungs out, rigorous blogging and being very active on Social networking sites. My write-ups here might be considered derogatorily sarcastic and wildly humorous in some cases, which is why, some of my honest fans, mostly hailing from poorer third world countries, often misunderstand me as a fun and social person. But I am not. Nevertheless, I do feel sorry for those fans of mine. The Government hasn’t been kind enough and the U.S has stolen all their oils. The only good stuff left in their pathetic lives, is probably the internet and my Blog. Once an avid coder and technology enthusiast, a sudden realization had struck upon me. Codes don’t sell or get you laid either. The rare skill of convincing the world of your (non-existing) “Intelligence” and “dedication” does earn your bigger rewards. Silent pursuit isn’t appreciated. Noise is what gets heard. Hence, here I am, trying my luck, at a wide ensemble of spices, hoping for a perfect harmony and expecting a chaos which would echo down your digestive tracks and set the asses on fire.

Siddhu decides to Quit Laughing...Nation in Shock !!
by Soham Roy over 4 years ago
The 'WeVote' Social App: Now Cast Your Election Votes Online...
by Soham Roy over 4 years ago



discover the best fun.excitements and knowledge on the net



Welcome to the shit show, Folks. My name is Chowderhead, and I will be serving as your maniacal tour guide here. This site is a playground designed for adult children of all ages. Approximately 98% of the material that you’ll find here is complete nonsense, and the remaining 2% is up for debate. Every Tuesday and Thursday I pull a trick out of my sleeve for your viewing pleasure, and occasionally invite a guest writer in to match wits with me. I interact with everyone that stops by. Don’t be shy. Grab a cold brew, kick off your shoes, and enjoy the show. Rock Star Salute. \m/

Stop Me If I Told You This...


I’ve never been the quiet sort. From the time I was a toddler and could string two words together, I always had something to say. Often, my propensity for talking got me into trouble at school and even with family and friends. I eventually found a career in radio that embraced and encouraged my talkative nature and I discovered that people loved to hear stories, especially when the story was true – “warts and all” as my grandmother would say. This blog is a place I can share my slightly neurotic stories -- and hopefully entertain you at the same time.

Big Codex


A site where I post semi-true, mostly-humorous stories (terrible drawings to illustrate, too!). I also post daily webcomics M-F. Yipeeeeee!!!

The Nicolas! Blog


Note: If you’d like to know how I am in real life, you may skip this section. Instead, go watch The Lion King and then try to imagine a composite of Zazu, Timon, and Rafiki, the ethereal baboon. That is me.

Humor Satire News


A blog about humor, Satire, funny news, strange news, odd news, cartoons and jokes.