Awful Library Books


This blog is bibliophile welcome! Now that that's out of the way, let's get on with what this is really about. This blog is great because its two writers are public librarians who spend their time finding fabulous outdated and oddball books and collector's items.

Coming Collapse of China
by Holly Hibner over 2 years ago
John Kerry? In 2016?
by Mary Kelly over 2 years ago



A physics grad has composed this blog this popular comic that deals with the worlds of code, language relations, and mathematics. It's as convoluted as it is funny.

about 4 years ago
Manual for Civilization
about 4 years ago

The Washington Roast


A political blog whose goal is to combine humor, news, reader comments and information to the public about the craziness of politics.



Apoliticus finds humor in the ordinary and thinks that truth is often stranger than fiction. This satire blog is full of hilarious quotes and is well-written.

Tina Dupuy


Tina Dupuy is seriously hilarious - she mocks politicians, politics and the news media in a witty, sarcastic, fun loving way. She leans to the left, but she's quick to make fun of both Democrats and Republicans.

Column: How Not to Talk About Wealth Inequality
by Tina Dupuy about 4 years ago
The Atlantic: He Hunted Osama bin Laden, He Breaks Into Nuclear-Power Plants
by Tina Dupuy about 4 years ago



Demockracy is a blog that mocks politics in the United States. Smartly written and frequently updated, it's one of our favorites to check daily.

Fake Science


Do you prefer your fun facts to be more fun than factual? Then you should be just the type to enjoy the silly science details that appear here often.

How Do You Get Rid of Bedbugs?
over 2 years ago
What Life On A New Planet Will Mean
over 2 years ago

The Daily Rash


This is a funny site filled with satirical humor focused on celebrities, news, politics and Sports. The blogs are filled with spoofs, parody and completely fake content. It's real funny stuff!

Al Sharpton Urges Vladimir Putin To Take Obama Horseback Riding
by Bertrand Snatch over 4 years ago
MSNBC Commentators Fawn Over Michelle Obama’s Buttocks
by Bertrand Snatch over 4 years ago

Radioactive Liberty


This is a site that takes a humorous approach to anti-government. It focuses on the absurdity of the government and empowering it's visitors.

Splendid Marbles


This blog makes fun of the political, economic and cultural events of the day. They do this through funny cartoons, videos and a plethora of articles.

Utopian Fragments


Guy is a poet with a snarky writing style and a unique look at his world. Those who are interested in the offbeat may want to take a look around here.

People Like Houses אנשים כמו בתים
by D! over 2 years ago
by D! over 2 years ago

The Journal of Nursing Jocularity


This blog understands that nursing is too serious of a profession to take, well, too seriously. As nurses serve as the primary source of care for many a patient, and also help to maintain the calm of doctors and other staff members, the writers for Nursing Jocularity remind their readers of the importance and respected place of laughter in the profession. Nurses who might be a bit skeptical about the importance of the funnybone can take advantage of posts that address integrating humor.

Free 3 Month Subscription to Nurse FYI Magazine
by kbuxman about 4 years ago
Lead With Laughter: When Things Don’t Go Exactly As Planned
by kbuxman about 4 years ago

Nurse Mommy Laughs


Pediatric nurse and blogger Stacey has won acclaim and a sizable following for her crack-up site here. Citing her favorite loves in life as children, health care, and writing for comedy, her blog combines each of these three adored elements into a charming and chuckle-worthy whole. People who appreciate narrative humor, instead of a zesty one-liner that lacks a sufficiently satisfying follow-up joke, will truly find themselves in stitches lovingly provided by Nurse Mommy herself.

Google Fiber First Thing in the Morning
by Laughing With Kids over 2 years ago
Spelling Bee Memories Can Sting
by Laughing With Kids over 2 years ago

Nerd Fitness


"Steve and NerdFitness HAD to go on our top list. After all, how often do you find nerdy fitness instructors with a sense of humor and a wick of wit, knowing that this is what keeps us nerds and geeks on track.

Struggling to Get Fit? Add Potions Before Your Boss Fight.
by Steve over 3 years ago
How to Make Healthy Holiday Sides
by Noel over 3 years ago



BBspot is way up on our top 5 list. It is has it all for geeky nerds. From constructing fabricated techie news briefs, to teaching geeks to meditate, to the classical everyday droll witted nerdy articles. It all wants to make you ROTFL (roll on the floor laughing.)



Come geeky nerds one and all. Welcome to the macabre universe of I-Mockery. We cannot emphasize enough that it is comical and humorous, weird and unusual, and even at times tacky and tasteless but never ever boring and blah.

Time For Another “Movie Fights” Battle!
by -RoG- over 3 years ago
My Latest “Movie Fights” Appearance!
by -RoG- over 3 years ago

It Shouldn't Happen in Healthcare


Sometimes even those in the most serious of careers need to loosen up and laugh a bit. At least, that's what Max E Nurse believes. This blog's an open house of fun and good humor, featuring funny tales from the medical profession.

The Butterfly effect…
by Max E Nurse about 4 years ago
Spanish Inquistion….
by Max E Nurse over 4 years ago

Passive Aggressive Notes


A blog dedicated almost entirely to chronicling hilarious notes, signs, and e-mails in the workplace, Passive Aggressive Notes is a brilliantly crafted website. Readers will never fail to be amused by the distinct passive-aggressive satire that accompany the posts.

You can’t spare three squares?
by Kerry over 2 years ago
Happy Birthday, and see you soon! xoxo, Cancer
by Kerry over 2 years ago

Humor That Works


Humor That Works takes the opposite approach to most workplace humor blogs. Rather than seek out humor in the workplace, blogger Drew Tarvin encourages actively injecting humor into the workday. Posts are a unique mix of "just for fun" and hilariously helpful.

Humor Showcased in the Life Lab
by Andrew Tarvin over 2 years ago
Achieving Your Goals Through the Perfect Day
by Andrew Tarvin over 2 years ago

Evil Skippy at Work


"Helping make workplaces great, one snarky comment at a time" is the motto driving the writing of Evil Skippy at Work. Providing mostly useless but completely entertaining advice to anonymous advice-seekers, the blogger never fails to employ a little clever sarcasm.

Dear Evil Skippy: Should We Throw A Surprise Baby Shower For Our Co-Worker?
by Jim about 4 years ago
Dear Evil Skippy: Someone Is Leaving Trash In My Desk Drawer
by Jim about 4 years ago



Vividly rendered and hilariously specific comic offerings set this nursing humor blog apart. There's particular excellence in finding the funny in nursing school here.

Wade Grindle


Nurses, doctors, and even patients might all need surgery to recover from this page's generous helping of funny. It's the perfect place to crack up before your checkup.

Scrubs Turk’s Booty Breakdown
by Wade Grindle MD over 4 years ago
Scrubs J.D. Enters As A Surgeon
by Wade Grindle MD over 4 years ago



Relish the smart blend of medicinal news and mirthful comedy here. Colonoscopies and physical examinations are evergreen topics on the site, always good for a laugh.

Nursing Avenue


This blog helps nurses find jobs and ace their interviews, interlacing comically dependable posts all the while. Married nurses and newbies are lovingly targeted.