Ben Adams: My author journey


This blog charts my progress from being a clueless wet behind the ears writer to a published but still largely clueless author. It highlights mthe trials and tribulations I have been through in getting my first novel, 'Six Months to Get a Life', published. The book will be out early in 2015. It's the best debut novel I have ever written...

Geezer Guff


Humor for funny and feisty boomers and seniors

Albert's New York


Albert the Dog describes his adventures in New York, reviews dog-friendly shops and sites, and shares his musings.



I live with an "interesting" bunch and have many observations to share. Things can get a little crazy around here.



Lolyaar.com is a site to find funniest stuff like funny images, gifs and videos from all over the internet

Bumfuzzled Jane


A personal comedy blog that covers all things awesome, awful and awkward about growing up or trying to at least.



Brain firings of a pro-waffle gal scientist.

Bollards in Movies on Blog Nation


We’ve created Bollards in Movies to showcase the effectiveness of traffic bollards in the world of film. The bizarre obsession we’ve developed with these devices allows us to extensively imagine how safety posts could foil protagonists and antagonists alike in all of our favorite (and not-so-favorite) movies.

The Reluctant Cat Owner's Journal


The Reluctant Cat Owner's Journal is about the daily trails of mutli-cat ownership and the adventures of being gay. Acerbic, unapologetic, but always funny. Read me hard and all night long.

Fits of Wit


Fits of Wit is a humor & lifestyle blog written by Jamie L. Alvarenga. Honest, hysterical, sometimes heartwarming, and always entertaining.



CimmoneTellsAll is a blog dedicated to shockingly true stories about a 30-something year old lady - and she's not your typical lady. If you need a laugh or need to feel 'ok' about your latest sexual encounter, you've found your alley.

Maniacal Ramblings


Maniacal Ramblings is my personal Soap Box, where I like to talk about things that have no value. The kind of things that make you wonder not “how do you get your ideas?”, but wonder instead, “WHY do you get your ideas?” Personal stories and observations written in a humorous fashion.



A blog where you will find all interesting developments in the field of technology, also humor posts to relax your mind. Our motto is : READ-RELAX-REPEAT.

Whatsapp Status


WE STATE WHAT YOU FEEL. Find amazing statuses for your every mood happy,sad,angry....you name it and we've got it. Hundreds of statuses are added on a daily basis. STAY TUNED!

Conspiracy Theories ...from the Reality Challenged


Humaning, parenting, the lightest and darkest of life's insights - it's the funniest blog on the web... At least, that's the rumor I'm starting.

A. Marie Silver's Blog


Just trying to be funny. Sometimes I write letters to Ellen DeGeneres. Other times, I write about the conversations I have with my characters. They yell at me, a lot!

Rubbish In, Robish Out!


A satirical look at news current events, politics and celebrities in an old-fashioned newspaper format. The site also has stand-up comedy videos and tons other hilarious things to help you waste away your day. Updated every day!