Office Humor Blog


The office is where you work. You're already spending a great deal of time there. So why not have a little fun while you're at it? This blog features some "work distractions", including ideas that you can implement at your office, such as pranks, jokes, videos, and more.

View from the Bleachers


A "personal search for signs of intelligent life in the universe," this blog seems to channel Lily Tomlin and other legendary funnies from time to time.

I Have Discovered the Fountain of Youth
by TEJ over 2 years ago
My Spirited Defense of Donald Trump
by TEJ over 2 years ago

Mad Kane's Humor Blog


All poets need a bit of humor in their lives every now and then. Add some spice to your life with this funny blog touting lots of Limericks and Haiku, or join in on one of the frequent Limerick contests.

Pye in the Face


"Leveraging low-hanging synergies outside the vertical fruit box" for more than a decade now, this Pye in the Face never gets old -- pun totally intended.

Stuff That Bugs Me


We all have those particular items that ... irk us. This blog makes those things stand out loud and clear -- for a laugh.

Language and Humor Blog


This blog basically can find what's laughable in a whole bunch of languages -- including French and sign language.

Dear Webby


When you want a blog that doubles as both a computer help site and a humor blog, Webby will win you over.

Fancy Fast Food


McDonald's has never been made to look so magnificently uproarious than on this site.

Keeping Up with Mom


Being a mother can either be kind of a burden, or a scintillating, comic delight. This momma opts for the latter.

Sometimes You Get Dirty…
by Jones almost 5 years ago

David Hoyle's Humor Blog


"Thought to be neat for human consumption," Mr. Hoyle's humor proves irresistible to nearly one and all.

I Hate My Message Board


"Humor, crankiness, a museum of snack foods, and the odd motivational piece" color this blog as generally awesome.

by Tracy almost 5 years ago

Using Humor


It's one thing to enjoy humorous speech or writing -- it's another to know how to wield them. Make your funny bone into a weapon of mass delight here.

Blog de Humor


Latino laughter is hefty supply on this site, written in Spanish and catering to speakers of the language who desire big chuckles regularly.

El aparcamiento más justito de la historia
by David Martínez over 2 years ago
Pastel de la princesa Chewbacca
by David Martínez over 2 years ago



This "funny, witty humor blog" has attracted quite a following, in large part for its sharp writing.

Angie's Blog


This top-tier humor writer is "serving up a variety of musings about life, humor, books, and more."

Happy Stranger's Day
by Angie B. almost 3 years ago
Back Row
by Angie B. about 3 years ago

Food Network Humor


From Sandra Dee to Rachel Ray, all of your favorite televised cuisine experts are roasted and toasted here, to hilarious effect.

FNH Update – December 2013
by Jillian Madison over 4 years ago

Your PPC Sucks


We receive so many Internet adverts nowadays, it was only sensible that this site be created to criticize and cackle at them all.

Hyperbole and a Half


If you're in the mood for irreverent, devil-may-care style humor, look no further; this humor blog's from up on high.

by Allie almost 5 years ago