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"Workplace Monsters" is a cartoon blog about "the people we all know and love so we can pay the bills." This includes jerk bosses, annoying coworkers, passive aggressive types and bullies alike, the anxiety prone, as well as stupid policies, meaningless work, and hours of boredom waiting for death. I get inspiration from my job.

The Bitch is Back
by ScotchJameson over 4 years ago
Welcome to Hell.
by ScotchJameson over 4 years ago

Staying Safe with Environmental Monitoring


Ecological or Environmental Monitoring may allude to well-run sensors that measure the physical parameters of our surroundings that thus caution the best possible associations of anomalies the framework may have gotten. That is one excuse why regardless of the fact that a place might experience the ill effects of the destroying impacts of a disaster, the capacity to send help and different helps immediately. In light of the fact, that one means or another cautioned that something could happen.

HR Success Guide


Top Human Resources Blog on Global Human Resource Practices, Organizational Development, Employee Engagement and Human Capital Management. This blog explores Management, Leadership and Strategic roles through which HR contributes to organizations. This blog is about how we put our hearts and minds at work and how we can do exceedingly well by contributing in a Collaborative Team Environment. This blog ultimately hopes to influence your way of thinking about Human Resource Management.

Corporate Nirvana – A Tale of Urban Enlightenment
by Parinita Bahadur about 4 years ago
Take another Shot
by Parinita Bahadur about 4 years ago

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Points of comparison between biometric time clocks and manual time attendance


On comparing biometric time clocks and manual clocking in clocks, it is clear that modern day time tracking software is much more advanced and reliable. But those who cannot afford to spend on this technology still use manual methods although modern systems may not be as expensive as you think.

How a Safe Workplace Can Lead to More Innovation


Innovation has always been valued in the world of business, but most people believe that it is up to entrepreneurs and other “idea people” to come up with new concepts and strategies. Those in middle-management and below are often lost in the shuffle despite being right in the middle of a business’s operations.



Today we live in a hyper-connected world where everything is connected through internet and mobile apps. We are a lucky generation; we have seen the digital evolution from telephones to mobile phones to smartphones to smartwatches and much more. We have seen automation in almost everything. The recruiting and hiring process has also evolved from traditional recruiting and job boards to applicant tracking systems and big data analytics.

9 Promising Reasons Why Companies Need to Invest in HR Tech


HR departments are lagging in technology; they have not gotten the best and latest technology. However, this trend is changing at a fast pace due to our understanding of what affects human productivity and the value of skilled employees is increasing. All of that knowledge is developing into software and technology. The work of HR is no longer limited to finding, recruiting, and retaining top talent; it has grown beyond that to include promoting and advertising jobs to the right talent. Companies need to invest more in their HR departments, and here are a number of compelling reasons:

Global Human Resource Outsourcing Market 2016-2020


About Human Resource Outsourcing HRO refers to the practice of contracting enterprise functions to an external service provider to handle some or all of HR duties and tasks such as recruitment, payroll, training and development, employee policies, compensation and benefits administration, compliance management, pension and health benefits administration. Organizations outsource one or entire HR-related services to reduce costs and improve business productivity. Technavios analysts forecast the global HRO market to grow at a CAGR of 12.74% during the period 2016-2020. Covered in this report The report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the global HRO market for 2016-2020. The report also presents the vendor landscape and a corresponding detailed analysis of the top five vendors operating in the market. The market is divided into the following segments based on end-user: BFSI Manufacturing Services Others