Kim's HR Potpourri


Kim Urban devotes her blog, Kim's HR Potpourri to a collection of events and news as it applies to human resources and human resources management. You'll find everything from paid time off, holidays, benefits, and payroll, to name just a few topics.

The ‘Fairness’ Fraud
by Kim Urban, MSHR over 4 years ago
The Five Most Boring Stories in the World
by Kim Urban, MSHR over 4 years ago

Human Resource Solutions


Roberta Matuson has more than 25 years experience in HR management and she devotes her blog to helping other HR managers create workplaces that are exceptional for both bosses and employees by helping with communication and leadership skills.

4 Things to Think About As You Prepare For the Weekend
by Roberta Matuson over 2 years ago
Guest Post: Empower Your Talent and Grow Your Business
by Roberta Matuson over 2 years ago

Today's Workplace


Today's Workplace blog is dedicated to workplace fairness, which leads the blog to post several interesting articles concerning bosses, employees, and safety, to name a few areas. In addition, the blog covers areas such as rights in the workplace, which have changed over the years and managers as well as employees need to be aware of these changes.

Trump Las Vegas hotel is not letting up on its fight against its own workers
by Laura Clawson over 2 years ago
Trade Deals Like the TPP Are Murdering American Manufacturing
by Leo Gerard over 2 years ago

Authentic Organizations


You will find some great information about how companies can be more authentic and in doing so attract the best talent (employees). There is a lot of information here, so you may want to save this one to your bookmarks!

Defining Your Business’s Success Using Net Positive Value
by cv harquail over 2 years ago
Generous Products: How Products Do What They Do, as a form of Generosity
by cv harquail over 2 years ago

ERE Community


Much of HR management is recruiting and this blog helps HR personnel and management learn how to better attract the best candidates.

HRMG Solutions


You'll find some interesting blog entries on payroll, benefits, and hiring. In addition, you will find tips to make your HR department run more efficiently via the latest technologies.



If you have been in human resources for several years, you have watched it change with the introduction of technology. In this blog, Thomas Otter shares some of the ways in which technology has changed HR.

Employee Central Momentum
by Thomas Otter over 2 years ago
All Blacks, Presence and Kaizen.
by Thomas Otter over 2 years ago

HR Funda


You will find this blog covering a lot of topics such as workplace diversity, salary, employee performance systems and much more.

HR Jungle


This blog is especially created for HR departments in small businesses. While they may run a bit differently, they still have to be efficient, which you will learn about in this blog.



This blog has some excellent articles about HR professionals. You will find a very thought-provoking way that the information is given.

Be wary of !!
by MadhuS about 4 years ago
Life is like a pista tree.........
by MadhuS over 4 years ago

Amitai Givertz's Recruitomatic Blog


HR and recruitment are just part of the job, but knowing the best ways to recruit can save you time. In addition, when you know the best recruitment tricks, you save your company money because you are hiring the best.

A Cautionary Tale for Boolean Hacks and Illiterates
by Amitai Givertz over 4 years ago



This human resources blog is an excellent networking resource. It will help you make better connections and build a profitable network.

4 Points to Make on Your New Hire's First Day
over 2 years ago
Help Your Career Leap Forward by 2020
over 2 years ago



My blog talks about challenges and in and out of humans at work.

HRmarketer Blog


A blog with a ten year (and award winning) history of covering the human resource marketplace. Our posts provide useful information for buyers, sellers, employers and HR suppliers.

Compensation Insider


Compensation Insider provides a fresh voice in the areas of Compensation, Benefits, Performance Management, International Mobility and Governance. As of writing, this is the only Compensation blog in the Middle East and Africa - yet the topics are universal - in fact, half of the readers are based in the USA !

C&B : Local leadership want it “their” way, not the corporate way – what can I do ?
by Sandrine Bardot almost 4 years ago
When to use comparatio and market ratio
by Sandrine Bardot almost 4 years ago

Bringing Out The Best In Companies, Employees, and Their Children


We focus on work/life, employee assistance, and benefits issues impacting working parents -- 8-14% of an organization's workforce -- with children and teens who are struggling in school (e.g. autism, ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities). The business issues of employee engagement, productivity, and retention frame the discussions while the challenges facing this fast-growing segment of the workforce are the key priority.

So…How Was Your Working Parents Day?
by educationnavigation almost 4 years ago
So…How Was Your Working Parents Day?
by educationnavigation almost 4 years ago

Leading with Intention


In 2007 I was inspired to start a leadership communique which I called Try This! The mailing was initially distributed to my IBM colleagues who attended a technical leadership event called Imagine the Possibilities. Over the years the e-mail distribution has grown, both inside and outside of IBM. After much encouragement, I decided to move the communique to a blog format, in the hope of creating an even bigger community of intentional leaders in action.

Out & Equal


Advocating for workplace equality for people of all sexual orientations, gender identities, expressions, and characteristics.

The HR Writer


The HR Writer is a blogazine devoted to current human resource news and content for the modern HR manager. Founded and managed by a 14-year veteran of corporate human resources, the site features articles on a wide variety of HR and career topics from A-Z.

Voluntary Benefits Add Value to Compensation Plans for 2014
by admin over 4 years ago
HR Department of One – Making the Most of Lunch Breaks
by admin over 4 years ago

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