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Although Edwin Ebreo practices HR in the Philippines, his tips are relevant to HR managers everywhere. His blog includes an "Ask Ed" feature which allows users to send in HR questions.

An Open Letter to My ExeQserve Team on Your Awesomeness
by Edwin Ebreo over 3 years ago
Improve Communication to Improve Learning and Performance
by Edwin Ebreo almost 4 years ago

McArthur's Rant


Scott McArthur offers sound advice and useable tips that will enlighten your HR experience. Whether you're looking for information on change management, employee engagement, or any of the many other issues facing HR managers, this blog has the answers.

"Dogs, Bears and Magic Numbers" INCOSE 2014 - Scott McArthur
by noreply@blogger.com (Scott McArthur) almost 4 years ago
Brain Soup - Cooking Up a Magic Number
by noreply@blogger.com (Scott McArthur) almost 4 years ago

Effortless HR


This blog is geared toward small business HR management. Topics include succession planning, employee turnover, managing change, and more.

The Importance of Branding In Hiring
by Aaron Queen over 4 years ago
Keys to Attracting Top Talent
by Erica Fener over 4 years ago



HR professionals will find a number of resources at this blog. The blog offers news, links, tips, and a question & answer service.

Human Resource Blog


This blog from the Labor Law Center offers a variety of tips on human resource issues. Recent posts have tackled what defines full time hours, which types of information are confidential, and employment probations.

Employee smoking pot
by admin about 4 years ago
by admin about 4 years ago

Past Five


Think your career stops promptly when you leave the office at 5:00? If so, you're missing something. This site will teach you to make the most of your job and even continue developing your career after you're off the clock.

New Blog
by Tom Gimbel about 4 years ago
Ordinary vs. Extraordinary
by Tom Gimbel about 4 years ago

Lean HR


Lean HR talks about HR philosophy, operations, technology, and tools. It is written by Dwane Lay, whose background gives him a unique view of HR.

Unconventional HR


This human resources professional has more than twenty years experience in her profession, and her blog offers advice to those on both sides of the table: the employers and the employees. Read about encouraging innovation in the work place, or how bad behavior can bite back.

A scary help wanted sign
by Kimberly about 4 years ago
Why the GM congressional hearings are premature
by Kimberly over 4 years ago

Ask a Manager


Alison Green often uses humor in her blog in order to get her point across, which is something that works very well for her. She is a manager and leader and unafraid to tell it like it is, which is something else we appreciated.

how to succeed when deadlines and priorities constantly change
by Ask a Manager over 4 years ago
how to talk to an employee who frequently calls in sick before or after a weekend
by Ask a Manager over 4 years ago



This Human Resources website has provided blog posts with potential interview questions for Business Analysts. Check it out before you head to that important interview. The site has helpful tutorials on how to prepare for and have a great interview.

About.com Human Resources


Human resources is one of the most common jobs that frequent the office scene. Get a good basic look at this career and find great resources, samples, and tips from an HR expert.

Interviewing Potential Employees
about 4 years ago
The Scoop on Love Contracts
about 4 years ago

The Industry Radar


Lots of news relating to employee benefits, health insurance coverage, human resources, and more. Its motto is "Tracking the Global Business of People."

The HR Minion


A blog that is tailor made for anyone interested in pursuing a human resources career, the HR Minion is on a quest to help HR career seekers reach their goals, with as much humor as possible along the way. Posts discuss everything from travel to staying busy, and always being a little eccentric!

11 Reasons Candidates Don’t Want to Work for You
by Shauna over 4 years ago
Leaving a Bad Job Before it Starts
by Shauna over 4 years ago

Fistful of Talent


With a whole roster of experienced bloggers, all with a unique sense of humor, Fistful of Talent is a blog dedicated to human resources. Catchy post titles like If "Everyone is Responsible, is Anyone Responsible?" always raise questions and give rise to subtly funny answers regarding life in the workplace.

Employers Love Lesbians 9% More Than Heterosexual Women
by Tim Sackett over 2 years ago
Regional HR Models Suck
by Laurie Ruettimann over 2 years ago

HR Lori


Blogger Lori explores the humorous- sometimes irritating- side of human resources in the workplace. Blog posts never fail to be laugh-inducing, often with strange pictures and odd tidbits from around the American workforce.

Find Me At Laughing Squid
by Lori Dorn over 4 years ago
Traits of Horrible Bosses
by Lori Dorn over 4 years ago

Guerilla HR


A blog that takes a fresh, funny perspective on life in the Human Resource profession, and blogger Patrick Williams never seems to run out of new material to rant about. Post titles like "How'd you like a kick in the butt?" are perfectly representative of the overall tone of the blog.

Negotiation Law Blog


Victoria Pynchon writes a blog sharing her expertise in mediation law. Some of the topics she addresses are effective allocation of human resources, and how women operate in the negotiating practice and business world.

Our Close the Gap App Arrives in Time for Equal Pay Day
by Victoria Pynchon over 4 years ago
Good Night and Good Luck
by Victoria Pynchon over 4 years ago

Foster Thomas


This HR solutions firm offers a blog with in-depth management information. Many posts focus on risk management from a human resources perspective.

Ms. Career Girl


We chose Ms. Career Girl authored by Nicole Crimaldi because it is from career person's point of view. This is a very useful blog because unlike a typical HR blog, this one deals with working through HR once hired or during the hiring process. We think you will enjoy this one as much as we did!

How to Maintain an Inviting Store That Attracts More Customers
by Sarah Landrum over 2 years ago
Are You Lonely?
by Maria Bashi over 2 years ago

HR Soot


William Gould devotes his blog HR Soot to everything human resources including management, leadership, and how HR affects businesses in a positive way.