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This thoughtful blog is updated regularly from a stay-at-home mother who home-schools her children, one who is diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. Learn about the decisions, difficulties and rewards of home-school education.

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This online community offers news, product reviews and advice for homeschooling parents. Additionally, homeschooling parents can join the forums to ask questions and offer advice from a large community of people looking to learn and teach.

Presidents Unit Study
by Sherri Linsenbach about 2 years ago
Heart-Health Activities + Valentines
by Sherri Linsenbach about 2 years ago



Un-schooled is a blog devoted to answering questions about the emancipatory qualities of homeschooling. As a successfully home-schooled graduate student, the blogger is an advocate for alternative ways of educating kids today.

The Path Less Taken


While homeschooling is not immediately associated with 'free school', it is still a viable part of a large move toward more democratic education, take a look at The Path Less Taken to see why.

8 Awesome Things About Tegan
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19 Awesome Things About Spencer
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Totally Temberton is a blog about frugal living and homeschooling. I spread the word about bargains, coupons, freebies, giveaways, sales, and more. Many of my blog posts are directly related to deals on educational resources. I also numerous publish reviews, mainly for The Old Schoolhouse magazine and Propeller (Christian media). I co-host the Block Party Hop (Wednesdays). I frequently participate in giveaway events.

Please Ignore – This Is A Test
by Cara Riggles about 2 years ago
Crossing My Fingers! Did It Work?
by Cara Riggles about 2 years ago

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Spigot Blog is a cross-promotional blog for Spigot Science. Here we showcase, all things science, math and school orientated. We also offer giveaways, sneak peeks of the current Spigot Issue as well as fun and interesting facts. Teachers, homeschoolers and students will find Spigot Blog and Magazine a winning team.

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Child of the King! Blessed with a wonderful Husband! Mommy of 3 brilliant and beautiful little ladies, Jada's 5, Jasmine's 4 and Jordan is now 18 months :o) God has given me a heart to home school my girls while putting HIM first in everything we do! This blog is a place to share all that God has planned for us. I hope you will follow this blessed journey with us!

Common Homeschooling Mistakes You Might Be Making
by Forest Rose about 2 years ago
FLASH FREEBIE: The Empowered Woman: Restoring Women to their True Identity
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This thoughtful blog is updated regularly from a stay-at-home mother who home-schools her children.On this blog I discuss homeschooling,parenting,free samples,fun things to do with children,coupons,and crafts.

Essence of Lavender Lotion Review
by Safiyyah Abdurrahman about 2 years ago
Sound Intone I65 Foldable Headphones-Bios Review
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Homeschooling family of 5. I blog about travel, homeschooling, gardening and being a mom. I do book and product reviews. I also share frugal deals that I like. Simply just my life being shared with other homeschoolers.

Raising {& Teaching} Little Saints


Teacher to 150 goes home educator and loving it! Family life, teaching, and faith all in one blog!

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Life, liberty, and the pursuit of education from a homeschooling mom of four. Topics include homeschooling & unschooling, mindful parenting, comics (home-drawn), spirituality & faith, holistic health, real traditional food, family adventures ... yeah, that about covers it.

Why Unschoolers Unschool
by Carma over 4 years ago

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Exploring More offers educational ideas, art projects, book recommendations and more for afterschooling and homeschooling parents.

Nutrition for Healthy Kids


Nutrition curriculum for homeschoolers - Printable lessons and activities you can do with your kids to teach them about nutrition and how to live a healthier life.

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Looking for creative math ideas? What about good books? A homeschooling mother I post math games, activities, book reviews, and whatever else catches my fancy.

International Schooling believes in quality education.


International Schooling believes in quality education for one and all. When we discussed the concept and foundation structure of International Schooling with some of the Malaysian educators, we received a very encouraging ‘thumbs up’. They were of the view that although the concept shall hold its stead globally, it is all the more relevant for Malaysian youth. A large chunk of Malaysian students are keen to look for higher-education options overseas. However, due to the paucity of right information and knowledge at the right time, some of them do not make the cut. This in turn has a wider impact on the total ‘Educational Quotient’ of Malaysia. What the students require is an option that helps them acquire knowledge, skills and acceptance. With the higher education space becoming a more global scenario, and universities and colleges from all over the world looking at Malaysian shores for students, it is imperative that International Schooling concept be implemented in Malaysia soon. In Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu, International Schooling conducted 2 dedicated Focussed Group Discussions with a sample set of 100 and 80 parents respectively. These parents were from different academic backgrounds and work-profiles. During the discussion, we were keen to figure out 3 important issues: 1) What factors would make a Malaysian parent prefer a global education over an indigenous one? 2) What are the drawbacks of educating your child at home vs sending her/him to a regular school? 3) What components should be imbibed in education system to keep the parents updated with their ward’s performance? The insights that we gained from the exercise helped us to understand Malaysian education system better. It also provided us a thorough understanding of the various factors that the Malaysian parents consider important, before choosing the schooling options for their wards. The exercise was far from over yet. In another similar endeavour at the same two venues, we were involved in a 2 day workshop with students this time. It helped us to figure out the synergies and gaps between the aspirations and requirements of students and the aspirations of their parents regarding their wards’ careers. A large number of students wanted greater freedom in learning and assessment. On the contrary, the parents desired greater monitoring of the child’s performance and a more regulated approach to their studies. A mother of twin daughters who were studying in Grade IX remarked “I am extremely comfortable with giving my daughters more space and freedom of learning, as long as I am sure that the education system makes them learn better on its own.”

Natural Parent Guide


Inspiration and encouragement for natural living and learning. Natural parenting, alternative education including homeschooling tips, educational kids activities with plenty of art and nature. Green living and clean eating, gluten free recipes. Tips for moms to live simpler and healthier while enjoying their family more.