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Inside Tiny Houses, small apartments - Are you ready?


Hi out there to everyone. To sum it up I'll be selling my house during 2016 and downsizing into one of those famous Tiny Houses. So just out of curiosity, I started looking for smart and small scale furniture that I myself would like to consider for this new adventure of tiny house living, but found many options spread around and not just one or two websites that would have everything I was looking for. So I dove right into this colliding world of fancy living in a large home vs practical and functional big living in a tiny home. Like I originally said once, ""whoever came up with this idea of tiny houses is brilliant"". And found out the original founder to be Mr. Jay Shafer and read on many articles on the mushroom growth of such small houses in America. Turns out to be that even during the Katrina Hurricane disaster in 2005, Marianne Cusato developed 308 sq. ft. cottage constructions for the homeless victims and the tiny house or small house movements bloomed. There are many ideas out there for space saving floor area. Sofas with storage underneath, corner desks, floating desks, drop leaf folding tables, storage trunks, murphy beds, bed that slide out or up and down from the ceiling any many many more. These all are great for small apartments, small rooms, small dens, small sun rooms, studios and even dens. Many innovating and creative ideas come to life everyday from different sources and all because of the need for them. Very well said by Plato "necessity is the mother of invention. The mind steps out of the box we've created and goes beyond the usual things we're used to and wualá - there comes a new great space saving idea. I'm sure you've seen many good ideas received from tiny house newsletters, some you had never thought of and some you would have done a different way. Lately, I just saw a bed that slides out underneath the kitchen floor of a tiny house. They constructed the kitchen floor just a step or two up and the queen size bed pulls out! How great is that? There are sites that sell plans, workshops, existing real estate for sale or even rentals So Tiny Houses are here to stay for a long time and a definite solution for not paying mortgage for 30 or 40 years. I want one! On the other hand, I believe Tiny Houses are for just a for single people or a couple. Can't picture a family of 3 or more living inside a tiny home. Must be difficult to adapt for a large family. So, Tiny Houses are for our own single living or in-laws on our land, even as an investment for rental income and many more options. I recently read an article "Dear People Who Live in Tiny Houses - Medium" by Lauren Modery where she wrote this article on Tiny Houses, but depending on how much square feet you build it, I believe them to be very comfortable and happy go lucky living. I picture myself living in it, but being able to take off whenever I want to travel and having a carefree experience because of no mortgage, low utilities and less property tax blessing. My husband and I are really looking forward to it. We've already seen 320 - 588 sq. ft. homes just to have an idea, and even 320 sq. ft is quite enough to make it comfortable and the transition from big to small very easy. We also want the bedroom on the same floor and we'd use the loft (if there is one) for extra storage or maybe even one of those fold out beds for a guest. But it all comes down to planning ahead, doing some "window shopping" if I may and see what's out there. We even visited a pre-fab small building made into a tiny house. To our surprise, some even include all appliances and HVAC systems. All you need to do is pay for the home, taxes and transportation. To give you an idea, we saw one for $35K. And last, I invite you to see what I'm building slowly but surely, for all of us out there that need small but smart furnishings for our Tiny House. It is my pleasure to invite you to www. tightspacefurniture.com.

Inside Tiny Houses - Step by Step to Planning Your Interior


Have you entertained the thought of how many details go into preparing the inside of a tiny house? Here you will be able to have a much better planning strategy for your small house living. Check out all the items for your planning and don't miss out on important things to keep in mind for your dream home.



Have you entertained the thought of how many details go into preparing the inside of a tiny house? Here you will be able to have a much better planning strategy for your small house living. Check out all the items for your planning and don't miss out on important things to keep in mind for your dream home. Planning is a small word that entails big thinking and brainstorming. Follow me as we develop together our thoughts that will unfold in each of these articles to make our small house living the best because we planned it to fit our style. For starters, take a look at many of the details that cannot be forgotten as this project unfolds. Below is a list of the very first items to keep in mind and that will assist in planning ahead. In the meantime, printing this list is a tool that will assist while working. If you have experience with using an excel program, you'll be able to make a couple of columns; one to have your description and the second one to have your cost estimate for each item. Another easy and quick way is to prepare it by using a regular paper pad. So go ahead and prepare to plan with this first part of organizing your ideas and putting them into effect. <b>Identify Your Needs</b> <ul> <li>Have you chosen a land, a town, a state for your small house?</li> <li>Make a sketch of your "would like to have" floor plan or visit pre-fab buildings to picture yourself living inside</li> <li>Start looking into approximate prices of appliances online to prepare a reality budget</li> a) Refrigerator b) Stove with or without oven c) Microwave d) Toilet (compost, dry water, traditional) e) Shower station or tub g) Kitchen and bathroom sink h) Power source, electric, gas or solar i) Lighting - interior and exterior <li>Look into prices for furniture needed, make believe you are already living there</li> a) Love seat, sofa or futon with storage drawers underneath b) End Table with storage c) Ottoman with storage e) Murphy bed, credenza with bed, custom bed that slide under lifted kitchen floor g) Floating desk, corner desk, drop leaf table, fold away table h) Coffee table with storage h) Storage trunks i) Folding chairs j) Storage baskets or bins <li>After you have determined the size of your tiny house, look for prices on materials needed to build if you have decided to do so</li> a) Trailer b) Windows c) Lumber, Roofing d) Plumbing e) Electrical outlets f) A/C g) Heating h) Blueprints i) Builders j) State Laws k) Flooding zone? <li>Whether you are building or buying into an existing tiny house, what is your budget limit?</li> a) Funds to be used from your payroll income? b) Retirement funds? c) Savings? d) Inheritance? e) Real Estate sale? We've got a lot on our hands to work with and trust this guideline has triggered enough interest to start working on your small house living. Next article will cover many items regarding access to the land or lot you have in mind. I have the perfect small scale furniture with storage in mind also, so come and visit us at <a href="http://www.tightspacefurniture.com/">http://www.tightspacefurniture.com</a> and don't forget to leave your comments, suggestions and feedback at our blog section. Love to hear from you! Amalie Lopez (Amy)