Soul Travelers 3


National Geographic Traveler has called Soul Travelers 3 "One of the best family travel blogs in cyberspace" and we agree. This family of three share their travels from around the world with great enthusiasm. Beautiful photographs from all their adventures around the world.

Vote for Mozart! - Earth Day Rising Star Singing Contest
by Soul Travelers3 over 4 years ago
Bora Bora Dream Vacation on a Low Budget
by Soul Travelers3 over 4 years ago

One Year On Earth


One Year On Earth is a story of a couple of newlyweds, Shana and Derk Hughey, and their year of travel around the world. Here they share their thoughts and adventures on learning about the different cultures and people they have met. The itinerary of places visited is extensive and the photo journals are beautiful!

The World By Sea


This blog is about friends traveling the world by sea on their boat. Along the way they are doing good deeds and humanitarian acts. You can follow their journey as it is documented by video podcast.

Notes From The Road


This is a travel photography blog. These are some of the most beautiful photographs taken around the world that we have ever seen. Erik Gauger is the writer and photographer of this site . He writes with a very honest personal touch about the many places has visited.

Ultralight Backpacking Checklist
over 2 years ago
Palermo, Sicily Taxi Sketch
over 2 years ago

Tales From Kulafumbi


Tanya Trevor Saunders is the author of this beautiful site. She spent the first 30 years of her life in Africa. She shares her travel journal of how she ended up back in Africa again and her love of this beautiful country. The photographs are absolutely beautiful and you will want to visit this amazing country.

Globe Stompers


Jared, author of this blog, is a Canadian/American and former NYC fashion sales executive who has decided life is too short and dropped everything to travel the world. He shares his experiences of his excellent journeys to far away places.

The resurrection of Globe Stompers
by Jared over 4 years ago

Rolf Potts Vagabondinghttp


Rolf Potts is a veteran travel columnist . He has contributed to many international magazines such as National Geographic Traveler and The New Yorker. He offers his travel advice and is well respected in the international world of travel.

Travel is an implicit search for difference
by Rolf Potts over 4 years ago
Preparing to hike the Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu
by Christy Parry over 4 years ago

Old World Wandering


Old World Wandering is about a two part journey documented by the owners of this blog,Ian and Claire. The first leg of the trip was from London to Shanghai and the second was from Shanghai to Cape Town. They share their advice and tips for traveling in this part of the world.

Karie and Scott


This blog is about a husband and wife,Karie and Scott, who sold their house and moved to Barcelona to start new. They share their experiences and adventures living in Barcelona and traveling throughout Europe on this site.

Uncovered Market


Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott describe themselves as professional travelers. They left secure jobs to do what they love. Here they share there experiences from around the world, taking photographs and telling stories of all the wonderful, interesting people they have met along the way.

The Power of Two-Way Storytelling
by Audrey Scott over 2 years ago
St. Maarten Experiential Travel Guide: Connecting With & On The Island
by Audrey Scott over 2 years ago

Travel Betty


Travel Betty is a blog written by a woman about women traveling where ever their heart takes them. Travel Betty is a free spirited woman and you feel the enthusiasm she has for traveling. She shares her stories from roughing it to being pampered form the 23 countries she has visited.



Sherry, the traveler of this blog, has gone from briefcase to backpack to travel the world. She loves to travel to destinations that are off-the-beaten-path with amazing photographs of these journeys .

How to Photograph Holi
by Sherry over 4 years ago
How to Find Local Food Experiences on Vacation
by Sherry over 4 years ago

Trail of Ants


The author of this blog gives tips and advice, which have kept him and his travel blog up during his time on the road. This site highlights his journeys throughout our world.

Overland Tales


Mike is the author of this blog and writes of his next journey, a wintry travel expedition through Europe and across Russia. This follows his first trip in 2005 around the world.

Reflections in the Nile


This blog is all about Egypt. Su, the writer of this blog, writes all about the history of Egypt and its archaeology . She is an avid photographer and she displays her pictures here for you to view.

Olga, The Traveling Bra


The author of this site left her corporate job to travel the world. This is a very humorous and fun loving journal of the travels of this author and her bra.

Everything Everywhere


Gary Arndt sold his company in 1998 and has been traveling ever since. He writes of his journeys and adventures along the way on his blog. He currently is in currently in Valencia, Comunidad Valenciana.

The Kempinski Dead Sea Resort in Jordan
by Amy almost 4 years ago
Hand Woven Baskets for Sale in Banjul, The Gambia
by Amy almost 4 years ago

Hedge Hogs Without Borders


Hedge Hogs Without Borders is about an 18 month journey around the world by a couple who eventually get engaged. They have great tips for budgeting for an around-the-world trip.

Nerd's Eye View


This blog is about a woman who is passionate about traveling. Here you can read her journal of the many fascinating places she and her husband have visited along with some incredible photographs. She has been published in many food and travel magazines.

Portrait of the Artist as an (Older) Woman
by Pam Mandel over 2 years ago
Photo Walks with Harley the Dog
by Pam Mandel over 2 years ago

Chris Around The World


Ms. Faust is the editor of this travel blog. Her passions are food, travel, pop culture and social media. She is well known for her writing on these subjects and is the former travel editor at USA TODAY. She shares her amazing journeys with you on this great site.

Wanderlust And Lipstick


The mission of Wanderlust and Lipstick is to elevate your passion for travel by providing inspiration, tips and words of wisdom from experienced travelers who’ve seen it all! Here you can find travel stories and resources for a great adventure around the world.

ExOfficio Wanderlux Crossfront Long Sleeve Shirt Review
by Beth Whitman over 2 years ago
Eek! I’m headed to Japan!
by Beth Whitman over 2 years ago

Tranquilo and Joshua Berman Travel Writer


Joshua Berman is a travel writer based in Boulder, Colorado and author of The Tranquilo Traveler. He specializes in Central America travel, especially Nicaragua and Belize. He writes about his travels in this part of world on his blog.

National Volunteer Month continues: Summer volunteer programs for teens in Latin America
by Joshua over 4 years ago
MOON Guide to Volunteering in Latin America FREE in April for National Volunteer Month
by Joshua over 4 years ago

Yobo Sayo


Yobo Sayo is a Korean that means hello. This site is full of fantastic pictures taken around the world. This is a travel blog written by Christine & Mike, a 30-something couple who put their lives on hold for a year to see the world.

Legal Nomads


Follow this corporate lawyer who quit her job to start a journey of a lifetime. She started traveling around the world in 2008 and hasn't stopped except for a brief visit to the states to visit with family. She shares her incredible stories here on her site.

Candlemas and Tamales: An Introduction to Oaxaca
by Jodi Ettenberg over 2 years ago
How to Eat Street Food Without Getting Sick
by Jodi Ettenberg over 2 years ago

Sandier Pastures


This travel blog is all about desert living in Dubai. You will find resources to purchase bohemian treasures that are really unique and beautiful.

Salero Tapas and Bodega
by Grace over 2 years ago
by Grace over 2 years ago