Beauty is Within


Beauty Is Within blog is about what radiates from the inside only enhances what you see on the outside. With that, this site offers beauty tips, fashion advice, and everything in between to make you feel pretty inside and out!

Glamour Beauty Blog


This is the beauty blog of Glamour magazine. Find beauty tips and advice that also features celebrities.

Beauty School Blog


Many spa technicians earned their degree from a well-reputed beauty school. This site puts you in touch with the latest on the intersection of day spas and beauticians.

Salon and Spa Source


From nail care to homemade moisture cream for your gams, this blog can help you integrate the feel of a spa into your own home. This is a blog to read often.

Vogue: Beauty


Vogue has been featuring more and more spas in its Beauty section. You know that the spas you'll find here basically define luxury and opulence.

Beauty and the Blog


Sephora sponsors this blog that concentrates on the gloriousness of form that can arise from a nice day at the spa. Pick up tons of beauty advice here, as well.

Spa Beauty Schools


Learn about how spa pros learn about their trade and wellness here. It also boasts features on relevant topics from pop culture.

Body Waxing – What you Need to Know


Body waxing in Ottawa is one of the most preferred ways to remove unwanted hair. The process is simple and can last up to six weeks. Who doesn’t want to not worry about shaving for six weeks?

Things to Know Before Finding a Skilled Hairstylist


A hairstylist is someone who specializes in cutting, styling and coloring hair in order to enhance or maintain a person's appearance. Hairstylists are also referred to as hairdressers.