Knitting the Blues


Knitting the Blues is a blend of daily life and, of course, knitting. The YouTube videos make for a fun break when you’ve cast on too many stitches to count.

Five For FridayOr 5er FridayOr Shameless Stealing of the Idea....
by Teresa C. over 4 years ago
Ten On TuesdayBooks
by Teresa C. over 4 years ago

Knitting Kninja


The Knitting Kninja will inspire you to create your own fabulous knitted objects. Knitters of any skill level are sure to find a pattern they love here.

Your Mom Goes to College: on getting what we want
by Kristen over 4 years ago
Review: Zealana Air Marle
by Kristen over 4 years ago

Knitted Bliss


This blog truly is knitted bliss. Knitters will find pattern modification ideas, projects, and some adorable knitted toys.

Yarn Mistrys


The free patterns alone make this blog a must read. We really like the Cockshell Camisole and Summer Tabi Anklets.

Railways of the World


The blogger writes about his love for all things "rail." He speaks from his own opinion and offers great insight along with photos, videos, and links to other railway sites.

Manx Electric Railway
by David over 4 years ago



With a slant towards photography, Dogcaught is a train blog that is both educational and beautiful to look at. While the articles are short and to the point, the pictures are worth the price of admission alone.

Clean Locomotives?
by Steve Eshom over 3 years ago
Updates to the Blog
by Steve Eshom over 3 years ago

Market Street Railway


Market Street Railway is a non-profit and historic preservation partner of the San Francisco Municipal Railway. Information, history, and news is provided on San Francisco's historic cable cars and streetcars.

“Super Bust 50”
by Rick Laubscher over 2 years ago
Muni Heritage Weekend September 24-25
by Rick Laubscher over 2 years ago

The "Buzz" Coin Blog with Dave Harper


David Harper keeps a focused eye on the business end of coin collecting. He keeps tabs on the price of metals, U.S. Mint releases, and other areas of interest in the mainstream numismatist community.

Extra day, extra blog
by Dave Harper over 2 years ago
Will “Hot Lips” error discoveries boost Roosevelt dime collecting?
by Dave Harper over 2 years ago

Coin Collectors Blog


Coin Collectors Blog explores news from the U.S. Mint, history, current events, and other points of interest for coin collectors. The margins also contain trackers for the prices of precious metals.

It escaped from Canada!
by scott over 2 years ago
Is the $100 bill the next to go?
by scott over 2 years ago

J&T LLC Blog


With articles from several contributors spanning a broad range of topics, J&T LLC's blog offers an authoritative voice concerning the coin collecting market. J&T covers coins minted domestically and abroad.

Mint News Blog


Focusing on the United States Mint and its products, Mint News Blog provides an ample resource for collectors focusing on American coins. Mint News Blog offers plenty of hard data on circulation and output.

2016 Betty Ford First Spouse Gold Coin Images
by Mint News Blog over 2 years ago
2016 Shawnee 5 oz. Silver Uncirculated Coin (Updated)
by Mint News Blog over 2 years ago

The Stamp Collecting Round-Up


We personally feel that this is the best blog to follow regularly about stamp collection, particularly for people who are just beginning to demonstrate their affection for the hobby. The posts on this blog run through news affecting the entire community. It features writing specific to the stamp scene in America, but does not at all ignore the international stamp collecting body. Blogger Don Schilling, a retired U.S. Colonel, sets an excellent example of how stamp collection is great for a society.

​Royal Mail Issues Alice in Wonderland Stamps
by Don Schilling over 3 years ago
The "Go-To" Guy to Sell Stamp Collections On-line
by Don Schilling over 3 years ago

Gulfmann Birds Stamps


This blog represents a popular trend in stamp collecting blogs -- specialty pages that cater to one type or family of stamps in particular. You've already likely guessed the primary focus of this blog, but don't let the obviousness of this blog's title dissuade you from giving a thorough look-over to the page. Bird stamps of a feather tend to be grouped together because of their beauty, not necessarily because of the creatures.

SAINT VINCENTS ~ Carribean Ducks
by gulfmann over 2 years ago
by gulfmann over 2 years ago

1898 Revenues


Century in and century out, the stamp has pretty much remained a fixture of the American postal scene ever since the idea to mail a letter in this country came about. This blog celebrates the classic history of the stamp in one period of our nation's story of progress, the Spanish American War. History buffs and philatelists alike can join in praise of this blog that straddles both stamp appreciation and serious consideration of American war history.

Industrial Cancelsl: Union Stove Works
by John Langlois over 3 years ago
Industrial Cancels: Union Foundry and Machine Company
by John Langlois over 3 years ago

My Chic 'n Scratch


If you don't find some inspiration on this blog then you aren't looking! From photos to videos, this blog has so much to offer, your biggest problem may be finding just one project to start.

Thank You Cards and Box
by Angie over 2 years ago
Free Ribbon with Purchase
by Angie over 2 years ago

Hemidemisemiquaver Design Blog


Becky's blog includes a variety of stamping and craft projects. Each one is clearly and beautifully photographed.

Philately of Today


The head blogger of this page has been collecting stamps since the age of six. His decades-long experience in the hobby shines through with true wisdom here.

Stamp Collecting Blog


An apparently everyday, Everyman stamp collector writes with a unique and exciting polish on this stamp blog. A ton of connections to stamp love and real life are made.

Review of Edwin Delsing’s ‘Qualität von Briefmarken’
by Keijo over 2 years ago
SCB’s Free Digital Perforation Gauge is here
by Keijo over 2 years ago

The British Postal Museum Blog


The United Kingdom can claim an interesting and longstanding relationship with its stamps over the centuries. This blog seeks to commemorate the best stamps of its past.

Our blog has moved!
by postalheritage over 2 years ago
Pop it in the Post – Your world at the end of the street
by postalheritage over 2 years ago

The French Factrice


As "factrice" means postmistress in France, you can expect a rather stylish approach to stamp collecting from this site. The images and overall feel here are stunning.

John's Stamps Blog


Blogger John Finch is a true expert when it comes to the art and knowhow of great stamp collecting. Those in the hobby can turn here for exceptional advice.

Blog Timbre de ma Philatelie


The interesting title of this blog, featuring covers and FDCs from worldwide, is one of French, meaning "a stamped blog about my Philately"; Don't let the French keep you away -- every post is translated. Enjoy your stamps !

"Historical vehicles" and "Olympics in Torino" stamps on new Czech cover
by Eric Contesse over 2 years ago
Waterbird species in Indonesia
by Eric Contesse over 2 years ago