Naturally Knocked Up


The writer at Naturally Knocked Up imparts her knowledge of healthy living to promote conception on her detailed blog. She provides natural remedies, cleansing tips, and inspiration for those who are struggling with getting pregnant.

The decision of trying to conceive during chronic illness
by Jessica over 4 years ago
One simple way to raise your BBT (basal body temperature)
by Natasha over 4 years ago

Writing to Wellness


This blog tells the tale of a woman's journey with dealing with a tremendous weight gain (upwards of 327 pounds). She has come to realization that she can't live her life this way anymore and is trying to discover the root of her issues and lose the weight. She shares her ups and down, as well as dieting highs and lows with us through her courageous blog.

Natural Counselor Blog


Creator Irina Wardas is a health counselor, and she created this blog with an aim to help those who would like to treat their bodies, skin, and lives better. There are entries about recipes for detox, weight loss, or healthy heart. And all recipes are easy and simple.

Holistic Health Counselors and Coaches and What They Do
by Irina over 4 years ago

Healthy Women


This blog is associated with Healthy Women, an online resource guide. The entries are well updated with guest bloggers and health-related articles. One entry is about how your phone can keep you healthy. What? Yes, there are apps for smartphones that do everything from counting calories to monitoring workout programs.

Be Prepared


We are breaking the silence on the "taboo" topic of periods! We help women and parents with all things menstrual, including menarche (first periods), PMS tips and even with organic and traditional feminine hygiene products.

Preparing for Puberty with Autism
by The Be Prepared Period Team about 4 years ago
“So I Hear You’re a Woman Now!”
by The Be Prepared Period Team about 4 years ago

Will Run For Food


Will Run For Food is about having a healthy, happy, whole life. Not just physically, but mentally. You can run every morning, and have the body of your dreams, but if you’re not happy then what is it worth? Will Run For Food aims to show you how to live the life that you love and be healthy doing it.

Find YOUR Fit


Find YOUR Fit brings nutrition, fitness, and women's health education with the real woman in mind. Inspiring, rather than intimidating, Find YOUR Fit focuses on practical and science-based information, while encouraging healthy body image.

Pro-thinspiration Journey and Review


This is my successful weight-loss journey and official review of the Pro-Thinspiration product.

We Are The Real Deal


We Are The Real Deal is a body image and wellness blog for women and girls. Latest facts, research and data about mental health, eating disorders, yoga, mindfulness, therapeutic healing power of the arts and healthy ways to manage stress.

Our Recent Interview with Olympic Hopeful David Plummer
by mamaV about 4 years ago
How Long Does It Take to Form a Habit?
by Karen R. Koenig about 4 years ago

Pregnancy Forum


A place to talk about trying to conceive, pregnancy and becoming a parent. With free registration and quick and easy sign-up, it's a great place to talk about everything to do with trying to conceive, with pregnancy, and so much more!

My heart breaks
by Joys Of Life over 4 years ago
Winner Annoucement Luscious Metals Giveaway
by Joys Of Life over 4 years ago

Heavy Girl to Healthy Girl


I tipped the scale at 238 pounds on a 5'3" frame and wore a size 22, but I became DETERMINED to go from Heavy to Healthy. It Can Be Done!! I'm Living Proof!!

My Cervical Cancer Journey VS. My Obesity Journey
by Patti Murillo-Casa over 2 years ago
2015 in Review
by Patti Murillo-Casa over 2 years ago

Project:Me, Only Better!


Being a mom made me prioritize every one and everything , except myself. This blog would be all about discovering a better version of me! Healthy doses of health, fitness, food, and positivity and self-improvement included.



A fitness and nutrition blog by a real mom that helps motivate women to living a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise.

Chronic Resilience


A blog all about finding power in the powerlesness of illness. Post cover sanity-saving strategies for coping with the pressures of challenging health.

Book Review: How to Manage Depression Without Drugs
by Danea over 4 years ago
Living Chronic Resilience
by Danea over 4 years ago