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Amira Elgan is a Board Certified Holistic Health Counselor and Healthy Lifestyle expert who offers nutrition and wellness information in addition to wholesome recipes and cooking tips. Loads of great pics and resources.

33 Barefoot Lane


Based on an organic farm in Minnesota, Cheryl is everything to everyone: wife, mom, grandma, and entrepreneur. She does it all, -- cooking, crafts, farming, and gardening -- while making sure she keeps her family happy, healthy, green, and organic.

Cascadian farm Organic


This site offers down to earth organic articles with plenty of suggestions for living healthy. Be sure to check out the blog pieces under parenting.

Kiwi log


An online magazine dedicated to organic living and healthy living. Written and edited by a parent, this blog pays special attention to raising organic children.

Ask the Doctor: Vitamins for Babies
by Lawrence D. Rosen about 4 years ago
Green Tip of the Day #25
by KIWI MAGAZINE about 4 years ago

Organic & Thrifty


This math teacher/nutritional practitioner, now homemaker/mom, main goal with her blog is to encourage natural and healthy eating habits for the entire family.

Morgellons Research Foundation Com Blog


Do you have a rash that will just not go away Your GP and dermatologist offer you no help You "feel" things moving under your skin - think "Morgellons" Morgellons' Disease is the Lyme Disease of 2012



Organiworks offers natural skin care products for the whole family. Our blog gives readers easy ways to choose safe, effective, and environmentally conscious products.

Run On Organic


Originally from Jupiter, Florida, I am a fitness & nutrition enthusiast and recent college graduate majoring in Sport & Fitness Management. I’m a former Rutgers Volleyball player and now an avid runner. The idea behind Run Organic is to spread knowledge, inspiration, and incredible products that contribute to an organic way of living. Like a machine that runs on fuel, your body needs to run on organic in order to reach optimum health.

I Need Your Vote!! (to become MPG’s Spokesmodel)
by runonorganic about 4 years ago
Activyst Apparel: Campaign to help Girls Run
by runonorganic about 4 years ago

The Positive Pear


A Health, Wellness, Fitness resource for those who are healthy and for those living with AS/Fibro/CFIDS. Providing info on: Organic, Gluten-free, Exercise, Alternative Therapies, A Positive Mental Attitude. Chronically Happy, Healthy, Fit & Fab!

Healthy Natural Beauty and Recipes


Hi! I am a 29-year-old native of Las Vegas, Nevada and my blog discusses natural health and beauty products, healthy eating, recipes, and my personal journey with weight loss.

Retiring This Blog
by Jamie T. almost 4 years ago
Quick Update
by Jamie T. almost 5 years ago

Voodie Girl


I call myself a Voodie, or a foodie that loves all things veggie. I’m convinced if I eat enough vegetables, one day I’ll look like Gisele. Or so I tell myself. Voodie Girl dishes funny inspiration on adding more fruit, veggies, healthy fats and protein into your everyday diet and a journey to the stage for the author’s first bikini and fitness model competition! PS, must love cheeky and irreverent talk.

Effortless summer weight loss (yes, it’s a thing)
by Caren almost 3 years ago
The reason you gave up on your personal goals too soon (and what to do about it).
by Caren almost 3 years ago



Move, Nourish and Be your most epic self! Read over 500 wellness articles, watch how-to videos and expert interviews, win free eco vegan goodies and sign up for online coaching programs with founder Amber Zuckswert. Pilates/Yoga, Holistic plant based nutrition, meditation, and conscious green lifestyle design.

8 Benefits of Foam Rolling
by Ruby Moon over 2 years ago
The Best Full Body Workout: The Kettlebell Swing
by Amanda Sylvest over 2 years ago

Do The Earth


Do The Earth is a blog about organics and sustainable living. Its purpose is to introduce you, whether knowledgable or curious or against eco-friendly living, to the reasons why we choose this way of life. Overall, we seek to improve the lives of others and teach you how to make a healthy, fun, and fulfilling life a reality. We will cover everything from sustainable living in the news, to product to reviews, to “why”s and “how-to”s, to easy and fun recipes using farmers markets finds, and everything in between.

Organic Deals


Organic Deals is a blog that helps you eat and live organic on a budget by posting deals, store match-ups and tips on how to save on all things organic.

Rare R.W.Knudsen Product Coupon!
by Susan (Organic Deals) over 2 years ago
Save $2 On Organic Valley Cheese!
by Susan (Organic Deals) over 2 years ago

Food For Thought


My blog is for sharing recipes and ideas for how to live healthier every day using wholesome ingredients.

Karmic Organics Blog


Natural & Organic News - Karmic Organics - Karma In A Bottle



I am a 20 something west coast foodie with a passion for Healthy Living, Organic eating & everything that is Eco-Friendly! I love sharing recipes, Eco-DIY projects, Giveaways and lots of Product Reviews.

The Oil Essentials: The "How To's" of Young Living Essential Oils


My name is Sarah Biskobing. I am a Young Living Essential Oil Independent Distributor (# 1583415). Please feel free to visit my blog (The Oil Essentials: The "How To's" of Young Living Essential Oils). My blog provides information on Young Living, uses of Young Living's essential oils, and purchase directions for Young Living products.