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"Delicious, all natural Indian food recipes" are simpler to prepare than you might believe; let this blog site prove it to you.



This site provides insights on Indian culture, travel, and health, while providing knowledge on Indian cuisine.

Adhi Potoba


"After coming to Applebees country," this excellent Indian food writer decided to get back in touch with the food that made him.

Protein Packed Idli
by noreply@blogger.com (Adhi Potoba) over 4 years ago

Best Indian Cooking


This site puts an emphasis on Indian dishes that feature a protein as the star of the plate.

What Katy Ate Next


The Random Rants & Recipes of a Hindu Wannabe Fusion Foodie

Gita's Kitchen


Gita Jaishankar is the cook and author of this wonderful cooking blog. She loves preparing Indian food and has focused on developing recipes that are geared towards those who are diabetic. The goal is to prove that healthy, primarily diabetic-friendly foods can taste great!

BROCCOLI RICE (Indian style with podi)
by Gita Jaishankar over 2 years ago
Cracked Wheat, Dates, and Fig Payasam (Kheer)
by Gita Jaishankar over 2 years ago

vysyas Delicious Recipes


This blog is designed to explore the recipes of vysyas.Recipes are posted along with its nutritive values.Quick recipes are focused for bachelors and office goers.This blog also contains varieities of Dosa's and upma's.I hope every one enjoy the blog.

The Smile Architects


Of the different things that bring smiles to our face, food is unique among them. It is not just to fill empty stomachs. It is meant to be savoured. This blog is for the recipes that don't find any space amongst the celebrated cuisines. Oh yes, they are the lonely cousins! They may be traditional,or long forgotten generations ago or the ones that may have escaped a foodie's attention. But nevertheless, they matter! They are the Smile Architects.