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We can't officially endorse any blog page as a bastion of vetted and approved understanding of herbal supplements. But Sean's blog does function as an excellent source of real and fascinating information on a variety of herbal remedies. He has crafted his blog page into a first-rate destination for those of us who are curious about the power and characteristics of herbs, but who don't know where to turn for introductory knowledge on them.

Makaira's Kava Kava Blog


Kava kava has been an herbal supplement of increasing interest thanks to its positive effects on one's sense of calm and anxiety. One of the most popular retailers of Kava kava happens to be a Hawaiian farm, of which blogger Makaira is the owner and founder. She brings a wealth of knowledge and sophistication to both her business and her blog page, which does not shy away from a discussion of the herb's potential side effects.

Cultural Uses of Pepper Plants
by Makaira almost 4 years ago
Kava Ban Repealed in Germany!
by Makaira almost 4 years ago

HerbMentor Radio


Blogger John's site takes herbalism to the airwaves with this reputable and extremely informative podcast page. Once weekly, he hosts interviews with many of the world's leading experts in the herb world. This is an exciting resource in the herb supplement blogosphere as it's one of the few we came across that featured an assemblage of gurus with authentic and vetted credentials. Anyone looking for trustworthiness in the herb community will take a happy shine to this site.

Henriette Kress: Practical Herbalism
by herbmentor about 4 years ago
Dina Falconi: Foraging & Feasting
by herbmentor about 4 years ago

Tales of a Kitchen Herbwife


England's relationship with herbs differs from American herbal relations in several ways. For one thing, Brits pronounce "herb" with a strong H, while Americans prefer to reference it silently. Gardening is also arguably trendier amid the Isles. Blogger Sarah has composed a blog page that highlights her strengths as a British herbalist with an inclusive feel that anyone can enjoy. Individuals fascinated by the potential power of herbs to heal and promote serious wellness will enjoy Sarah's posts a lot.

In search of Juliette
by Sarah Head over 2 years ago
Times of change: Grief and loss
by Sarah Head over 2 years ago

Essential Herbal Blog


Herbie people, as this blog lovingly calls its readership, are loyal to this site for its trustworthy and authentic info. You can also learn here how to grown your own herbs.

Herbie Wish List for My First Apartment
by Tina Sams over 2 years ago
Pizza Party in the Garden
by Tina Sams over 2 years ago

Medicine Woman's Roots


Herbalism is not some highfalutin academic term, but rather a lifestyle. Break down lofty understandings of herbs here, and learn how everyday people can benefit.

The Healing Arts & The Art Of Healing
by Kiva Rose about 4 years ago
Herbalist Contributors to Plant Healer Summer Issue
by Kiva Rose about 4 years ago



This blog reminds you your health is your responsibility. It also calms you to realize that the correct herbal supplement can help to lighten the load on wellness.



This blog prefers to focus on regions of the body, as opposed to particular herbs, when writing herbal recommendations. Visiting often can help you pinpoint the perfect supplements.

BlogEngine.NET 3.2 Released
over 2 years ago
BlogEngine.NET 3.2 Released
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Herbal remedies galore pop up on this page in a fun-to-read and reliable fashion. You can tailor your search of posts to your own concerns, like feminine or child health.

What makes Acai Berry Work?
by admin about 4 years ago
Safe and Natural Remedy for Low Sperm Count
by admin about 4 years ago

Holistic Herbalist


Educate yourself on the herbs that comprise the heart of Ayurvedic medicine here. The site's back catalog of posts remains incredibly informative.

Lucky Vitamin


Attached to a supplement vendor, this blog provides recommendations for the best and most effective herbal remedies. Unlike the blog's title, logic is employed much more than luck here.

Natural Nail Polish: What is 5-Free?
by Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor over 2 years ago
Supplements for Adrenal Fatigue
by Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor over 2 years ago

Herbal Supplements Edition


This blog compiles great herbal information from real experts in the community. Recent posts discuss maca and herbs for treating erectile dysfunction.

Healing Herbs


A controversial idea in the herb community is whether or not herbs themselves can directly inspire healing. Tune into the conversation with this blog's outlook.

Productive Garden


Water the seeds of great herb gardening and knowhow that lie dormant within you here. Veggies and fruit tips also surface here occasionally.

Bob Revolution Strollers
by admin over 3 years ago
Basic Dating Tips and Tricks for Guys
by admin over 3 years ago

Herbs from the Labyrinth


A community herbalist and reiki master injects some consummate calm into the herb conversation via this blog. This site is all about more authentic, spiritual living.

Sarah's Super Smoothie
by Sarah almost 3 years ago
Donna Bryant Winston Sharing the Secrets of Soapmaking
by Sarah almost 3 years ago

Sacred Vibes


The idea of an apothecary is an old-fashioned one, linked to death and demise. This blog revamps the term into meaning a well of vibrant herbal information.

Finer Points


Blogger Leslie lives her life better thanks to Asian herbal knowledge, and she helps you to exist similarly. Each post expertly intertwines herbs with good, satisfying life living.

Appreciation and Worms
by noreply@blogger.com (Leslie Coff) almost 4 years ago

the herb'n jungle


Herbs have been used to cure what ails you for centuries. Prescription meds even have an origin in herbal plants. Check here for how to use various herbs to maintain a natural state of health and energy.

My Healthy Outlet's Blog


Your well-being is our priority! The My Healthy Outlet promise is really a series of commitments to our customers: to travel the four corners of the world in search of new, unique products that will powerfully support, rejuvenate and restore the functions of the human body. Nowadays, due to bad management and abuse of the soil, food is depleted of nutrients we need for basic health needs. That’s why it is really important to consume raw organic food to balance health regimen, repair and rebuild the body by boosting the protective immune system.

Testosterone Boosting Smoothie Series – Pineapple Island
by Teddy Nseir about 3 years ago
Testosterone Boosting Smoothie Series – Green Almighty
by Teddy Nseir over 3 years ago

Triphala Powder Benefits


A complete information about triphala powder, tips and advices regarding how to use triphala.

Organic Nutrition


This blog tells in depth how pure, organic Aloe Vera gel and other health supplements nourish the body and make it healthy. I write this blog with purpose to spread the awareness about various health benefits of organically grown Aloe Vera gel and inform the readers about the best Aloe Vera gel available and how it can be used to cure different diseases.