Sir William of the Leaf


Sir Williams of the Leaf's name would have many readers believing that he hailed straight from London, England, and presided over the city's tea time. In fact, he hails from equally jolly Indiana. But his obvious gift and flair for reviewing tea types, both new and classic, is something that distinguishes him throughout the tea blogosphere. He regularly spends personal time with each variety he reviews and offers a strong critique of each brewed cup.

Tea for Me Please


Blogger Nicole, "a 26 year old New Jersey Native with a passion for tea and teaware," has brewed a very charming and addictive tea blog page. Just like her many readers, she's focused on continuing to enlarge the breadth of knowledge she carries about tea varieties. In addition, she does a nice job of including features on various teapots and other essential items needed to brew the perfect cup. She "doesn't claim to be an expert," but we'd happily be under her tea tutelage.

Yezi Tea Dragon Well Master Grade Long Jing Green Tea
by Nicole Martin over 4 years ago
The Kettle Shed Tea Company Assam
by Nicole Martin over 4 years ago

Vegetarian Organic Blog


Amira Elgan is a Board Certified Holistic Health Counselor and Healthy Lifestyle expert who offers nutrition and wellness information in addition to wholesome recipes and cooking tips. Loads of great pics and resources.

Green Tea Earth


Green Tea Earth covers everything tea: history, preparation and best sources in an easy to read and informative format. And, according the about page, the author of the blog site is only 19 years old.

Tea Chest


This site provides a broad overview of many tea products, categories and benefits. With an emphasis on Chinese and Taiwanese teas, especially on green tea and wulong, it also covers drinking and brewing utensils.

Health Aim


This blog offers information to help everyone aim for better health. From diseases and conditions to general health and healthy lifestyles, the blogger's expertise on each of these subjects is apparent.

Tomato-rich Diet Could Prevent Postmenopausal Breast Cancer
by Toi Williams over 4 years ago
Chemoprevention and Prostate Health
by Susan Smith over 4 years ago

Health Blog Tips


Author Paul started this blog to share information and knowledge about how to be healthy. The blogger hopes that the advice and tips presented here can help everyone improve his or her own health.

You Can Deal With Hair Loss Successfully
by admin over 4 years ago
A Great Guide When It Comes To Hair Loss
by admin over 4 years ago

Healthish Blog


This Healthish Blog is a compilation of contributors' posts. Topics covered include mental health, beauty health, healthy eating, recipes, and much more.

Naturally Knocked Up


The writer at Naturally Knocked Up imparts her knowledge of healthy living to promote conception on her detailed blog. She provides natural remedies, cleansing tips, and inspiration for those who are struggling with getting pregnant.

The decision of trying to conceive during chronic illness
by Jessica over 4 years ago
One simple way to raise your BBT (basal body temperature)
by Natasha over 4 years ago

33 Barefoot Lane


Based on an organic farm in Minnesota, Cheryl is everything to everyone: wife, mom, grandma, and entrepreneur. She does it all, -- cooking, crafts, farming, and gardening -- while making sure she keeps her family happy, healthy, green, and organic.

A Girl with Tea


This blog encourages you to make like the offer by following the slogan: "be different [and] drink tea." The Tea Quotes section is especially fun.

English Tea Blog


The English Tea Store's blog is well-reputed for getting Americans in touch with tea across the pond. One read will have you feeling like a Londoner.

What Your Choice of Teacup Says About You
by A.C. Cargill about 4 years ago
The Origin of the Tea Plant
by William I. Lengeman III about 4 years ago

Joie de Tea


There are many ways in life to achieve a certain sort of happiness. This blog does its utmost to advertise tea as the most consistent means to pleasure.

World of Tea


World of Tea makes for an excellent catch-all site on the latest in all things tea. It also boasts an informative section of tea reviews.

How We Used Tea in Our Wedding Ceremony
by Tony Gebely about 4 years ago
The Engineer’s Guide to Tea Preparation
by Tony Gebely about 4 years ago

A Tea Addict's Journal


A blogger gives his accounts, analyses, and feelings on various teas. He also provides compelling and different descriptions of his tastings of teas that he drinks, whether he is trying “strange” teas accquired from other countries or drinking his regular favorites at home.

Guide to buying tea in China: Part I – where to go
by MarshalN about 4 years ago
Price dislocation
by MarshalN about 4 years ago

Bigelow Tea


"Flavored with tips, recipes, and news," Bigelow Tea's blog site is a treasure trove for tea lovers. They'll find the Universitea feature particularly instructive.

The Beauty of Bigelow Tea
by Deb over 4 years ago
Bigelow Tea Gifts For Easter Giving!
by David over 4 years ago

Gongfu Girl


This site's blogger is "prone to obsessions about ceremony when it comes to types of teas and ways to serve them." You'll be just as tea-ADD after a read or two.

Confessions of a Tea Blogger (I was tagged!)
by Cinnabar over 4 years ago



This website features tea lovers and reviewers from the US and Canada as they provide their perspectives on various teas from manufacturers located around the globe.

Review: Vintage Tea Co. Dongting Biluochun Green
by Samantha about 4 years ago
Review: Eco Cha Jin Xuan Oolong
by Sophie about 4 years ago

Crazy for Tea


Tea has long been reputed as a great aid to health, digestion, and well-being. This blog helps you keep track of even more breaking news on the benefits of tea.

tea remedy for constipation
over 3 years ago
Does Chamomile Tea produce vivid and bizarre dreams?
over 3 years ago

California Tea House


A certain California cool manages to mosey its way through this tea blog. But it's no wimp -- the site boasts coverage of every possible family of tea.

Samovar Tea Life


Follow the journeys of the Samovar Tea Team as they source, sample and savor the world's finest teas and share them with tea lovers everywhere. Blog posts are informative and cover many tea-related themes.

The Path Starts Here
by Jesse Jacobs over 4 years ago
Success Ritual #4, Being Grateful For Thorns
by Jesse Jacobs over 4 years ago

Heaven of Tea


"Rooibos, Oolong, Mate, and even White and Green tea" can often have confusing definitions. Let this site clear up any misunderstandings.

Lemon Mango and Basil Berry Matcha Smoothies
almost 3 years ago
Banana Avocado Matcha Smoothie
over 3 years ago