One Green Generation


Melinda and her husband strive to live life to the fullest -- healthfully, organically, and in an uncomplicated manner -- and are kind enough to invite all of us along.

Tech Inclusion Conference – A Call For Speakers On Solutions To Tech Diversity and Inclusion
by Melinda Epler over 3 years ago

My Super Charged Life


"Living life to the fullest," is blogger Jeff Nickles' motto. A corporate IT director in his "other" life, he scours books and the web to find topics of interest to write about and share. When it comes to personal growth, Jeff says "comfort is not an option" -- meaning we must stretch ourselves and avoid the excuses that lead to complacency. In his opinion comfort is the indistinct force that keeps us stuck in one place. There are some obligatory ads here but we think the content makes it worth it.

Naturally Healthy Parenting


Natural parenting, green living, eco-friendly reviews and giveaways.

Craving Fresh


Emma is a New Zealand wife and mother on a journey to eat more nourishing food - preferably real, tasty, natural, locally grown, organic, sustainably-produced and nutrient-dense. Like others feeding families on a single income, Emma has to look for affordable options where she can. Her small organic vegetable patch helps bring fresh ingredients into her diet, and she's keen to share her favourite recipes and inspirations for living well on her blog.

Two-week zero waste update
by noreply@blogger.com (Emma) over 2 years ago
Bulk Food Savings Mt Eden - Zero Waste food options
by noreply@blogger.com (Emma) over 2 years ago

Goin' Crunchy


We are two sisters raising our families and trying to detox our lives and homes. We want to share our journey from chemicals to "crunchy thru household cleaner recipes, home remedies, useful tips, recipes and more.

YumYum GoodGood


A blog about ideas for healthy and green living, including being a vegetarian family, green fashion and other green products.

O'Boy! Organic


At O’Boy! Organic, it is our goal to change a parents perception of the foods they feed their children through education, interaction, and know how in a manner that is fun and exciting for all. Feeding your children healthy, tasty, fresh, organic meals will help shape their tastes and nutritional values for life!

Living Natural Today


Living Natural Today shares helpful information about nutrition, healthy living, chemical sensitivities, and minimizing toxins in an effort to live a more natural lifestyle.

Go Natural Giveaways


Looking to go green but can't afford it? We're here to help! Go Natural! Giveaways is the only directory on the web providing you exclusively with organic, all natural, vegan, gluten free, eco friendly giveaways. Win some amazing prizes to green your life!

Mommy Deserves Giveaway from 7AM Enfant – $900 Grand Prize
by 7amenfant about 3 years ago
SCD Essential Probiotic Giveaway
by Clear Sunshine over 3 years ago