The Wicked Noodle


Kristy, the owner and author of this blog, has a great sense of humor. We love the picture of the chicken holding the sign on the home page! There are so many recipes to choose from, which is fantastic. Great food blog!

Homemade Andouille Sausage Recipe #WhatsHotNow
by Kristy Bernardo over 2 years ago
Artisan Pickles #WhatsHotNow
by Kristy Bernardo over 2 years ago

101 Cookbooks


The owner of this great blog Heidi Swanson is an accomplished photographer and cookbook author. The photographs are amazing on this site. Her love of cooking led to an expansive book collection. She has had publications of her work in many major magazines. The main focus of her recipes are natural ingredients and whole foods. Great blog!

Bay Leaf Pound Cake
over 4 years ago
Shredded Egg Salad
over 4 years ago

Kitchen Unplugged


Gattina Cheung is the author of Kitchen Unplugged. She lives in Barcelona now but when she lived in the states she was inspired by a cooking show "Baking with Julia" and started baking without the use of electric appliances. She makes all her pastries and breads by hand. She love organic food and is eco-friendly. The photos of her baked goods are beautiful.

Blue Kitchen


Blue Kitchen is all about the food. Talking about it, thinking about, breathing it. The recipes are simplified but you still feel like you are eating gourmet. From the beginning cook to the more experienced cook, Terry B. hopes to inspire you all with the recipes on this site. Enjoy!

Taking miso beyond soup: chunky, fork tender Miso Braised Pork Shoulder
by Terry B over 2 years ago
In a NOLA state of mind: Spicy Shrimp with Tomatoes and Cheddar Grits
by Terry B over 2 years ago

Becks and Posh


Sam is English and Fred is French. They reside in the state of California, and together they've made one awesome food blog. They are passionate about eating regional and seasonal produce and infuse their posts with a healthy dose of humour. Sam has embraced California with food tales and recipes that ooze inspiration from the Sunshine State.

Broke Ass Gourmet


Broke Ass Gourmet is for those who want a high-end lifestyle and premier food for cheap! The blog features recipes that are always under $20, with great advice on inexpensive but delicious beers, wines, and cocktails. This site is very well organized with prep time and cook time given. It has delicious recipes that get your attention as soon as you open the homepage. Gabi Moskowit, the author of this blog, does a great job!

Cauliflower Crust Pizza
by Gabi Moskowitz over 2 years ago
Cast Iron Chicken and Sweet Potatoes
by Gabi Moskowitz over 2 years ago

Coconut and Lime


If you would like to experience international foods from around the world in your home, this is the blog for you. Rachel, the author, gives step-by-step directions for recipes that will make even a novice cook feel like a top chef.

Beet & Chèvre Dip
by Rachel Rappaport almost 4 years ago
Double Chocolate Chestnut Bundt Cake
by Rachel Rappaport almost 4 years ago

Food Gal


Carolyn Jung is an award-winning food and wine writer based in Silicon Valley, California. Her love of good and wine food is evident in her writings. If you will be in California for a visit this is the place to get your reviews for some fantastic restaurants and entertainment. The photographs on a recent post on her blog,Cupertino’s Alexander’s Steakhouse Opens A San Francisco Outpost, has beautiful photographs!

Hankering for Hawaii Part III: Marvelous Maui Dining at Migrant and Ka’ana Kitchen
by foodgal about 4 years ago
Hankering for Hawaii Part II: A Taste of Rum
by foodgal over 4 years ago

Last Night's Dinner


Jennifer Hess is the cook and author of this visually fantastic blog. Her belief is that cooking is not a science – it’s a craft and this is why there are no recipes on her site. She feels there is no right or wrong way to make a particular dish. Even if you don't cook, the pictures on this site are absolutely breathtaking and yes, it's all pictures of food!

a good place to start
by Jennifer Hess over 4 years ago
a bowl of goodness
by Jennifer Hess over 4 years ago

Indian Life


"Delicious, all natural Indian food recipes" are simpler to prepare than you might believe; let this blog site prove it to you.



This site provides insights on Indian culture, travel, and health, while providing knowledge on Indian cuisine.

Adhi Potoba


"After coming to Applebees country," this excellent Indian food writer decided to get back in touch with the food that made him.

Protein Packed Idli
by noreply@blogger.com (Adhi Potoba) over 4 years ago

Best Indian Cooking


This site puts an emphasis on Indian dishes that feature a protein as the star of the plate.

Carrots n Cake


Blogger Tina admits that she loves food and loves eating. But she also enjoys maintaining a nutrition-balanced life. She believes that weight loss doesn’t mean that the body has to be deprived of food. Eating with moderation, together with exercises, can let you enjoy whatever food you want. Carrots ‘N’ Cake offers useful tips and advice for eating healthy.

16.1 Random Tidbits From The Weekend
by Tina over 2 years ago
What I’m Loving Lately 59
by Tina over 2 years ago

Menu in a Box


This blog site is all about healthy family meals in quick and easy ways like slow cooking and freezable meals plus every kind of "free" recipe thought of such as; casein free, egg free, gluten free, nut free and sugar free.

Mala's Kitchen


This vegetarian food blogger loves to create and try out her recipes such as her “Vegetable Dosa” then share them with friends and family.

Khara Boondi
by noreply@blogger.com (Vanamala Hebbar) over 3 years ago
Snacks & Condiments
by noreply@blogger.com (Vanamala Hebbar) over 3 years ago

Kitchen Wrench


This blogger upkeep's this site basically for documenting her Korean family’s recipes and her own creative cooking such as “Fluffy Ricotta Pancakes.”

Melbourne Night Noodle Market 2013 – sponsored by Citibank
by Ellie over 4 years ago

Mom On The Run


Never thinking she would ever love being in the kitchen this blogger runs rings around it with recreated recipes from inspirational food magazines.

Cabbage Taco Bake
by almost 4 years ago
DIY Iced Coffee
by almost 4 years ago

Cooking with Amy


Healthy eating has never been more fun! This blog that focuses on organic cooking, organic vegetables and delicious recipes. It's the perfect place to find great food ideas for the entire family.

Mediterranean Cookbook Reviews
by Amy Sherman over 3 years ago
Rick Bayless on Mexican Beer
by Amy Sherman over 3 years ago

Stephen Cooks


This blogger adapted his recipe site once he was diagnosed with diabetes. His recipes prove that healthy food is not void of flavor or desirability.



Aside from from the wonderful photography, impeccable blog design, gorgeous food, we wanted to celebrate the men of the food blogging profession. Tim's blog is about food and life in general--but mostly food. Enjoy and eat up!

Spicy Cold Celery
by Tim over 2 years ago
by Tim over 2 years ago

Alexandra's Kitchen


Alexandra’s mom requested her babysitter to quit feeding doughnuts to her, which gives you an idea of just how far back her love of food goes. Since then this blogger has changed to a healthier eating style with tantalizing recipes showing us the way. She even created a salad dish in honor of Padma of Top Chef.

Sept. 3, 2015 | Back-to-School Granola Bars
by alexandra almost 3 years ago
“Magic” Peppers Salad with Pine Nuts & Capers
by alexandra almost 3 years ago

What Would Cathy Eat?


While she's not afraid to use ingredients like sugar, butter and cream, she still provides plenty of low-fat recipes in order to offer up something for everyone.

Almond hazelnut encrusted tempeh
by whatwouldcathyeat over 2 years ago
Baked falafel with berbere spice
by whatwouldcathyeat over 2 years ago