Women's Fitness with Sue O'brien


Sue O’Brien and her husband Andrew are the creators of Partnerunning, a unique and user friendly approach to exercising with a partner and developing healthy relationships. Partnerunning provides a road map not only to personal fitness but to success in all aspects of life .Sue has been in the fitness industry for more than 25 years. She is very passionate on sharing her knowledge of fitness and nutrition with all.

Zen To Fitness


Zen to Fitness is about discovering a system of living life to the fullest without compromising on our health. This blogger shows you there is a way to stay in shape and good health in the real world. It is possible to be fit, well-nourished and healthy in this chaotic world. Very calming site,Zen like.

The Aromatherapeutic Garden
by Healing Hands over 3 years ago
The Aromatic Pet
by Healing Hands over 3 years ago

Bodies By Me


Mary Ellen is Bodies By M.E. She has a desire to share her health and fitness knowledge with all and to help shape a healthy lifestyle change. People who simply want to feel better about themselves continue to give back because of the way they feel. This site will help you feel and look your best which in return makes you a very happy person.

Workin' On My Fitness


This blog focuses on being fit and eating mindfully. Yes in order to be fit you need to exercise and have a proper diet ,but the most important thing is to be happy in life. This site has many resources to help you have a balance of happy and healthy.

Started Vlogging and New Challenges!
by Susan almost 3 years ago
Final Week of #SummerOfStrength!
by Susan almost 3 years ago

Fitness & Health with Dr. Gabe Mirkin


We love this blog because it not only discussed a healthy lifestyle nutrition and fitness wise for the perspective of a doctor, but also delves into the importance of emotional and mental health as well. This blogger offers great tips and health education.

7 Cara Paling Efektif untuk Memutihkan Gigi
by Kaos Extreme over 2 years ago
7 Cara Efektif Berhenti Ngorok Saat Tidur
by Kaos Extreme over 2 years ago

Balance Personal Training Blog


Do you like chocolate cake, but feel guilty eating it? This is the blog for you. This personal trainer is all about balance and lifestyle. Instead of pushing clients to meet unrealistic expectations, this blogger works hard to promote a healthy lifestyle balance instead of extremes.

Focused, hard working and no PUKING! - Week 2 complete
by Deborah Kulmer over 3 years ago
by Deborah Kulmer over 3 years ago

Sub 15:00


Two MD/PhD students and former college runners take on last shot at a sub-15:00 5k. The catch? All the workouts they run are submitted by blog readers and recorded on video. Challenge them with your favorite 5k workout and you could be featured in their next episode.

Fitness for the Fainthearted


This site is for those who are looking for encouragement toward gentle, realistic, balanced approach to exercise, health and fitness.

World Of Diets | Fitness And Nutrition Tips


Offers fitness, nutrition, and weight loss tips and guidance for men and women of all ages.

Enjoy Your Healthy Life


Annette holds multiple degrees in the areas of exercise science, fitness, nutrition, and is a certified wellness coach, fitness instructor, and personal trainer. She brings her expertise, knowledge, and enthusiasm to the blog to motivate, inspire, and encourage all to lead a healthier, happier lifestyle! She is also a recovered anorexic, binge and emotional eater, and offers one-on-one coaching services as well. Read on, and be inspired!

Weekend Highlights + GIVEAWAY!
by annette over 2 years ago
Thursday Thoughts
by annette over 2 years ago

Better Fit


A wealth of information about health, fitness and nutrition hosted by an Advanced Personal Trainer and Nutritional Advisor. The Better Fit blog is an online community for people looking to achieve and maintain their health and fitness. It offers advice, information and support, and encourages active participation by visitors.

Veggie Fitness


Veggie Fitness is a blog that is dedicated to all things vegetarian, health and fitness related. Covering everything from cruelty-free fashions and grooming products, we like to let the world know how easy it is to live a healthy, fit, compassionate lifestyle.

Sweet Earth Santa Fe Veggie Burgers.
by Veggie Fitness over 3 years ago
Sweet Earth Santa Fe Veggie Burgers.
by Veggie Fitness over 3 years ago

Inspiration for Weight Loss


Get inspired, stay motivated, lose weight and get healthy! A blog designed to inspire and motivate you to move towards your weight loss goals and start living a healthier lifestyle.

Fitness A Way Of Life


A fitness blog to appeal to the masses who are looking to gain a new perspective on exercise and meaningful health advice applicable to your own life. Comprised of exercise videos, fit findings and personal guidance to promote healthy living and longevity.

Peanut butter and banana flapjacks
by noelle over 4 years ago
Noelle 10
by noelle over 4 years ago

Me Plus My Trainier


It’s about us. Me Plus My Trainer. Taking a peek inside our sessions together, to see what goes on from the perspective of the client (me plus) and the trainer. We also want to share the things we love, whether it’s fitness and nutrition tips, random quotes or clips or something funny or awesome we thought you would enjoy. Hopefully this blog will be all of these things and more.

Exercise Basics


Exercise Basics was created by Brandon Goulding, MScPT, B.Kin. His aim is to provide free exercise and health advice and information to his readers. WIth a background working professionally as a kinesiologist and personal trainer, along with his advanced education, you can be assured that all articles written on Exercise basics have a basis in science.

My Spirit is Willing, My Back it is Strong
by noreply@blogger.com (Brandon Goulding) over 4 years ago
Sometimes I Lift, Sometimes I Drink Whisky.
by noreply@blogger.com (Brandon Goulding) over 4 years ago

The Army May Have My Husband, But I Look Fabulous!


While my husband has been in Afghanistan, I have lost 20lbs (hopefully soon to be more) and completely changed my life! I have recently made myself a priority and taken my new found love of fitness to the next level. I am a BeachBody independent coach and am in the process of becoming certified to teach group fitness classes. I hope to be able to help you begin your journey to a happier and healthier you!

What's for dinner?
by Chelsea over 4 years ago
Workout done!
by Chelsea over 4 years ago

The Empowered Momma


A little of this and a little of that of being a woman, wife, momma and high performance trainer.