Wonders of Tea


This website gives detailed historical and geographical reviews on many teas. There are also tea articles associated with health, including topics on diabetes, breast cancer, and leukemia.



This Spanish tea blog illustrates a blogger's accounts relating to tea, as well as cups, pots, gifts, interviews, critiques, and events.

5′ con Debbie Han
by Tea over 4 years ago

Teaspoons & Petals


In addition to its “Tea Today” articles – which provide reviews of different teas - , this site has a “ Sip & Style” section in which the blogger combines her interests in tea with her passion for fashion.

the art of pairings class: tea & baked goods
by alexis about 4 years ago
turning over a new leaf
by alexis about 4 years ago

Halcyon Tea


Halcyon Tea, a tea retail shop located in San Diego, has a blog with tea stories, reflections, histories, and insights. Articles also have tea hyperlinks to reviews, recipes, and definitions of terms.

Sip Locally


The TeaLady, Glynis Chapman, has a knack for promoting products of Local Coffee + Tea, while providing compelling reviews and histories of its teas at the same time.

Tea Blog: The Power of Tea Compels You!


This site has short, but enlightening tea reviews. There is also an extensive FAQ section that is worth browsing.

SororiTEA Sisters


This tea site is provided by two bloggers who give entertaining and bubbly reviews of teas that they purchase or receive from various vendors.

Valley Green Tea from Shan Valley
by liberteas about 4 years ago
Peanut Cluster Honeybush Tisane from 52Teas
by liberteas about 4 years ago

Shade Tree Yerba Mate


Sean Makau writes articles of teas consisting of yerba mate blends.

The Teatropolitan Times


This site gives you a variety of info on tea, such as recognitions of tea anniversaries, how-to articles, reviews, and tea drinking gadgets. The articles regarding tea drinking gadgets are creative and quite a hoot.

The Mandarin's Tea


Toki gives his perspectives on teas from critical, historical, and analytical standpoints. He also has posts on teas in relation to meditation. When giving his viewpoints on tea, Toki is very detailed and methodical and throws caution to the wind to any tea lovers who want to try the teas he critiques.

The Kitchen
by toki about 4 years ago

Lainie Sips


Lainie Petersen, who also does reviews on the English Tea Blog, provides charismatic and dainty critiques on teas from many manufacturers. Like her articles on the aforementioned website, Mrs./Miss Petersen also provides reviews in detail, giving more info such as steeping recommendations and preparation methods.

Black Needle Pagoda Tea Review – Wild Tea Qi
by admin over 3 years ago
Numi Organic Honeybush Review
by Lainie Petersen about 4 years ago

The Sip Tip


Adam Michael Yusko provides critiques on various teas, accessories, and books. He gives reviews of mostly green teas, as well as Korean teas, which makes this site stand out.

Go With Passion
by Adam Yusko almost 3 years ago
Musing On Tea
by Adam Yusko over 3 years ago

It's All About The Leaf


This is another site giving a straight-forward format of articles from many reviewers giving their take on exotic teas from various tea vendors. Each author has his/her own distinct and descriptive perspectives of the teas being critiqued.

Health Blog


This blog brings us up to date on all current health news ranging from many different topics. This blog doesn't only discuss and report upon nutrition, but also brings up topics on skincare, mental, and emotional health as well. This blogger believes that it is important for everything to be in line in order for you to live an overall healthy lifestyle

Healthy Green Kitchen


Healthy Green Kitchen is a wellness blog dedicated to holistic nutrition and natural health. It teaches people that a healthy diet can make all the difference in the world.

Tara’s Fig and Ginger Cluster Granola
by Winnie almost 3 years ago
Life and Garden Update + A Giant Summer Salad
by Winnie almost 3 years ago

Makaira's Kava Kava Blog


Kava kava has been an herbal supplement of increasing interest thanks to its positive effects on one's sense of calm and anxiety. One of the most popular retailers of Kava kava happens to be a Hawaiian farm, of which blogger Makaira is the owner and founder. She brings a wealth of knowledge and sophistication to both her business and her blog page, which does not shy away from a discussion of the herb's potential side effects.

Cultural Uses of Pepper Plants
by Makaira almost 4 years ago
Kava Ban Repealed in Germany!
by Makaira almost 4 years ago

HerbMentor Radio


Blogger John's site takes herbalism to the airwaves with this reputable and extremely informative podcast page. Once weekly, he hosts interviews with many of the world's leading experts in the herb world. This is an exciting resource in the herb supplement blogosphere as it's one of the few we came across that featured an assemblage of gurus with authentic and vetted credentials. Anyone looking for trustworthiness in the herb community will take a happy shine to this site.

Henriette Kress: Practical Herbalism
by herbmentor about 4 years ago
Dina Falconi: Foraging & Feasting
by herbmentor about 4 years ago

Tales of a Kitchen Herbwife


England's relationship with herbs differs from American herbal relations in several ways. For one thing, Brits pronounce "herb" with a strong H, while Americans prefer to reference it silently. Gardening is also arguably trendier amid the Isles. Blogger Sarah has composed a blog page that highlights her strengths as a British herbalist with an inclusive feel that anyone can enjoy. Individuals fascinated by the potential power of herbs to heal and promote serious wellness will enjoy Sarah's posts a lot.

In search of Juliette
by Sarah Head over 2 years ago
Times of change: Grief and loss
by Sarah Head over 2 years ago

The Happiness in Health


This blog is happily written by a girl named Jessie who is a registered dietician. She is currently on a journey through life balancing her love for a healthy lifestyle-and good food! She is sharing all of her trial and tribulations as well as some really great dietetic advice along the way!

Homegrown Butternut Squash and Sage Pasta {Recipe Redux}
by Jessie over 3 years ago
5 Things I’ve Learned This Autumn
by Jessie over 3 years ago

Writing to Wellness


This blog tells the tale of a woman's journey with dealing with a tremendous weight gain (upwards of 327 pounds). She has come to realization that she can't live her life this way anymore and is trying to discover the root of her issues and lose the weight. She shares her ups and down, as well as dieting highs and lows with us through her courageous blog.

My Super Charged Life


"Living life to the fullest," is blogger Jeff Nickles' motto. A corporate IT director in his "other" life, he scours books and the web to find topics of interest to write about and share. When it comes to personal growth, Jeff says "comfort is not an option" -- meaning we must stretch ourselves and avoid the excuses that lead to complacency. In his opinion comfort is the indistinct force that keeps us stuck in one place. There are some obligatory ads here but we think the content makes it worth it.

Fitness & Health with Dr. Gabe Mirkin


We love this blog because it not only discussed a healthy lifestyle nutrition and fitness wise for the perspective of a doctor, but also delves into the importance of emotional and mental health as well. This blogger offers great tips and health education.

7 Cara Paling Efektif untuk Memutihkan Gigi
by Kaos Extreme over 2 years ago
7 Cara Efektif Berhenti Ngorok Saat Tidur
by Kaos Extreme over 2 years ago

Dr. Weil


This blog embodies a great deal of information for anything and everything that you could possibly think of dealing with health. Not only is it education from a doctor's standpoint, but it is very informative on using our nutrition as a preventative method in keeping us well and fighting off any sickness or disease.