This is the health and wellness blog of the New York Times. Columnist Tara Parker-Pope addresses and reviews topics presented from medical research and experts in the field to help readers live a healthier life.

Turning Your Pet Into a Therapy Dog
by By Jane E. Brody over 2 years ago
Ask Well: Why Daily Weight Lifting Can Be Dangerous
by By Gretchen Reynolds over 2 years ago

Blog of Herbs and Health


We can't officially endorse any blog page as a bastion of vetted and approved understanding of herbal supplements. But Sean's blog does function as an excellent source of real and fascinating information on a variety of herbal remedies. He has crafted his blog page into a first-rate destination for those of us who are curious about the power and characteristics of herbs, but who don't know where to turn for introductory knowledge on them.

Consumer Reports Health Blog


This blog posts information on health to help consumers make informed decisions. Up-to-date medical news, drug safety updates and tips on staying healthy are all part of the blog.

3 supplements you should never take
by Sue Byrne about 4 years ago
Can Flips headphones double as a party-inducing speaker system?
by James K. Willcox about 4 years ago

Natural Holistic Health


This blog offers information to help keep people healthy safely and holistically. Find information from signs and symptoms of health conditions to natural ingredients that can help with one's health.

How to Make an Almond Oil Wrinkle Cream
by Dee Braun about 4 years ago
Free Natural Health Ebook: Natural Help for Dry, Cracked Hands
by Dee Braun about 4 years ago

Commonwealth Conversations


This is the blog for public health news in the state of Massachusetts. Many of the health topics covered are general enough to relate to others looking to stay healthy.

Senior Health Blog


Blogger Nancy Gowler post information on health and believes "it's never too late to be healthy." Learn from her posts on how to be happy and healthy with life.

Women's Fitness with Sue O'brien


Sue O’Brien and her husband Andrew are the creators of Partnerunning, a unique and user friendly approach to exercising with a partner and developing healthy relationships. Partnerunning provides a road map not only to personal fitness but to success in all aspects of life .Sue has been in the fitness industry for more than 25 years. She is very passionate on sharing her knowledge of fitness and nutrition with all.

Zen To Fitness


Zen to Fitness is about discovering a system of living life to the fullest without compromising on our health. This blogger shows you there is a way to stay in shape and good health in the real world. It is possible to be fit, well-nourished and healthy in this chaotic world. Very calming site,Zen like.

The Aromatherapeutic Garden
by Healing Hands over 3 years ago
The Aromatic Pet
by Healing Hands over 3 years ago

Whole 9


Melissa Urban and Dallas Hartwig believe their are 9 factors that need to be addressed when it comes to obtaining a healthy lifestyle. They evaluate each of them to come up with an optimal health and fitness plan to help you to be the best you be inside and out.

Ask Whole9 Canada: Inconsistent Food Reactions
by Whole9 Canada over 3 years ago
Food, Mood, and FODMAPs
by Crystal Ellefsen, Whole9 over 3 years ago

Bodies By Me


Mary Ellen is Bodies By M.E. She has a desire to share her health and fitness knowledge with all and to help shape a healthy lifestyle change. People who simply want to feel better about themselves continue to give back because of the way they feel. This site will help you feel and look your best which in return makes you a very happy person.

Workin' On My Fitness


This blog focuses on being fit and eating mindfully. Yes in order to be fit you need to exercise and have a proper diet ,but the most important thing is to be happy in life. This site has many resources to help you have a balance of happy and healthy.

Started Vlogging and New Challenges!
by Susan almost 3 years ago
Final Week of #SummerOfStrength!
by Susan almost 3 years ago

Healthy Simple Living


After the climbing the corporate ladder and finding herself unfulfilled, this blogger reviewed her life and discovered a passion for health and fitness. Her blog features tasty recipes, and advice on a balanced lifestyle.

Finally! A 100% Stainless Steel Cooling Rack That Fits
by lilla about 3 years ago
4 Simple Step for Bicycle Safety (and Other Outdoor Activities!)
by lilla about 3 years ago

Cascadian farm Organic


This site offers down to earth organic articles with plenty of suggestions for living healthy. Be sure to check out the blog pieces under parenting.

One Green Generation


Melinda and her husband strive to live life to the fullest -- healthfully, organically, and in an uncomplicated manner -- and are kind enough to invite all of us along.

Tech Inclusion Conference – A Call For Speakers On Solutions To Tech Diversity and Inclusion
by Melinda Epler about 3 years ago

Kiwi log


An online magazine dedicated to organic living and healthy living. Written and edited by a parent, this blog pays special attention to raising organic children.

Ask the Doctor: Vitamins for Babies
by Lawrence D. Rosen about 4 years ago
Green Tip of the Day #25
by KIWI MAGAZINE about 4 years ago

Organic & Thrifty


This math teacher/nutritional practitioner, now homemaker/mom, main goal with her blog is to encourage natural and healthy eating habits for the entire family.

Dada Veda


Dada Veda is a popular yogi who uses both meditation and music to promote a healthy lifestyle. Learn much about the art forms on his fun-to-read site.

Stream of Consciousness


This blog helps you get a hold of the reality of healthy living, the thought of which you once tossed away as a dream. Its secret is that the dreams lives inside of you.

Laurel on Health Food


This blog is written by a holistic health counselor who is willing to offer many great tips, advice, and recipes throughout her blog to help assist everyone in living a healthy life.

Jalapeño Cornbread
by Laurel over 3 years ago
Roasted Okra Salad
by Laurel over 3 years ago

Carrots n Cake


Blogger Tina admits that she loves food and loves eating. But she also enjoys maintaining a nutrition-balanced life. She believes that weight loss doesn’t mean that the body has to be deprived of food. Eating with moderation, together with exercises, can let you enjoy whatever food you want. Carrots ‘N’ Cake offers useful tips and advice for eating healthy.

16.1 Random Tidbits From The Weekend
by Tina over 2 years ago
What I’m Loving Lately 59
by Tina over 2 years ago

The Voice of Tea


Blog site for Tavalon tea shops. Tavalon Tea's "sommelier" and author Chris Cason writes the blog with inspiring info and answers tea questions for novices and tea aficionados alike.