Cook For Your LIFE


Cook For Your LIFE! Is a non-profit organization based out of NYC that teaches healthy cooking to people touched by cancer. We also have a wonderful FREE website full of healthy recipes sound nutritional advice, and a wonderful cancer blog.

kitchenalia Journal


Kitchenalia is a journal of foodie images, home cooked dishes, simple but tasty recipes, vintage kitchenalia, food related stories and the odd clever idea.. maybe!

My Diet Cooking


Diet recipes, weight-loss plans, tips... Everything you wanted to know to achieve a healthy life, by making easy and quick meals.

Jennifer's Kitchen


Healthier Living at Your Fingertips! You'll find everything here - from growing a garden to weight loss recipes to the best kitchen tools to going gluten free.

Roasted Carrots and Parsnips
by Jennifer's Kitchen over 2 years ago
The Great Burrito
by Jennifer's Kitchen over 2 years ago

Katie The Skinny Chef


Features include made from scratch, healthy, low calorie recipes for the whole family that focus on tasting good. Also includes tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle which allows room for indulgences.

A Healthy Food Affair


I'm a qualified Nutritionist & foodie passionate about eating and developing nourishing food that tastes amazing. Blogging about food science & nutrition with recipes, tips & articles