Care and Cost


This blog seeks to make it clear that a direct link exists between what is paid for your healthcare and what you receive. Patients will find many surprising findings here.

Getting Beyond Fee-For-Service
by Brian Klepper over 4 years ago
Predatory Health Care
by Brian Klepper over 4 years ago

Healthcare Economist


One of the least talked-about relationships is the one between medical care and the monetary experience attached to it. Enter that discussion in a serious way here.

New Icon of Medicine: The Stetho-phone?
by Jason Shafrin about 4 years ago
Type I and Type II Errors for Dummies
by Jason Shafrin about 4 years ago

Reed Tinsley


Reed helps to make up for the dearth of accounting blogs aimed at the healthcare community here. He clarifies the relationship between medicine and money-handling.

OIG Fall 2015 Semiannual Report to Congress
by rtinsley over 2 years ago
Get to know the payers with whom you have a contract
by rtinsley over 2 years ago

Healthcare Boardroom


The Healthcare Boardroom covers all areas of Healthcare Quality Assurance from organizational performance, high performance quality assurance, credentialing, privileging, risk management, hospital operations, leadership and more.

A Guide to Implementing an Effective Healthcare Solution
by Matt Gretczko over 4 years ago
The Importance of Collaboration in Your Hospital
by Matt Gretczko over 4 years ago

Sue Schick's Blog


Sue Schick is Chief Executive Officer of UnitedHealthcare, Pennsylvania. In her role, she is responsible for all aspects of managing the local market, including growth and retention of UnitedHealthcare business, establishing market and network strategies, achieving financial targets, acting as a primary interface with brokers and consultants, and maintaining solid relationships with all regulatory and legislative bodies.

Don’t believe the myths about the flu
by Sue Schick, Chief Growth Officer for UnitedHealthcare Community & State over 3 years ago
Three Questions You Should Ask Before You Select Your Health Insurance Plan
by Sue Schick, Chief Growth Officer for UnitedHealthcare Community & State over 3 years ago



Northbound Treatment Services Blog provides helpful insights into maintaining your health and creating a positive and healthy lifestyle.

Fastaff Travel Nursing Blog & Events


The Fastaff Travel Nursing Blog provides you information from many of the nation’s most prestigious healthcare facilities, including acute staffing needs. Check out our blog and see how you can be part of a team providing unparalleled patient care.

Introduction to Patient Experience Mangement


Managing patient experience is the crucial element for any healthcare provider to ensure their brand loyalty and sustainability. Read the importance of Patient Experience Management and financial implication of poor patient experience