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Every so often, a subject of debate will launch itself into the national conversation. Healthcare, an always contended theme, was ushered to the front of the zeitgeist after a countrywide push to universalize American medical care. Those looking to keep track of the latest ebbs and flows in the contention will understandably beeline to this site. There's a lot of knowledge required to form a well-informed and sharp perspective on this issue. This blog helps newbies grow well-versed quickly.

Hospice Is Becoming a Chain Business - Forbes
by Christopher M. Hughes, MD over 3 years ago
Health Insurance Startup [co-op] Collapses In Iowa : Shots - Health News : NPR
by Christopher M. Hughes, MD over 3 years ago

National Nurses United


This blog takes a pro- position in the argument for universal healthcare. No matter how you feel about this, come here for an intelligent look at the conversation.

Honor Dr. King’s fight for economic justice with tax on Wall Street
about 4 years ago
NNU Nurses Win Historic Victory at MedStar Health!
about 4 years ago

John Goodman's Health Policy


John is one of the foremost minds in health care policy today. His blog exhibits his opinion that healthcare is best when politically framed on right-of-center.

Price Controls
by Greg Scandlen about 4 years ago
Value Based Payments
by Greg Scandlen about 4 years ago

Sufficient Scruples


Keven T. Keith's blog is ethical issues facing healthcare policies and other related issues to healthcare. He blogs about many problems that face the healthcare industry and how ethical practices are violated. He shares with his readers and then comments on it various topics. We think you will enjoy this blog as much as we did. It is jammed packed with tons of information.

“We Read Your Blog Sometimes, and We Laugh a Little”
by Kevin T. Keith over 4 years ago