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Mifeprex kit tablets contain 200 mg of mifepristone each , a synthetic steroid with anti progestational effects. The tablets are light yellow in color, cylindrical and biconvex, and are intended for oral administration only.

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Mifeprex acts as anti-progesterone medication and results in nutrition deprivation of the placenta by disrupting uterine membrane. The deficiency of oxygen as well as nourishment causes death of the growing embryo.

Benefit of Zyrop in Anaemia in cancer patients.
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Amaryl is used to control blood glucose in patients.
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Blog is about the London Osteopathy and Pilates Clinic which is a well known health care center in United Kingdom. It is focused on providing best Osteopathy, Pilates, Acupuncture, Sports Massage, Gait Analylsis and much more. You'll find a peace of mind and a healthy body in the supervision of Center's Leader Dr. David Canevaro who had a whooping 13 yrs of experience in this field.



Zyban (bupropion) is an antidepressant medicine that has been found to aid in the stopping of smoking. It is used to help people stop smoking by reducing cravings and other withdrawal effects.

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MTP Kit is indicated for the medical termination of intrauterine pregnancy up to 63 days of gestation. pregnancy is dated from the first day of the last menstrual period in a presumed 28 days cycle with ovulation occurring at mid-cycle.

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Protonix is the strictly prescribed drug provides by doctors and it is prescribed by short term treatment. It is used for healing and relief from the damage which in esophagus due to acid in stomach. It is responsible to reduce amount of acid from stomach. It is not used treat the symptoms of hearturn.

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Protonix is in a group of drugs called proton pump inhibitors.Protonix is also known by name Pantoprazole. It decreases the amount of acid produced in the stomach.

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Rocaltrol reduces PTH levels and improves calcium and phosphate homeostasis by stimulating bone resorption of calcium and increasing renal tubular reabsorption of calcium.

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Calcitriol is an active form of vitamin D, binds to and activates the vitamin D receptor in kidney, parathyroid gland, intestine, and bone, stimulating intestinal calcium transport and absorption.

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Nexium tablets contain the active ingredient Esomeprazole, which is a proton pump inhibitor

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Esomeprazole acts in the stomach to decrease the production of stomach acid.

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A complete homeopathy blog by Dr.Rajesh Shah, find updated posts, tips related to various ailments and homeopathic treatment. You can also ask your questions to Dr. Shah through our question and answers section.

The Regenerative Medicine Blog


The regenerative medical blog is an international resource for current information on MSC Mesenchymal stem cells research and application. The blog focuses in primarily in multipotent stem cells that can differentiate into a variety of cell types. The stem cell blog includes links to current papers, protocols, and information about specialties inside the science of stem cells and regenerative medicine. Our goal is to help explain what stem cells are, the difference between embryonic and adult stem cells, the function of bone marrow and its transplantation. Other topics also include: Recent legislative, administrative and judicial actions concerning stem cell research and insight into recent developments in human stem cell lines that promise to eliminate the rejection of allogeneic transplanted cells from the patient’s immune system.

Bones supports body to move or maintain shape.


Our bones are most important part in body which helps to support your body to move or maintain shape. This are living tissues builds bones for lifetime, in early phase it will build new bones faster in compare to loosing old one. And after 20 your body stars losing faster than it building new bones. As we age, we become more at risk for developing osteopenia and osteoporosis which are diseases of modern western culture. Osteoporosis can result in painful fractures of the hips, wrist, or spine. A focuses diet with more calcium intake can lead toward ensuring bone strength and minimizing osteoporosis.

How to treat Heart & coronary arteries


Heart pumps blood around your body and beats around 70 times a minute. There are many misconceptions about Heart attack & cardiac arrest. So first we will understand the difference between these two a heart attack cause by blocked blood flow to the, and sudden cardiac arrest is when the heart suddenly stops beating.

Choosing a Wheelchair: What You Need To Consider


Choosing a wheelchair is much more challenging than most people might imagine. Here are factors you need to take into consideration before buying.

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We offer products for hospitals, physical therapy clinics, chiropractors, and personal use. Our goal is to be a place where you can find rehabilitation, chiropractic, exercise, and physical therapy products. Our hope is that our healthcare and fitness products will promote health and wellness.

Eczema causes and Cure


Eczema is a general term for any superficial inflammatory process involving the epidermis is primarily, marked early by redness, itching, minute papules and vesicles, weeping, oozing and crusting, and later by scaling, lichenification and often pigmentation.

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Naturo Gain believes in Ayurveda and holistic healing and it provides superior quality herbal supplements and natural beauty products to customers worldwide. The website also has an extensive blog section that is updated every day with quality health information from a dedicated team of expert professionals.

Cold pressed juice cleanse delivery


Let us purify our body each day from the unwanted harmful toxins with the cold pressed juice cleanse to rejuvenate all your organs and give your body a perfect start to the day.

Mystery Illness


One man's search for a diagnosis for his mystery illness that he has been suffering with for over 8 years.

A comprehensive guide to permanent makeup


Perfectly shaped eyebrows, lovely red lips and flattering eyeliner; permanent makeup promises you that you can work all day, dance all night, go to the gym and still wake up in the morning with your makeup still intact.

Global Menstrual Cup Market to grow at a CAGR of 4.02% during the period 2016-2020


A menstrual cup is a form of menstrual protection that forms a seal to collect menstrual fluids. Unlike a tampon, which absorbs the fluids, the menstrual cup simply collects while maintaining the natural moisture. Menstrual cups reduce the risk of TSS and hold more menstrual fluids than tampons. They can be used for approximately 10 years. Currently, there are two types of cups available in the market: A bell-shaped cup made of rubber (latex), thermoplastic elastomer or silicone; and polyethylene. Menstrual cups are segmented into two categories: disposable and reusable menstrual cups. Disposable menstrual cups, as the name indicates, can be used only once while reusable menstrual cups are available in varied sizes, shapes, materials, patterns, and absorbencies. They can be reused for many years.

Introduction to Patient Experience Mangement


Managing patient experience is the crucial element for any healthcare provider to ensure their brand loyalty and sustainability. Read the importance of Patient Experience Management and financial implication of poor patient experience

All you need to know about healthcare business in DMV area


Healthcare and home healthcare are two sides of the same coin. Home healthcare services are those who are provided to patients within their houses and for which they dont have to reach out to the hospital or healthcare facility. This write-up shall explain more about the same.