Birth Control Buzz


Always an important factor when thinking about the effectiveness of policy is evaluating a community's relationship with birth control. This blog discusses the topic better than anywhere else.

Eye on FDA


Mark Senak is a lawyer who consults with pharmaceutical and biologic companies that are engaged in the process of bringing new drugs to market.is He covers the workings of the FDA on his blog.

Weekly Roundup 2.19.16
by msenak@comcast.net (Mark Senak) over 2 years ago
This is Your State – This is Your State on Drugs
by msenak@comcast.net (Mark Senak) over 2 years ago

John Goodman's Health Policy


John is one of the foremost minds in health care policy today. His blog exhibits his opinion that healthcare is best when politically framed on right-of-center.

Price Controls
by Greg Scandlen about 4 years ago
Value Based Payments
by Greg Scandlen about 4 years ago

Art in Healthcare


Linda McLeish works with several hospitals as well as healthcare communities all over Scotland by helping to improve the patient’s spirits by placing and hanging original pieces of art within these facilities. She frequently blogs about how artwork can help sick children and adults, and she hold events that are open to the public that raises awareness and money.

Developing a social prescribing service at Art in Healthcare based on an Occupational Therapy model Part 2
by Art in Healthcare over 2 years ago
Developing a social prescribing service at Art in Healthcare based on an Occupational Therapy model
by Art in Healthcare over 2 years ago

The Art of Patient Care


The author of the blog makes a lot of sense in his writings (which are many!) concerning the decline in patient care with the rise of technology.

Improve Patient Care


This blog features many writers all with one purpose in mind, to improve patient care on all levels. There are many entries on patient rights, which many people are unaware of.



This blog offers a wide range of health tips for seniors. Learn more about the facts of cardiovascular disease, as well as natural remedies to help with MS.

Reed Tinsley


Reed helps to make up for the dearth of accounting blogs aimed at the healthcare community here. He clarifies the relationship between medicine and money-handling.

OIG Fall 2015 Semiannual Report to Congress
by rtinsley over 2 years ago
Get to know the payers with whom you have a contract
by rtinsley over 2 years ago

The Pharmaceutical Industry and Healthcare Reform


This blog takes a good look at the Healthcare Reform Impact on life science and the pharmaceutical industries. Posts include headlines such as "Top 5 HC Reform Action Steps for Pharmaceuticals" and updates on our Nation's healthcare system.



This site calls itself the "home of pharma industry debate". Those from various venues of healthcare can come here and rally in an effort to support one another in a constructive way and make improvements. Users can read articles, learn about upcoming events, join in on conversation in the forums, or search a directory of companies.

Verisk Health Blog


Looking for risk management information from a healthcare perspective? Then check out this blog from Verisk Health. It covers a variety of topics, including healthcare finance reform.

Health and Nursing Issues Australia


This blog is a clearing house for health, nursing and elderly care issues in Australia. You will find help for those studying to become Healthcare Professionals. The list of recent posts touch of various health issues.

Sufficient Scruples


Keven T. Keith's blog is ethical issues facing healthcare policies and other related issues to healthcare. He blogs about many problems that face the healthcare industry and how ethical practices are violated. He shares with his readers and then comments on it various topics. We think you will enjoy this blog as much as we did. It is jammed packed with tons of information.

“We Read Your Blog Sometimes, and We Laugh a Little”
by Kevin T. Keith over 4 years ago

Dr. Thompson's Blog


Dr. Thompson is a physician on a mission to help both the medical professional and patient navigate through the many ethical problems being faced in the healthcare industry today.

Republican Lies about the Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare)
by Charlotte Thompson over 4 years ago
Poisonings in Children
by Charlotte Thompson over 4 years ago

Healthcare Informatics


The blog focuses on everything healthcare and information technology. Combining the two has made for massive improvement in the healthcare industry.

uhealth blog


If you enjoy reading about Wireless Sensor Networks as well as Body Sensor Networks and how they impact patients and the healthcare workers and industry, you will love this blog!

Healthcare Boardroom


The Healthcare Boardroom covers all areas of Healthcare Quality Assurance from organizational performance, high performance quality assurance, credentialing, privileging, risk management, hospital operations, leadership and more.

A Guide to Implementing an Effective Healthcare Solution
by Matt Gretczko over 4 years ago
The Importance of Collaboration in Your Hospital
by Matt Gretczko over 4 years ago

Sue Schick's Blog


Sue Schick is Chief Executive Officer of UnitedHealthcare, Pennsylvania. In her role, she is responsible for all aspects of managing the local market, including growth and retention of UnitedHealthcare business, establishing market and network strategies, achieving financial targets, acting as a primary interface with brokers and consultants, and maintaining solid relationships with all regulatory and legislative bodies.

Don’t believe the myths about the flu
by Sue Schick, Chief Growth Officer for UnitedHealthcare Community & State over 3 years ago
Three Questions You Should Ask Before You Select Your Health Insurance Plan
by Sue Schick, Chief Growth Officer for UnitedHealthcare Community & State over 3 years ago

AudibleRx, Medication Information You Listen To


AudibleRx is written by a Doctor of Pharmacy who practices in a "Real Community Pharmacy". We discuss current Pharmacy Topics that are regularly talked about at the pharmacy counter. Our goal is to educate and motivate patients to participate in their own pharmaceutical care while encouraging the development of the relationship between the patient and their Community Pharmacist.

Barriers to Counseling
by Steve Leuck, Pharm.D., Owner/President, AudibleRx.com over 2 years ago
Heart Failure Management Made Simple
by Steve Leuck, Pharm.D., Owner/President, AudibleRx.com over 2 years ago