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The writers of this site are specifically courting individuals who greet the health care community in this country with skepticism and mistrust. The blog looks to invite such people to look on the site and empower themselves and their relationship with health technology via well-written and precise posts. A fleet of respected publications have commended the site for its quality of dense and concentrated news. Read one post here, and you're ready to converse on days' worth of med tech headlines.

Will Private Exchanges Move Us Closer to Socialized Medicine?
by John Irvine almost 3 years ago
Antibiotics for Appendicitis: Penny wise but pound foolish
by suchandan roy almost 3 years ago



"Younger women with chronic health issues" finally have a place to vent about their frustration with their health, and receive calm from others struggling with illnesses.

Our Own System


Blogger Drew is unafraid to label himself a naif. Naysayers believe that his incredibly optomistic viewpoint on the potential for American health care is childish and ignorant to great concerns. Yet still does Drew's faith in vastly improved services for our well-being live on. It's that undaunted positivity that distinguishes this site, along with one of the most stunning and forward-thinking blog designs around anywhere. Anyone who believes that healthcare can -- or should -- be made better will love this.

Dr. Bicuspid


Here's a helpful site that's dedicated to professionals in the field of dentistry. It features not only the latest breaking dentistry news and product reviews, but a classified section, career listings, and many helpful links.

$4M granted to study oral health of postmenopausal women
about 4 years ago
Delta Dental of Virginia Foundation seeks grant applications
about 4 years ago

American Dental Association


Here is America's advocate for oral care. Here you can locate a dentist, discover breaking dental news and research, learn about featured events, or browse professional or public resources.

Mothers in Medicine


A mother knows best about her child's health, but technology can always come along to help her intuition. This blog chronicles the place of mothers in healthcare.

MiM Mail: Timing is everything
by noreply@blogger.com (KC) about 4 years ago
Guests of the month
by noreply@blogger.com (KC) about 4 years ago

The Patient Experience - Hemophilia Blog


The Patient's Voice is a service of Healthcare Landscape, a company which conducts many health surveys for research and informational purposes. They have established this site as a set of forums for those who are dealing with serious health conditions. Join for free to connect with others facing similar illnesses, or even participate in anonymous surveys and research.

Dr. Malpani


As he resides and practices in India, most American won't be able to take advantage of Dr. Malpani's patient care expertise. That's a shame. This medical professional elevates bedside manner and respect for the patient into sheer art forms on his compelling and comprehensive blog. And readers would expect the blog to focus primarily on the Indian healthcare scene, Dr. Malpani is globally minded, regularly posting important thoughts on the American medical community, among others.

How health insurers can earn trust
by noreply@blogger.com (Aniruddha Malpani) about 4 years ago
Can free medicines really help to improve medical care ?
by noreply@blogger.com (Aniruddha Malpani) about 4 years ago

Dr Score


When you are paying for your health care, you want to make sure that you are totally satisfied with the services you are receiving. Your visit with the doctor can be even better.

Pissed Consumer


Pissed Consumer offers a platform for angry and concerned customers to let their voice be heard. Complaints are listed here for a variety of services, including the healthcare sector. Submit a complaint or stay informed get the latest reviews of hospitals, clinics, medical centers, and doctors.

Breaking the Budget with Rental Cars
by jgrinchenko over 4 years ago
No Help for the Needy?
by jgrinchenko over 4 years ago



Search for a doctor, hospital, urgent care center, pharmacy, clinic, mental health provider, or dentist here. Look for the stars. One star means that the doctor/facility has met national quality care standards. Two stars means the doctor/facility is also recognized for providing cost-efficient care

Healthcare Reviews


Our world's healthcare system can be improved with sites like this. Search ratings or evaluate your own healthcare provider so that others can benefit, too.

Suggest a Doctor


Since there are so many sites severely critiquing the healthcare industry, it is nice to see one that specializes in highlighting its excellence. View a list of the most recommended doctors or do your part to honor a doctor that deserves it.

The Health Care Reform Debate Blog


Every so often, a subject of debate will launch itself into the national conversation. Healthcare, an always contended theme, was ushered to the front of the zeitgeist after a countrywide push to universalize American medical care. Those looking to keep track of the latest ebbs and flows in the contention will understandably beeline to this site. There's a lot of knowledge required to form a well-informed and sharp perspective on this issue. This blog helps newbies grow well-versed quickly.

Hospice Is Becoming a Chain Business - Forbes
by Christopher M. Hughes, MD over 3 years ago
Health Insurance Startup [co-op] Collapses In Iowa : Shots - Health News : NPR
by Christopher M. Hughes, MD over 3 years ago

Care and Cost


This blog seeks to make it clear that a direct link exists between what is paid for your healthcare and what you receive. Patients will find many surprising findings here.

Getting Beyond Fee-For-Service
by Brian Klepper over 4 years ago
Predatory Health Care
by Brian Klepper over 4 years ago

Healthcare Economist


One of the least talked-about relationships is the one between medical care and the monetary experience attached to it. Enter that discussion in a serious way here.

New Icon of Medicine: The Stetho-phone?
by Jason Shafrin about 4 years ago
Type I and Type II Errors for Dummies
by Jason Shafrin about 4 years ago



This is a very well put together blog concerning hospice. It deals with the basic and advance ethical concerns of caregivers that are providing care and dignity to end of life patients.

Why We Can’t Make Assumptions about Consciousness and Dying
by Lizzy Miles over 2 years ago
Dying to Know: Situating Death Education in Schools
by Pallimed Editor over 2 years ago

Alliance for Aging Research


As science advances, more and more insights are fortunately turning up in the aging patient sphere. Locate yourself at the forefront of that information here.

jaket gaul
by Alliance for Aging Research over 4 years ago
Mens indowestern
by Alliance for Aging Research over 4 years ago

National Nurses United


This blog takes a pro- position in the argument for universal healthcare. No matter how you feel about this, come here for an intelligent look at the conversation.

Honor Dr. King’s fight for economic justice with tax on Wall Street
over 4 years ago
NNU Nurses Win Historic Victory at MedStar Health!
over 4 years ago