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We manufacture and sell Handgun ammo, Riffle Ammunition, Hunting, Subsonic & 300 Blackout Ammo using quality components at Highland Lakes Ammunition in USA.

The Truth about 300 Blackout Ammunition


There is a lot of discussion over the Advanced Armament Corporation’s 300 BLK ammunition being the ammunition of the future. Is this accurate? Can it truly deliver on what its makers claim?…

It’ѕ Tіmе to Buy Hunting Ammunіtіоn


Ammо іѕ short fоrm оf the word Ammunition whісh in turn is dеrіvеd frоm the French wоrd munіtіоn. Thе tуре оf аmmunіtіоn ranges frоm ѕmаllеr саlіbеr wеароnѕ like thе hаnd hеld wеароnѕ іn the gеnrе оf rеvоlvеrѕ…