Pro Blog Design


When you want to infuse your otherwise dull blog site with some fanciness, and some Flash, come here. The writing is simple yet manages to help you immensely.

Colour Lovers


Besides shape, space, and line, what's the other most important factor in design? If you said colour, you answered right -- reward yourself with a click here.

Meet the New COLOURlovers Overlays Pack on Pixlr!
by mollybermea almost 3 years ago
Maasai Beading: Color & Symbolism [ infographic ]
by mollybermea almost 3 years ago

The Moxie Girls


These ladies prove time and time again that expert style and polish is no longer a boys' club.



A little bit of everything about web design is on this bloggers mind. This site is well organized and easy to navigate for students to have a great learning experience.

20 Trends That Rock Web Design in 2016
by Noupe Editorial Team about 2 years ago
Mandrill to Discontinue its Free Tier Plan
by Sufyan bin Uzayr about 2 years ago

Graphic Design Blog


We think you will find this blog inspiring especially if you are studying graphic design or Autodesk. The author is a professional and the blog is very appealing visually.

A New Style of Invitation that’s anything but Wooden
by Tara: Freelance Designer over 4 years ago

Nordic Design


Get a glance at how the Swedes, Finns, and other Scandinavian folk have interacted with design in the wake of the rising of Ikea.

Attention all Apple users!
by Igor Polyakov about 4 years ago
Central Hospital, Seinäjoki
by Igor Polyakov about 4 years ago

I Love Teh Internets!


Exceptional designer and illustrator Niki Brown started as a kid "drawing cartoons, making fake newspapers, and planning my plot to take over the world."



Nick La, a "Toronto-based web designer and illustrator," knocked us out immediately with his big, bad, bold, attractive homepage.

David Airey


David Airey is a brand identity designer. He’s created visual identities for companies such as Yellow Pages (Canada), and his site discusses a wide range of topics such as identity design, branding, packaging, typography, and graphics.

Glasgow High Street mural, by Smug
by David Airey about 2 years ago
New stamps promoting LGBT equality unveiled at United Nations
by David Airey about 2 years ago

Truly Ace Blog


This blogger goes by the name ‘Truly Ace.’ Truly Ace works on graphic design and illustration projects. This blog discusses Truly Ace’s projects, successes, inspirations and also interesting design related items.

Inspiration Bit


A design blog with a focus on web design, art and photography. Content includes the author's portfolio and and several "How To" guides.

Logo Design Love


David Airey is a graphic designer from Northern Ireland with a talent for constructing brand identities through images. His excellent blog is dedicated to the exploration of logo design and visual identities.

Dresden eDition
by David Airey about 2 years ago
Little Green Pig
by David Airey about 2 years ago

Your Brain on Design


We loved this blog because it throws in a lot interesting information such as the use of color when designing graphics.

Elliot Jay Stocks


We found Elliot's blog intriguing and we think you will agree. There is a ton of information here about illustration, graphic design, various software packages, and interesting discussions.

The new studio
by Elliot Jay Stocks about 2 years ago
That was 2015
by Elliot Jay Stocks over 2 years ago

Creative Briefing


A web design blog focusing on the particulars of designing and marketing a functional web site or network, including discussions of the latest Web 2.0 technologies and trends.

I promise I’ll be back at it soon. (at Toronto, Ontario)
about 2 years ago
Level up. (at Toronto, Ontario)
about 2 years ago

Positive Space


Zinni's massive blog covers everything aspect of graphic design with an eye for creativity and originality, including logo design, web design and building a portfolio.

Web Designer Wall


Nick La discusses web trends and graphic design and offers expert tutorials on design software such as Photoshop and Illustrator.

FITC Web Unleashed 2015 Ticket Giveaway
by Nick La over 2 years ago
CSS Fix for iOS vh-unit Bug
by Nick La over 2 years ago

Spoon Graphics


Spooner uses his blog as a platform for his many design tutorials, as well as intelligent discussions about the most interesting and recherche techniques in Adobe's Photoshop and Illustrator.

How To Create a Distorted VHS Effect in Photoshop
by Chris Spooner about 2 years ago
Royal Black & White Lightroom Presets for Premium Members
by Chris Spooner about 2 years ago

Laughing Lion Design


Jennifer Farley, a design instructor and illustrator based in Ireland, has over one hundred Photoshop tutorials as well as general discussions on graphic design and digital media.

Learn Illustrator Lesson 3–Drawing Shapes
by Jennifer Farley about 2 years ago
Learn Adobe Illustrator Day 2 – The Interface – Know Your Tools!
by Jennifer Farley about 2 years ago

Creative Curio


We thought this blog was not only an excellent resource, but it takes a closer look at social media and graphics. Very insightful!