The Tao of Grad School


This blogger is getting her PhD in Human Factors Psychology. Her blog strives to demonstrate a balance between academics and life.

Fordham GSAS: Grad. Life


This blog is written for, by, and about Fordham GSAS students. We aim to provide a starting point for conversations about what it is like to be a graduate student, be it at Fordham, in New York City, across the states, or abroad.

Bronx Science Consortium Poster Symposium
by Fordham GSAS Student Blog over 4 years ago

Grad Life


Out of Montreal's McGill University, this blog is funny, helpful, and makes it easy to search through the archives. A variety of topics are available, including employment, research and travel.

3 minutes to summarize 2 years
by alexandrablair about 4 years ago
3 Minutes to Change the World – Biliingual Audience Member Edition
by guillaumeviger about 4 years ago

Kogod Graduate Insider


Eight graduate students from American University's School of Business contribute to this blog. Articles are posted fairly frequently, and topics vary from golfing, to attending grad school as a married couple.

Grad Hacker


Grad Hacker may have just finished a dissertation, but this blog is still chock full of invaluable information about pursuing and finishing a PhD program. Among other topics, there are great tips about productivity, and what to do with a PhD.

shilpa nadimpalli


This blog follows an undergraduate at Tufts as she decides where to attend grad school next year. She includes some great campus pictures, and in depth commentary on her decision making process.

Life by Heather Haynes


While studying Photojournalism at Ohio University, this photo blogger takes time to artistically document the town of Jacksonville, fixing her car, and dinosaur dioramas—just to mention a few examples. Don't worry, there are also words to go along with her fantastic pictures.

by Heather over 4 years ago

Reflections from Graduate Students


Run by two graduate students from Seattle Pacific University's School of Theology, this blog has a variety of subject matter. Some days they post book or film reviews, or interviews with visiting academics, other days they discuss more personal experiences with classes and mentors.

GSOM Student Blog


Clark University's Graduate School of Management runs a blog featuring six current students. Internships, classes, and interviews, as well as personal travel and life experiences, are prominent topics in this regularly updated blog.

Russell's Blog


Learn about life as a UC Davis grad student. This blog includes a smattering of bioengineering, technology, books reviews, and many other topics.

One Mean MFA’s Blog


Even though this blogger graduated a few months ago, the archives are a goldmine of information about earning an MFA. Besides, the very regular updates and hilarious anecdotes make this blog an instant addiction.

So Many Questions
by onemeanmfa over 4 years ago
Cobwebs Away
by onemeanmfa over 4 years ago

UNL Political Science Graduate Student Blog


Several graduate students write for this political science blog. Topics include scholarship updates, how to title academic papers, and visiting professors.

Authoritarian Regime Data
by Alex Kroeger over 4 years ago
by Alex Kroeger over 4 years ago

Live and Learn


Five students from the University of Texas write for this MPA blog. From basketball to internships, the topics of this blog are full of variety and updated regularly.

Coffee with Red
by April Stockwell about 4 years ago
“A good judge is better than an unbiased one”…?
by alexandrianewman about 4 years ago

Lost in Translation: Graduate Life


From the Biology department at the University of Pennsylvania, these seven contributors are all first year graduate students. Entries range from discussions about economist articles, to original poetry.

Flustered Grad


This blogger is currently a grad student, but in the process of applying to medical school. The writing is fun, with lots of pictures and pop culture references.

Maha Muslimah


This graduate student is studying English Literature, and teaches composition--a topic of many of her blog posts. Her blog is also full of lovely musings about religion and cultural perception.

Career and Motherhood
by Maha over 4 years ago
A Stream of Thoughts on Depression and Death
by Maha over 4 years ago

Simmons Student Blog


This blog focuses on the PhD in Educational Leadership program at Simmons. There are some funny posts about teaching young children, and general thoughts about the point of education.



This doctoral student in physics education knows that what comes up must come down. Compelling topics are posted up often, and readers can't help but digest them down.

Walking the Walk
by Aleksie over 4 years ago
Professional Societies: Get Involved Early
by Aleksie over 4 years ago

The Human Flesh Search Engine


A research blog dedicated to the Human Flesh Search Engine, a contemporary Chinese internet phenomenon in which netizens use the internet and web forums to target notorious, yet anonymous, individuals. The purpose of this blog is to keep up to date with new instances and advancements of the search engine at work, as well as collate my past and ongoing research into the subject matter.

Accidental Fame and the Chinese HFSE
by VinVin212 almost 3 years ago
Online Bullying Leads to Suicide
by VinVin212 about 4 years ago

Contagious Enthusiasm


I'm a University of Oregon senior -divorced mom with 3 children- on my way to Graduate School. Juggling life's joys and tantrums.