Graduate School


Blogger Tara tames the process of writing a dissertation by explaining its purpose and actual ability to be accomplished. Readers also pick up tips on the realities of grad school.

Should You Earn a Graduate Degree Online?
almost 4 years ago
Does Appearance Count in Grad School?
almost 4 years ago

Minority Grad Student


Many colleges are doing what they can to boost the number of women and minorities in their programs. This site helps such students find schools to fund them.

A Giant Among Molecules


A third-year graduate student brings a refreshing point of view to the chemistry blogosphere. The blog allows him to vent on how depressing it all can be sometimes.



This blog is an example of one student who keeps track of his studies in chemistry with the site's help. Fellow students would do well to emulate his note ideas here.

Ramblings of a Graduate Student


From cyclones to temperature records, climate to pressure systems, this blog has a post for dozens of weather-related topics. Blogger Patrick Marsh breaks down the science into explanations easily understood by the lay reader.

My Fisher Grad Life


This blog is out of the Ohio State University Fisher College of Business, and features a number of student contributors. The posts are categorized under different programs, such as Full Time MBA, and Working Professional MBA, just to name a few.

Looking Back On My Time At Fisher
by Lars Lundberg almost 4 years ago
Jessica Reynolds, MBA
by Jessi Reynolds almost 4 years ago

The Graduate Baruchian


Six students contribute to this grad school blog. Though independent from Baruch College, the posts are still very much about this school, with a focus on New York City, and business.

Two New Educational Events from MBAA
by gradbaruchianshamash over 4 years ago
Meet the Marketers
by gradbaruchianshamash over 4 years ago

Walton College


University of Arkansas' business program allegedly stands out for the happiness of its students. That joie de vivre is more than well-evidenced on this site.

New Grad Life


Very insightful blog about job hunting after college. This is a very useful blog since eventually you will graduate and you will need job hunting skills.

Fragment/Framework: Reflect, Perform, Teach, Compose


A blog about teaching writing and composition at the college-level. From professional writing to rhetorical and cultural analysis, this blogger reflects on teaching as a graduate student in college classrooms.

Archival Rhetorical Analysis Project Prompt
by taylo206 about 3 years ago