Soul Travelers 3


National Geographic Traveler has called Soul Travelers 3 "One of the best family travel blogs in cyberspace" and we agree. This family of three share their travels from around the world with great enthusiasm. Beautiful photographs from all their adventures around the world.

Vote for Mozart! - Earth Day Rising Star Singing Contest
by Soul Travelers3 about 4 years ago
Bora Bora Dream Vacation on a Low Budget
by Soul Travelers3 about 4 years ago

One Year On Earth


One Year On Earth is a story of a couple of newlyweds, Shana and Derk Hughey, and their year of travel around the world. Here they share their thoughts and adventures on learning about the different cultures and people they have met. The itinerary of places visited is extensive and the photo journals are beautiful!

Old World Wandering


Old World Wandering is about a two part journey documented by the owners of this blog,Ian and Claire. The first leg of the trip was from London to Shanghai and the second was from Shanghai to Cape Town. They share their advice and tips for traveling in this part of the world.

Trail of Ants


The author of this blog gives tips and advice, which have kept him and his travel blog up during his time on the road. This site highlights his journeys throughout our world.

Hedge Hogs Without Borders


Hedge Hogs Without Borders is about an 18 month journey around the world by a couple who eventually get engaged. They have great tips for budgeting for an around-the-world trip.

Nerd's Eye View


This blog is about a woman who is passionate about traveling. Here you can read her journal of the many fascinating places she and her husband have visited along with some incredible photographs. She has been published in many food and travel magazines.

Portrait of the Artist as an (Older) Woman
by Pam Mandel over 2 years ago
Photo Walks with Harley the Dog
by Pam Mandel over 2 years ago

Legal Nomads


Follow this corporate lawyer who quit her job to start a journey of a lifetime. She started traveling around the world in 2008 and hasn't stopped except for a brief visit to the states to visit with family. She shares her incredible stories here on her site.

Candlemas and Tamales: An Introduction to Oaxaca
by Jodi Ettenberg over 2 years ago
How to Eat Street Food Without Getting Sick
by Jodi Ettenberg over 2 years ago

Cool Travel Guide


This travel site is authored by Lara Dunston, a travel guide expert. She provides her insights and reflections of all things that are cool and not so cool about travel. Her travel advice will help you to plan an adventure of a lifetime.

Contemporary Nomad


Contemporary Nomad.com is an experiment in contemporary nomadic living. Tony and Thomas are the nomads who, one day in 2007, decided to change their lives in Berlin so they quit their jobs, sold off our worldly possessions, and left. They've been on the road ever since and write of their journeys here.

Rome off the Beaten Path
by Thomas over 2 years ago
Rome for Curious Foodies
by Thomas over 2 years ago

Euros Ate My Dollars


Join Brittany and Ben, co-authors and travel companions, as they document their journey that began with quitting their jobs and then traveling aimlessly around the world. These 20-something-year-olds share their 8 months of travel adventures here.

One Week Job


The author of this, Sean Aiken, graduated from college and didn't know what he wanted to do for work. So he came up with the idea that anyone, anywhere, could offer him a job for one week and any money earned for his work would be donated to the ONE / Make Poverty History campaign. You can read all about his journey here.

India Tours


Easy Tours of India - Unique small group luxury tours & luxury travel services for visitors to India. We focus on one thing – offering exceptional values on the best that India has to offer.

Backpacking with a Book


ONA BRANZUELA BERING is raised in Cebu, Philippines. She scales mountains, treks rivers, combs beaches, hops towns, and takes photographs. She always travels with her backpack, books, pens and notebook, and Pawlita—her camera. For now, she travels to write.



An online journal of my life and travels in between. An animal lover and a traveller. Loves nature, beaches and photography. A Filipina who is escaping her world through blogging...

Feeders Project: Balik Eskwela 2015
by Gladys Serafines over 2 years ago
Staycation: Azure Urban Resort Residences
by Gladys Serafines over 2 years ago



Glenn and Dixie looked forward to the second half of their lives, took the next exit and began exploring the back roads. They got out of debt, sold most of their belongings then quit their jobs! They escaped normal and are now traveling the world...

An update
by Glenn almost 3 years ago
The Legend of Johnny Vagabond
by Glenn over 3 years ago



Travels and adventures of a guy who enjoys performing headstands and crazy stunts during his trips in the Philippines and the rest of Asia. He just started his backpacking trip across Southeast Asia in order to live as a digital nomad.

Security Tips for Traveling to Jordan
by soloflightEd over 2 years ago
Petra By Night Experience in Jordan
by soloflightEd over 2 years ago

Idiot's Guide To Surviving Life


A Blog filled with the experiences of a hippie, nomadic economics student in South Africa. this is a Blog where I share all my travel and student lifestyle stories and experiences from around the world. Tips for extreme budget travel and how to cope with the bitter sweet nomadic student life.

On The Road Again


53,000 miles plus across the USA and Canada since 2007. We store our Moto Guzzi in a lock-up in Canada and ride for 8 to 12 glorious weeks each year

D.C. Expat


Malaysian expat Ming is on a quest to discover American culture, as well as the places, foods and people that make Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia unique.