Notes From The Road


This is a travel photography blog. These are some of the most beautiful photographs taken around the world that we have ever seen. Erik Gauger is the writer and photographer of this site . He writes with a very honest personal touch about the many places has visited.

Ultralight Backpacking Checklist
over 2 years ago
Palermo, Sicily Taxi Sketch
over 2 years ago

Globe Stompers


Jared, author of this blog, is a Canadian/American and former NYC fashion sales executive who has decided life is too short and dropped everything to travel the world. He shares his experiences of his excellent journeys to far away places.

The resurrection of Globe Stompers
by Jared over 4 years ago



Sherry, the traveler of this blog, has gone from briefcase to backpack to travel the world. She loves to travel to destinations that are off-the-beaten-path with amazing photographs of these journeys .

How to Photograph Holi
by Sherry over 4 years ago
How to Find Local Food Experiences on Vacation
by Sherry over 4 years ago

Everything Everywhere


Gary Arndt sold his company in 1998 and has been traveling ever since. He writes of his journeys and adventures along the way on his blog. He currently is in currently in Valencia, Comunidad Valenciana.

The Kempinski Dead Sea Resort in Jordan
by Amy almost 4 years ago
Hand Woven Baskets for Sale in Banjul, The Gambia
by Amy almost 4 years ago

Chris Around The World


Ms. Faust is the editor of this travel blog. Her passions are food, travel, pop culture and social media. She is well known for her writing on these subjects and is the former travel editor at USA TODAY. She shares her amazing journeys with you on this great site.

Yobo Sayo


Yobo Sayo is a Korean that means hello. This site is full of fantastic pictures taken around the world. This is a travel blog written by Christine & Mike, a 30-something couple who put their lives on hold for a year to see the world.

Beijing Notebook


These are observations of a freelance writer who was immersed in the Beijing way of life. The blogger hopes you enjoy the photographs taken and find the information helpful if you are to travel to Beijing someday.

Sand Dollar Adventures


Sand Dollar Adventures is a travel site that will get your adrenaline pumping. The blogger is a global adventure humor writer. If you love the sand, sun and water along with sailing and scuba diving you have come to the right site.

I got my new life motto from a ski sign.
by frankg over 2 years ago
BREAKING NEWS: A fungal disease threatens my very way of life. I need a drink.
by frankg over 2 years ago

Escape From New York


This blogger is a New York City-based journalist and photographer who has travelled the world to document and photograph people and their celebrations. She wants to show what's unique about each country.

Cote d’Azur Bound
by Wendy about 3 years ago
NYIP Travel Photography Course
by Wendy about 3 years ago



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