The World By Sea


This blog is about friends traveling the world by sea on their boat. Along the way they are doing good deeds and humanitarian acts. You can follow their journey as it is documented by video podcast.



I have started this blog as a way of documenting a journey. A voyage into a new and unknown way of life that our family of four has been envisioning for the past few years. We have left behind work, school, home, and all those things that give us some false sense of security and comfort in order to find alternative ways of experiencing the world. We are now officially in a pursuit of happiness and adventure. In September 2012, I withdrew the kids from school. In October, my husband and I left work. In November, we piled up a bunch of clothes, books, and tools on our newly acquired 1988 34-feet motor home that we called Baba Ghanoush, and left our house in Canada fleeing south in search of a boat. After five months on the road, we found our version of the “perfect boat”. One that will be our home, our vehicle, and our school for an unknown number of years. A boat that will take us just about everywhere we want to go: Fata Morgana, a 2001 Robertson&Caine Leopard 38.

Water Log


We had a rather stupid idea in September 2010 that we could buy a boat and sail round the world. Stupid because I had never sailed before and we aren't filthy rich. Somehow the crazy idea got talked about more and more, slowly becoming an actual plan. 2 years and 11,000 miles into our trip we've now had our first child so now we add the adventure of being new parents into our voyage.