Parisian Spring


This blogger, Tanya, loves all things French. You will find all you need to know about traveling France's countryside.

Beijing Notebook


These are observations of a freelance writer who was immersed in the Beijing way of life. The blogger hopes you enjoy the photographs taken and find the information helpful if you are to travel to Beijing someday.

Just Married, Chilean Style


Kyle Hepp is a newlywed who is currently living in Chile with her husband and writes about her experiences of living in a foreign country and adapting. You will learn about getting around in Chile through her posts.

Sesion de Fotos Quinta Normal
by kyle over 2 years ago
Matrimonio Iglesia Sacrementinos
by kyle over 2 years ago

Cool Travel Guide


This travel site is authored by Lara Dunston, a travel guide expert. She provides her insights and reflections of all things that are cool and not so cool about travel. Her travel advice will help you to plan an adventure of a lifetime.

Sand Dollar Adventures


Sand Dollar Adventures is a travel site that will get your adrenaline pumping. The blogger is a global adventure humor writer. If you love the sand, sun and water along with sailing and scuba diving you have come to the right site.

I got my new life motto from a ski sign.
by frankg over 2 years ago
BREAKING NEWS: A fungal disease threatens my very way of life. I need a drink.
by frankg over 2 years ago

Underneath The Mango Tree


Randall Wood is the co-author of the best-selling travel guide book Moon Nicaragua. He has traveled the world for humanitarian reasons and for pleasure. You will find a journal of these trips in his Travel Writing section of his blog.

Go Backpacking


On this travel blog you will find tips for planning budget trips, with a special focus on “around the world” travel. This is an online guide to independent travel.

Why Travel Insurance Is Vital For Backpackers
by Lisa Eldridge over 2 years ago
Top 5 Safari Budget Accommodations
by Lisa Eldridge over 2 years ago



Have you ever thought of backpacking around the world? Then this is the site for you. You will find all the resources and tips you will need to plan and budget for such a trip.

Neil Duckett


If you have ever thought you might want to live in Japan, Neil Duckett, the author of this blog has all the information and tips on how to do it. He is an Australian living in Japan and he shares his experience on how he got here and how to fit in with this beautiful culture.

A Luxury Travel Blog


If you enjoy the finer things in life, then this is the travel blog for you. You will find information on the most luxurious hotels, resorts and the finest restaurants from around the world.

Over Yonder Cay – the world’s most stunning private island for hire
by Daniel Barber about 4 years ago
5 ways to fall for Arles
by Liz Schaffer about 4 years ago

Contemporary Nomad


Contemporary Nomad.com is an experiment in contemporary nomadic living. Tony and Thomas are the nomads who, one day in 2007, decided to change their lives in Berlin so they quit their jobs, sold off our worldly possessions, and left. They've been on the road ever since and write of their journeys here.

Rome off the Beaten Path
by Thomas over 2 years ago
Rome for Curious Foodies
by Thomas over 2 years ago

Family Travel


You will find great vacation ideas for all your travel needs. This is where to find the best deals when traveling with children. From a trip to Amsterdam to an amusement park adventure, you will find all the tips and resources here for a successful family trip!

Escape From New York


This blogger is a New York City-based journalist and photographer who has travelled the world to document and photograph people and their celebrations. She wants to show what's unique about each country.

Cote d’Azur Bound
by Wendy about 3 years ago
NYIP Travel Photography Course
by Wendy about 3 years ago

Euros Ate My Dollars


Join Brittany and Ben, co-authors and travel companions, as they document their journey that began with quitting their jobs and then traveling aimlessly around the world. These 20-something-year-olds share their 8 months of travel adventures here.

Girl Solo In Arabia


Carolyn McIntyre travels to Arab nations and documents her travels as a woman in a particularly male-dominated area of the world. Ms. McIntyre will travel from the Moroccan City of Tangiers through 46 countries as she attempts to recreate an epic journey made over 700 years ago by Ibn Battuta, a famed Islamic scholar.

The Great Silk Road Part 4 - Isfahan and Istanbul
by girlsoloinarabia over 4 years ago
The Great Silk Road - Xian to Rome, Part 3
by girlsoloinarabia over 4 years ago

One Week Job


The author of this, Sean Aiken, graduated from college and didn't know what he wanted to do for work. So he came up with the idea that anyone, anywhere, could offer him a job for one week and any money earned for his work would be donated to the ONE / Make Poverty History campaign. You can read all about his journey here.

The Professinal Hobo


Nora Dunn is the Professional Hobo. She sold her company and belongings to start traveling. She has been on the road, traveling slowly through over 20 countries and five continents, and shares her stories of adventure here.

Earning Income While Traveling: My 2015 Income
by Nora over 2 years ago
Financial Case Study: Nick and Natasha, Teaching English Abroad
by Nora over 2 years ago

Write Away


Trekking in Ecuador, searching out an authentic tango in Buenos Aires or hiking the Matra Hills in Hungary. If these adventures make you want to pack your bags right now, this is the site for you. You will find information and resources from this travel writer's journal here.

The Lost Girls


Jennifer Baggett, Holly Corbett and Amanda Pressner are media professionals that left New York, their apartments and their boyfriends in to travel four continents in a year. On this blog they share their experiences on this journey.

India Tours


Easy Tours of India - Unique small group luxury tours & luxury travel services for visitors to India. We focus on one thing – offering exceptional values on the best that India has to offer.

Destination: Everywhere


Travelogues and Photographs on Dreaming the Life in the Philippines and Living the Dream in New Zealand. This blog is every fun and fearless female's Little Black Book.

Soliloquies over Jazz
by rakistangnars over 4 years ago
by rakistangnars over 4 years ago

Backpacking with a Book


ONA BRANZUELA BERING is raised in Cebu, Philippines. She scales mountains, treks rivers, combs beaches, hops towns, and takes photographs. She always travels with her backpack, books, pens and notebook, and Pawlita—her camera. For now, she travels to write.