Chubby Hubby


Everything you need to know about Asian food can be found on this blog. Aun Koh, Singapore-based author of this blog, writes about street food, restaurants and recipes, with endearing references to his partner in crime, his wife. The photographs of Singapore are absolutely beautiful.

Five quirky and cool must-dos when in Tokyo
by Joanna over 4 years ago
Matcha Greek yogurt teacakes
by Dawn over 4 years ago

Kitchen Butterfly


This blogger known as Kitchen Butterfly loves food. She enjoys talking about it, feasting on it, seeing it, photographing it, writing about it, dreaming about it, scheming it, shopping for it and reading about it. She has also posted about the fine art of making sushi.

Down Memory Lane – A Visual Walk Through The Dubai Spices Souks
by Kitchen Butterfly over 2 years ago
Discovering Acha – Fonio
by Kitchen Butterfly over 2 years ago



He is Greek, he loves food and his blog proves it. Be sure to check out the photo and recipe of his “slow-roasted Pork Belly” recipe. Makes your mouth water just looking at it and the site can be translated in to 50+ languages.

Recap of Anemos Seafood Dinner at Penelope’s
by Peter Minakis over 2 years ago
Greek Food Gazette 28/02/2016
by Peter Minakis over 2 years ago



This blogger creates recipes that are intended for a sit down with two or three guests and are effortless to make with ingredients that are reasonably priced.

becks & posh


Brought up on not-so-perfect tasting food, on a whim she devised this food information, recipe sharing blog that she delight in bringing to all who is interested in her not-necessarily chef style.

Alice Q. Foodie


Her blog not only has interesting and tempting recipes but sprinkled about are tidbits on restaurants and eateries, views and thoughts on designs, descriptions of escapades and treks and so much more.

Glastonbury Festival 2015
by Alice Q. Foodie almost 3 years ago
NYC - Spring 2015
by Alice Q. Foodie about 3 years ago

Global Small Business


This blog is a great read if you already have your business off the ground. Those just beginning their startups can learn quite a bit on this blog from what you should do and should not do.

Today in Global Small Business: Expressing How You Feel Goes Global
by Laurel Delaney over 2 years ago
by Laurel Delaney over 2 years ago

A Brown Table


Food Blog that focuses on innovative and delicious food from all over the world but at the same time keeping it fun and simple!

apple coconut and clove scented pound cake
by Nik Sharma over 2 years ago
oscar dinner party
by Nik Sharma over 2 years ago

TikkoSS's Blog


TikkoSS’s Blog will be ”Sharing my Senses, Experiences and Thoughts” on things that I bumped into everyday. That includes JokeSS, TravelSS, ChewSS, ArtSS, GadgetSS and many more to come.

Top Things to Do When At Home on A Weekend
by TikkoSS over 4 years ago
Top Things to Do When At Home on A Weekend
by TikkoSS over 4 years ago

The Sweet and Sour Chronicles


Welcome to The Sweet and Sour Chronicles! Hi! I’m Katie Chin, an Asian food expert, cookbook author, tv host and food blogger. I'm also a mom, so I know what it takes to get dinner on the table in a busy household. I specialize in everyday Asian recipes for real people on real schedules and real budgets.