Custom Frameless Glass Shower Doors


Associated Glass DC has an overall experience of 42 years which includes 22 years of window and glass services by our Alexandria Virginia Mirror, Window & Glass Company within Virginia VA, Maryland MD and Washington DC.

Frameless Shower Doors Glass


At AssociatedGlassDC, we install & design high quality frameless glass shower doors.

Glass Doors For Bathroom Shower


Shop bathroom showers with glass doors from our wide array of styles, shapes & sizes in Northern Virginia & Washington DC areas.

Frameless Sliding Glass Shower Doors


We have all type of expandable roller or a bearing based sliding door & Essence Series Frameless Shower Door Slider, Stainless Serenity Series Sliding Door System etc.

DC Storefront Glass Repair


We are fully equipped to install storefront glass doors and window for commercial purposes.

Window Glass Replacement Service


24/7 emergency home window glass repair, replacement and installation service by AssociatedGlassDC’s experts.

Frameless Sliding Glass Shower Doors


We Install custom walls, vanity mirrors, doors & windows at affordable rates in Washington DC, Fairfax, Sterling, Rockville VA & Northern Virginia Areas.

Custom Glass Shower Doors


We set 90 Degrees, Inline, Neo Angle & Steam frameless shower enclosures & doors.

Sliding Glass Shower Doors


We install bi-fold shower doors, Cottage Series Semi-Frameless Sliders, Hydro slide, Serenity Series & New Essence Headerless Sliding Doors.

Glass Shower Door Replacement Parts


We can repair or replace your existing glass shower door & windows by using the top windows brands like Pete Pullum, Hopes, Hurd, Four Seasons, Pella, Kaufman, Fenestra, Chelsea, Crestline, Certainteed, Craftline, Cradco, Avon, Anderson, Alside, Acorn etc.

Get A Frameless Sliding Glass Shower Door Installed For Beautifying Your Shower Area


People these days are willing to spend even hefty amounts just for beautifying their houses.  One part of the house which people love to decorate and maintain is the bathroom.

The Various Services A Glass Shower Door Contractor Can Provide You


With the changing times and advancements in all industries, there is an increased need to move forward as per the requirements of the changing trends. Same is true about home improvement and home decoration. 

Budget Glass Design LLC, A Trade Mark For Excellent Frameless Sliding Glass Shower Doors in DC & VA


Trends and modes of living places keep on changing with the passage of time. But, in all ages, the element of decorating the houses remained constant in all civilizations. It’s a fact that people from all over the world use new modes and designs for bathing places and the application of glass is getting fame with every passing day.

Add A Touch Of Elegance To Your Bathroom By Getting A Frameless Shower Enclosure


If you are someone who realizes the fact that a bathroom is as important as any other part of the house, then you must be aware of the kind of grace a frameless shower enclosure can bring to a bathing space.

Beautify Your Bathing Space By Getting Custom Glass Shower Doors


Regular maintenance, servicing and constant care is very important for all parts of the house including the bedroom, dining room, kitchen and most importantly-the bathroom. A bathroom is that space of a house which needs more care than any other part, given the kind of purpose it serves.

Bathtub & Shower ScreensBathtub & Shower Screens


Shower screens are the modern substitute for the shower curtains as they not only beautify the look of showers but also give us some extra options to improve its functionality. They play a vital role in keeping bathrooms tidy and clean. One major advantage of fitting these screens in your bathroom is that you do not have to get worried about replacing them quite often just like shower curtains.

Ultra Clear Low Iron Glass


The improved form of normal clear glass is known as Starphire glass and it contains very less amount of iron.  You can see a lot of green color as it is visible quite easily in the normal clear glass. Starphire glass makes a huge difference in visuals.

Hardware Options


We can give our bathrooms a shiny look by only changing its accessories. Great variety of finishes and colors in door accessories can easily matches with your bathroom scheme. The right choice of the hardware in glass installation stands out in the presentation of the piece.

Glass Treatments


American Geological survey has disclosed that 85% of American homes are supplied with hard water which contains minerals like calcium and magnesium. By the passage of time, these minerals appear on the surface of the shower glass and make it dirty.

Shower Design Tips


Solid surface material should be used on the places where glass is going to be fixed especially horizontally. We offer wide range of colors for the solid surfaces like Stone, Co-rian, Marble and Silestone.

Info for contractors


For instance, you are planning to complete a new customized home with 5 shower doors, mirrors and glass railings on urgent basis. However, your current service provider is not in the position to complete it according to your deadline of one week and you cannot extend it at any cost.

Glass Table Tops


If the glass on your coffee table has been broken, do not think of throwing the whole piece out. Modern Glass Company gives you the opportunity to replace it at very reasonable price that will last long.

Custom Walls and Vanity Mirrors


Mirrors play a vital role for the enhancement of interior design of your house. Apart from personal and decorative use, it adds the versatility and comfort to your rooms. The best thing about using the mirrors in the room is that they are easily adjustable with any decorative theme of your choice.

Dynamic Glass Rails


As glass has become an integral part of decoration, people prefer to use it as stairway railings with simple yet stylish or customized designs are replacing the traditional styles.

Property Maintenance


None of us can afford a major delay in finding an appropriate substitute for our broken glass. Whenever you need any kind of glass repair service, you have to find trustworthy and efficient company to fulfill your need effectively. Glass holds a key in our daily business, we can simply lose our reputation by delaying its repair work.