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PSA: Today is the last day to get the discounted Fallout 4 Season Pass
by Chris Carter about 2 years ago
Here's some all-new Shenmue 3 images
by Vikki Blake about 2 years ago



An alternative to most other blogs, GameSetWatch covers stories that may have fallen between the cracks at other blog sites. They also have a jobs section, interviews, and opinion pieces.

Giant Bomb


Tagged as the largest editable video game database, Giant Bomb lives up to its name. Great podcasts, reviews, game info, and videos round out a true community based endeavor. The site is run by and is made for those who love games.

ZeniMax Challenging Facebook Over Oculus Technology
by Patrick Klepek almost 4 years ago
Indonesia May Be Developing the Next Great Horror Game
by Patrick Klepek almost 4 years ago

PS3 Blog


A site for gaming news and reviews on all things PlayStation 3. They have a store, forum, and guides to games. An added bonus is that PS3 Blog donates 10% of what it makes a month to the Child's Play Charity.

PS4BlogCast Episode 195
by Clint about 2 years ago
[Review Revisited] The Last Guy
by EdEN about 2 years ago



A nice looking site, RipTen is a safe haven for gamers of all systems. It has reviews, editorials, previews, trailers, and an events page. Overall, it is a very, very solid gaming site.

Remembering World of Warcraft MC Raider and Real Life Hero
by Chad Lakkis over 3 years ago
Ripten Review: Rollers of the Realm
by Steven Bates over 3 years ago



A strange site devoted to all things games, Siliconera is a unique blog space. They have play tests, interviews, and reviews on their good looking site. It's strange yet entertaining.

Pokémon Sun And Moon Versions Are Now Up For Pre-Order
by Casey about 2 years ago
Gundam Breaker 3 Footage Shows Its Custom-Made “Horse Gundam” In Action
by Sato about 2 years ago



Massively is an off-shoot of the larger Joystiq site. It is focused on multi-player games in the online universe.

Ian Bogost


Game theory and criticism is at the forefront of this blog by Ian Bogost. This is high brow writing at its best and is a different (and maybe more interesting) take on video game blogs.

Things You Can’t Talk About in a Coca-Cola Ad
by Ian Bogost about 2 years ago
Offloading Affective Labor to Customers
by Ian Bogost over 2 years ago

The Ancient Gaming Noob


A site dedicated to MMO's, The Noob has a simple design. Hiding within the design, though, is some great information on massively multi-player online games.

Honest Game Trailers – Pokemon Diamond and Pearl
by Wilhelm Arcturus about 2 years ago
Pokemon Turns 20 Today
by Wilhelm Arcturus about 2 years ago

Kill Ten Rats


A Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG) outlet, Kill Ten Rats is a small blog with a large amount of insightful articles. It is daunting just to look at the Archives section alone.

[GW2] That Feature Pack
by Ravious about 4 years ago
[GW2] Login Warning
by Zubon about 4 years ago



From reviews to cheats, 1up is a solid site for the advanced gamer. And its inclusion of a section for hilarious game videos helps to put it over the top.



Ryan Shwayder blogs here about online game development, covering the industry and design techniques. A very interesting blog for anyone with a passion for gaming and game development. Check out the forums to engage in ongoing discussions covering gaming topics.

Low Fierce


This active designer knows his stuff and updates the blog with video podcasts. His articles are always hugely information, featuring ideas such as why it's important to talk to your animators or why double damage is not your friend.

Project Perko


This guy discusses random stuff about video games, such as games on multiple screens and the difference between Augmented Reality and Imposed Reality. Dive in and learn.

Programmable NPCs
by Craig Perko about 2 years ago
Construction Genre
by Craig Perko about 2 years ago

Crispy Gamer


Gaming culture dished out crispy. Lots of game-related articles and even fun comics to help developers lighten up at the end of the day.



Life in World of Warcraft as a Tank too scared to tank, a Healer too nervous to heal, and a DPS irresistably drawn to standing in the bad! Yes this is my life in Azeroth!

Oh SO Kawaii


In my opinion you can never have to much pink in your life. Kawaii is not a word, but a state of being. Welcome to my life. I craft, dance, shop then I write about it here in this cool little blog of mine. Come visit me, the more the merrier ^_^