Games Toaster


The difference in the gaming news and reviews on Games Toaster is that there is a Ireland slant to it all. They cover local news relevant to Ireland as well as the normal video game news and reviews.

NEWS: Xbox One Hardware Issues
by Craig Gallagher over 4 years ago
NEWS: Xtra-Vision Refuse to Honour Xbox One Pre-orders Without Purchase of Game or Accessory
by Craig Gallagher over 4 years ago

Casual Gameplay


For those gamers looking to delve into casual games on Windows and through Flash, here's the web site for you. If names such as Apartment House and Roadkill Revenge get your blood pumping, Casual Gameplay is your site.

Vintage Card
about 2 years ago
about 2 years ago

Gaming Nexus


Gaming Nexus prides itself on bringing the reader the best coverage for games on consoles, hardware, and PC. It does just that with screenshots, videos, and articles on the games that matter the most to you.

Worth Reading: 05/23/2014
by Patrick Klepek about 4 years ago
ZeniMax Files Lawsuit Against Oculus
by Patrick Klepek about 4 years ago

The Fighters Generation


Another blog devoted solely to fighting games, this one has the content of a much bigger blog, with the heart of one that caters to a specialized niche. The best part about the blog is that it has almost every fighter's character bio from every fighting game ever made.

Acid for Blood


Acid for Blood is mainly about games and hardware. The blogger gives critiques, opinion pieces, and analyses with a focus on gaming culture.

2015 Videogame Highlights
by Brinstar over 2 years ago
Project 365 Year Two: 2014 Edition
by Brinstar over 3 years ago

Nerd with Swag


A strange and intriguing blog about video games. Bizarre stories make up the rest of the bulk, many about games.



Gamezebo is a site dedicated to casual games across all platforms. There are previews, reviews, walkthroughs, and news tidbits on casual games in a simple, yet colorful site.

Play This Thing


Here's the place to discover the mainstream cool in modern games. The really neat thing about the posts here is that they often highlight games that other sites might overlook.

Indie Games


Here's a modern game development website featuring interviews by professionals in the field, along with a weekly podcast and updates. This site's pretty popular -one that every serious gamer should have on their reader.

Digital boardgaming with Talisman: The Horus Heresy
by Konstantinos Dimopoulos / Gnome about 2 years ago
Trailer Roundup for February 24, 2016
by Lena LeRay over 2 years ago

Realms of Empires


want a game that is interesting and educational.No farming,cooking,or doing meaningless tasks that get you nowhere.This is a game set in midevial times where you learn what they had to do to survive in thier own times.You dont waste lots of time for a game that lasts forever and never win.You can actually lose if you dont play yer cards right.You help your neighbors survive and they help you.This is the perfect game if you dont have lots of time to play.You do make friends but are never bothered with stupid requests.I hope you at least try it out and give it a chance.only takes minutes to play once or twice a day.Ive been playing a couple of days and already learning things about ancient living and the ways of their lives. Please try it and be entertained.Hope to see you there. once again http://www.realmofempires.com/

The Last Game On The Shelf


The Last Game On the Shelf is a growing blog with a focus on video game reviews and general topics within the industry.

Hostile Gamer


Hostile Gamer provides the latest news, reviews and opinion pieces.

Game Reviews and Resources


A UK based console game review website, offering independent game reviews and resources free of charge. We review Playstation, Xbox, Sega, Nintendo and PC Video Games.



A site for you! Download the best games and apps provided by this website.. .

Queen Jaw Popper


A lifestyle blog filled with an aspiring writer's passion. A music enthusiast turned movie junkie turned food critic and now a blogger. Occasional model, performer, and host.