Destructoid is a blog about everything gaming. There are community written blogs, reviews, videos -- So much content you may be trying to catch up before the page has even loaded completely.

PSA: Today is the last day to get the discounted Fallout 4 Season Pass
by Chris Carter about 2 years ago
Here's some all-new Shenmue 3 images
by Vikki Blake about 2 years ago



A visually cool looking blog about not just video games, but hardware and opinion pieces on the video game industry as a whole. It includes solid writing, interesting and diverse topics, reviews, and a sense of humor on many posts.

Build Or Upgrade Your PC and Home Network With Today's Amazon Gold Box
by Shep McAllister, Commerce Team on Deals, shared by Shep McAllister, Commerce Team to Kotaku about 2 years ago
Osaka Overrun for the Glory of Satan, Of Course!
by Brian Ashcraft about 2 years ago



A more serious video game blog, GamePolitics focuses on controversies within gaming, a history of the medium, and articles on politics and gaming. Hence, this is not your normal video gaming blog.

PSA: GamePolitics will be going offline for maintenance this week
by james_fudge over 2 years ago
AbleGamers launches 'AbleGamers Fellowship' program
by james_fudge over 2 years ago



An alternative to most other blogs, GameSetWatch covers stories that may have fallen between the cracks at other blog sites. They also have a jobs section, interviews, and opinion pieces.



GamrFeed is an attractive small to medium sized blog that services Nintendo, Xbox, and PlayStation. It has reviews, original reporting on video game issues, and only a few distracting ads to boot.

Sony: Sega was a 'War Buddy' During PSOne Era
by William D'Angelo over 3 years ago
Sony Teases Something Called Emagon
by William D'Angelo over 3 years ago

Giant Bomb


Tagged as the largest editable video game database, Giant Bomb lives up to its name. Great podcasts, reviews, game info, and videos round out a true community based endeavor. The site is run by and is made for those who love games.

ZeniMax Challenging Facebook Over Oculus Technology
by Patrick Klepek about 4 years ago
Indonesia May Be Developing the Next Great Horror Game
by Patrick Klepek about 4 years ago



The Gamasutra blog is more about making games then writing about them. But don't get us wrong, there's a whole lot of content -- From actual gaming news to well-written and researched features on everything gaming. They even have a Jobs section in which you can search open gaming positions throughout the world.

Deconstructing Clash Royale
about 2 years ago
Candy Labs veterans found new mobile studio, Fracture Games
about 2 years ago

Cheap Ass Gamer


The Cheap Ass Gamer blog definitely lives up to its name. It will help the struggling and penny pinching gamer looking for that new or used game to find it for a lower price. They will pinpoint potential sales, places to pick up the item, and possible bundles.

Best Buy DOTD: Borderlands: The Handsome Collection $24.99 ($19.99 GCU)
about 2 years ago
Xbox Live - 3 Month Subscription - $14.99/Sly Collection $2.49 BoxedDeal
about 2 years ago

Games Toaster


The difference in the gaming news and reviews on Games Toaster is that there is a Ireland slant to it all. They cover local news relevant to Ireland as well as the normal video game news and reviews.

NEWS: Xbox One Hardware Issues
by Craig Gallagher over 4 years ago
NEWS: Xtra-Vision Refuse to Honour Xbox One Pre-orders Without Purchase of Game or Accessory
by Craig Gallagher over 4 years ago



A blog site dedicated to video game news, humor, updates, industry news, and the like. Blogs are short but sweet and have a mix of college humor and tongue in cheek fact based writing.

PS3 Blog


A site for gaming news and reviews on all things PlayStation 3. They have a store, forum, and guides to games. An added bonus is that PS3 Blog donates 10% of what it makes a month to the Child's Play Charity.

PS4BlogCast Episode 195
by Clint about 2 years ago
[Review Revisited] The Last Guy
by EdEN about 2 years ago

Casual Gameplay


For those gamers looking to delve into casual games on Windows and through Flash, here's the web site for you. If names such as Apartment House and Roadkill Revenge get your blood pumping, Casual Gameplay is your site.

Vintage Card
about 2 years ago
about 2 years ago

Gaming Nexus


Gaming Nexus prides itself on bringing the reader the best coverage for games on consoles, hardware, and PC. It does just that with screenshots, videos, and articles on the games that matter the most to you.

Worth Reading: 05/23/2014
by Patrick Klepek about 4 years ago
ZeniMax Files Lawsuit Against Oculus
by Patrick Klepek about 4 years ago

That Video Game Blog


All the video game news one could want is available here, in a pretty package with an endless amount of content. There are some great video game trailers here as well.

REVIEW / Slender: The Arrival (PS3)
by Ken Kee over 3 years ago
REVIEW / The Sacred Tears TRUE (PC)
by Noe Ponce over 3 years ago

The Fighters Generation


Another blog devoted solely to fighting games, this one has the content of a much bigger blog, with the heart of one that caters to a specialized niche. The best part about the blog is that it has almost every fighter's character bio from every fighting game ever made.



Hideo Kojima is one of the godfathers of video games as we know them. His blog contains great videos of of game discussion, news, and highlights of the industry.

Acid for Blood


Acid for Blood is mainly about games and hardware. The blogger gives critiques, opinion pieces, and analyses with a focus on gaming culture.

2015 Videogame Highlights
by Brinstar over 2 years ago
Project 365 Year Two: 2014 Edition
by Brinstar over 3 years ago



A nice looking site, RipTen is a safe haven for gamers of all systems. It has reviews, editorials, previews, trailers, and an events page. Overall, it is a very, very solid gaming site.

Remembering World of Warcraft MC Raider and Real Life Hero
by Chad Lakkis over 3 years ago
Ripten Review: Rollers of the Realm
by Steven Bates over 3 years ago



A beautiful looking blog with graphics to match its writing and content, Joystiq is a marvel in terms of giving the reader exactly what they want. From gaming news and reviews for every gaming system to hard hitting articles on cutting edge technology, this blog is the real deal.

Nerd with Swag


A strange and intriguing blog about video games. Bizarre stories make up the rest of the bulk, many about games.

Pure Nintendo


A site devoted to Nintendo -- the Wii and 3DS. Many other sites tend to put Nintendo far down on the list, but here it is in the forefront for those avid gamers looking for blogs and articles about their favorite system.

Nintendo Download – March 3 eShop Releases (Europe)
by Jemma Casson about 2 years ago
Video: Nintendo Minute – Fire Emblem FEbruary DLC & Revelation
by Jemma Casson about 2 years ago



A strange site devoted to all things games, Siliconera is a unique blog space. They have play tests, interviews, and reviews on their good looking site. It's strange yet entertaining.

Pokémon Sun And Moon Versions Are Now Up For Pre-Order
by Casey about 2 years ago
Gundam Breaker 3 Footage Shows Its Custom-Made “Horse Gundam” In Action
by Sato about 2 years ago