I Can Has Cheezburger


LOLCats fans, unite! The site, famed for its funny felines, has now expanded into dogs and other droll creatures.

Cake Wrecks


Here comes the bride -- diving right into the six-foot layer dome Daddy paid $5,000 for. Such culinary laughs like this are plentiful here.

Friday Favs 11/20/15
by Jen over 2 years ago
Maybe It IS Rocket Surgery
by Jen over 2 years ago

Joke Diary: Joke of the Day


Laugh until it hurts -- at least once a day on this blog site that enables users to subscribe to the regular humor feed.

The Taite Gallery


The Tate Gallery is one of England's and the world's most prestigious artistic venues; this website, then, is one of the web's most hilarious Brit parody sites.

Aziz is Bored


One of the hottest comedians in the game currently, Aziz Ansari's personal blog is comprised of videos and material that -- wow! -- make the laugh-a-minute-man laugh.

Dallas. Reblog if ya trying to come out next week....
almost 4 years ago
Reblog if ya goin. Tickets and other cities listed at...
almost 4 years ago

Political Humor


You can always count on scenarios involving words like "electorate," "impeachment," "veto" to also involve more than their fair share of guffaws.

Political Cartoons of the Week
about 4 years ago
When Photo Ops Go Horribly Awry
about 4 years ago



It's this site's primary aim to "amuse you with the latest technology, internet, and gadget news via picture illustration."

Just Funny at Cartoon Barry


Cartoonist Barry Schwartz has a gifted mind for the funny and the clever, so it's a pleasure that he's decided to blog about his experiences on the drawing board.

Awkward Feeling Of Waiting For Your Car At The Car Wash
about 4 years ago
New Record: 19,957 Emails In 27 Days
over 4 years ago

The Funny Blog


"Do you smile at least once a day?" If you're visiting this particular site on a regular basis, you'll constantly be showing off those (hopefully) pearly whites.

Funny cat picture, Where the laser comes…
by admin over 4 years ago
DHL Pranked UPS, TNT and DPD Into Advertising For Them
by zaby over 4 years ago

The Comics Curmudgeon


Keeping alive his goal of "making the funnies funnier since 2004," Josh's recent Christmas comic strips really got us howling.

Rex looks like he’s already trying to back silently away
by Josh over 2 years ago
Sunday quickies
by Josh over 2 years ago

A Funny Blog -- By A Thin Guy


Hey -- why is it that only hefty boys and girls can be humorous? This blog proves that even the bone-thin among us can be blithe.

about 4 years ago
Time-Lapse build: LEGO® Volkswagen T1 Camper Van (10220) 
about 4 years ago

Best Funny Blog


Why is this, among all blogs, the best funny one? Because "we filter out the trash and only bring you the BEST" pics, vids, and gossip.

by Levgenni about 4 years ago
by Dezzi about 4 years ago

The Monkey Box


The Monkey Box is more hilarious than a box full of bananas. We can't actually verify that, but we can claim that the comedy here is "better than soup" at least.

People of Wal-Mart


When you think America's pride, do you think of WalMart first? This site isn't for you -- rather it's meant for those who see the kitschiness inherent in the mega retail outlet.

Pretty Pretty Feet
by luke about 4 years ago
WWIB: Just Hanging Out
by luke about 4 years ago

Win Blog


Everybody does win on this site, despite what you might think. The pics here are so laughable that you can't help coming way feeling like a champ.

Found S$*t


People love to explore, to find things. Sometimes, they find rather disturbing yet whimsical things in their explorations. Come here to laugh at human nature.

Barrel Chairs
by found over 4 years ago
Pixelated Fox
by found over 4 years ago



This is admittedly a site that favors the frat boys out there, yet almost any one can visit and expect a good diversion or two.

Daily Cool Pics
by Pony over 2 years ago
Karla Diaz
by Pony over 2 years ago

Shoot Me Now


We can all conjure situation after situation in which the awkwardness was too much to take -- this site continues that sentiment.

So It Comes Down To This
by Katherine about 4 years ago
Photo Challenge: One
by Katherine about 4 years ago

Bajillion Hits


We weren't sure if this site was for real or not in its bid to improve traffic to any website. One thing's for sure -- the helmsman here is funny enough to attract droves.